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Lohri Decorations That Will Leave Your Guests Impressed

Lohri decoration ideas for your home

“The sound of dhol is in the air, so dance beats and share and care. May the rhythms keep you always happy this I wish for you on Lohri. – Anonymous

Lohri is one of the most popular festivals in North India. It is a festival celebrated with pomp and show by the people of Punjab. Even other states across India – Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir – celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Lohri is celebrated in winter and traditionally is a festival associated with sowing and harvesting. The big sound of a ‘dholki’, colourful settings, and people gathered around a huge bonfire – this is a typical scene of festivity on this day. So if you are planning to celebrate Lohri, we have a bunch of ideas to decorate your home this year. Come let’s check them out!

Vibrant And Colorful Decor

Turn your home  into a wonderful and vibrant affair. When it comes to decorating your home the possibilities are limitless. You can use dupattas and sarees on the windows and in your living room for a colourful look. Get your hands on some bright phulkari dupattas and use them as backdrops. You can drape them on the walls of your master bedroom or even use them on the dining table. Think creatively and you will see how many crazy ideas you can come up with to rock your decor. Add little elements like small bells, ghungroos or lace to the dupattas for an interesting visual appeal.

Lohri decor for living room with bells, ghungroos or lace to the dupattas for your lohri celebration

Light Up Your Balcony

If you have a balcony at home do not miss the opportunity to show-off your decorating skills. Light plays an important role in any festival, so set up your balcony with a combination of bright and dim lights. Use diyas, fire balloons to represent fire. Red, yellow and brown are perfect colours for this festival. Drape string lights on your balcony parapet that will make it look stunning from the outside. Lanterns add a different dynamic while worn out candle stands will lend an authentic aura.

Lohri decoration ideas for your balcony with flowers and lights, these are best lohri decoration ideas at home

Make Your Garden Bloom With Creativity

An important aspect of Lohri is the Lohandi fire. You can light a bonfire in your garden for your guests to cozy up on a cold winter night. Give it a traditional Punjabi look. By this we mean you can decorate your garden with empty alcohol bottles, bicycles, tractors, and khaths. Adorn your garden with paper lanterns and kites. Kites can bring a whole new flavour and dynamic to your garden. There are many available in the market, and will add a dose of colour to your Lohri decor. You can mix match the size of the kites based on the venue.

Lohri decoration ideas in your garden with lohandi fire, lohri is a popular winter punjabi folk festival
Traditional ideas and crafts can bring more life to your decorations

Rangolis For Your Living Room

Rangoli designs are colourful and vibrant and nothing can beat this desi art form. Liven up your living room with various designs on the floor. The best part is it is a temporary decoration so you can clean it up leaving no mess behind. You can create beautiful artwork using rangolis, flowers, gods, dhols, and more. Place diyas and flowers on the rangoli to give a beautiful effect to the whole decoration.

Punjab lohri decor with beautiful diyas and flowers on the rangolis to give a beautiful look in the living room lohri celebration
Adorn the floor with beautiful Rangolis to leave your guests awestruck

Lohri Is Incomplete Without Hay and Khatiya

Hay is commonly seen in Punjab and can be used for decor. It is pretty cheap and available easily. Hay will balance the loud colours. You can hang them in bunches and tie them with empty bottles. Have space to spare? Then add a khatiya (charpai) for seating. Decorate with ribbons, paper windmill, and parandis. You can also leave some props on the bed. Watch how your guests fight for space! You are going to get tons of social media worthy clicks!

Punjab lohri decoration with a beautiful kath (charpai) for seating
A beautiful Kath (Charpai) for seating is a great place to take pictures to make it memorable

Dining Table Filled With Delicious Treats

No festival is complete without delicious treats. Enthrall your guests by setting up your dining table with bright coloured cloths. Add some candles or use paper lanterns as centerpieces for an authentic vibe. Beautify your table with sweets such as Phirni, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi jalebi, kheer and watch your guests dig in with joy. Keep Lohri essentials like revadi, gajak, groundnuts ready on the table too. All of this adds to the Lohri vibe!

Lohri decoration ideas for dining table with bright coloured cloths, candles or use paper lanterns
Lohri is incomplete without some lip-smacking treats

Now bring in the sounds of dhol and nagara! Punjabi music is ever so popular so play some tunes and let your guest sway from left to right this Lohri. Have all these decor ideas incorporated in your home for a fun filled day. Design Cafe brings you tips and tricks to suit your home interiors customised to your needs. Whatever the festival or theme Design Cafe’s got it covered.

We wish you a happy and a safe Lohri!

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Ashish Rai is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Ashish Rai

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