Fun Lohri Decoration Ideas To Try At Home This Year

by Nikita Raikwar | January 3, 2024 | 5 mins read

Lohri decoration ideas for your home

May the sweetness of jaggery, the warmth of groundnuts and these Lohri decoration ideas add zing to your life.

Celebrated with great pomp and show by the people of Punjab and many different states and cultures in India, Lohri celebrates sowing and harvesting. From vibrant and colourful decorations to a large gathering of people around the bonfire, this festival brings everyone together. And to make the most of it, here are some fun Lohri decoration ideas that you can try at home this year, to share your love and enthusiasm for this beautiful festival in 2024. If you are planning to celebrate Lohri, then we have some great ideas for your Lohri decorations to attract your guests.

Vibrant And Colourful Lohri Party Decorations At Home

There are endless everyday things you can decorate your abode with for Lohri. Use dupattas and sarees on the windows and in the living room for colourful Lohri decorations at home. Get your hands on some vibrant phulkari dupattas and use them as backdrops, drape them on the walls of your master bedroom, and use them for the dining table. You can add little elements like small bells and ghungroos to them or lace them for an attractive visual appeal.

Lohri decoration at home with colorful dupattas
Colourful dupattas for Lohri party decorations at home
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Light Up The Balcony With Lohri Decoration At Home

Have a balcony at home? Don’t miss out on showing your decor skills in this intriguing and fun space at home. Start by playing with lights and set up your balcony with a mix of bright and dim lights. Additionally, use diyas and fire balloons to represent fire. Red and yellow pipe balloons for the fire and brown for the wood. Drape string lights on the balcony parapet, which will look stunning from the outside. Lanterns can add a different dynamic and worn-out candle stands will give an authentic feeling of the festival.

Lohri decoration ideas by lighting up your balcony
Light up your balcony with Lohri decoration at home

Add A Creative Spin To Your Home With These Lohri Decoration Items

A very important aspect of Lohri is the Lohandi fire. You can make a bonfire in the garden for your guests to cosy up around the fire. To begin with Lohri decorations at home, you can start by changing the upholstery to traditional decorative pillow covers, ceiling-hung fairy lights and a genda phool wall-hung decor. You can also choose to change your home’s wall decor, and add something special and more traditional similar to the art frame, as seen in the image. Pro tip: Stick to two to three colours to create a thematic Lohri decoration at home.

Lohri party decoration ideas at home by adding traditional items
Make the most of traditional Lohri decoration items

Add Rangolis In Lohri Decoration Ideas At Home This Year

Designs, creativity, and colours are an endless affair in Indian traditions, cultures, and festivities. And nothing sparks it better than some vibrant rangoli design in your living room foyer space. Temporary and easy to clean with no mess left behind, your rangoli can be made more beautiful by adding flowers, god idols, dhols and cute DIY crafts to the space. Additionally, you can place diyas and flowers on the rangoli as a Lohri party decoration idea to add to the decor.

Lohri decoration ideas with Rangoli's and diyas
Rangoli and diyas for Lohri decoration ideas at home

Lohri Decoration Ideas Are Incomplete Without Traditional Decor Pieces

Hay is commonly seen in Punjab and can be used for decor. It is pretty cheap and available easily. It will help balance the loud Lohri party decoration ideas that you may incorporate across your home. Have space to spare? Then, add a khatiya (charpai) for seating. Additionally, as shown in the image, you can give it a homey spin with fairy lights, genda phool garlands and festive upholstery. Decorated with ribbons and paper windmills, and parandis, you can also leave some props on the bed and see people fighting for space and clicking tons of pictures. 

Lohri decoration ideas with traditional decor pieces for a festive vibe
Embrace tradition with age-old Lohri decoration ideas

Dining Table Filled With Delicious Treats As Lohri Party Decorations

Indian festivals are incomplete without delicious treats, sweets and festival food essentials! Entice your guests by setting up the dining table with bright coloured cloths. Add some candles or use paper lantern centrepieces for a modern take on Lohri decoration at home. Create a beautiful table spread with sweets such as Phirni, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi jalebi, kheer etc. Keep Lohri essentials like Revdi, Gajak, and groundnuts ready on the table and serve your guests these traditional Lohri recipes.

Lohri decoration for dining room by filling dining table with delicious treats
Food essentials for a fun Lohri theme party
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Dance to the tunes of dhols and nagadas, play popular Punjabi music and bhangra the night away with the above mentioned Lohri decoration ideas for a super awesome Lohri theme party. Want to add more to your home’s interiors? Book a FREE Consultation with DesignCafe’s top designers or visit an Experience Centre near you to get started on your dream home interior solutions. 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Lohri!

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FAQs On Lohri Decorations

What are some traditional Lohri decorations?
Traditional Lohri decorations include vibrant phulkari dupattas, decorative pillow covers, genda phool wall-hung decor, and diyas on rangolis.

What are some easy DIY Lohri decoration ideas?
Easy DIY Lohri decorations include colourful dupattas, paper lanterns, fairy lights, and dhols for a lively ambience.

How can I decorate my entrance for Lohri?
Decorate your entrance for Lohri using vibrant dupattas, string lights, colourful rangolis and lanterns for a warm and inviting feel.

What lighting options work well for Lohri decorations?
You can opt for a mix of lighting options, such as hanging mason jar lights, vintage lanterns, and fairy lights intertwined with marigold strings.

How can I decorate my dining table for a Lohri celebration?
Decorate your dining table with bright fabrics, clay pot centrepieces, and traditional Lohri sweets like Phirni, Gulab Jamun, and Gajak for a delightful celebration.

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