Why Go Out When You Can Stay Indoors In A Bedroom Like This?

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 3, 2024 | 7 mins read

Luxurious and cozy bedroom retreat for indoor comfort and relaxation

Turn your bedroom into a multifunctional area with modular interiors.

Though the pandemic seems to have come to an end, and finally, we are slowly moving to normal day-to-day life, the effect of it has stayed with it in one way or the other. We have learned the value of family bonding, spending quality time with our loved ones and, most importantly, our attachment to our homes. The comfort zone and true attachment we have created with our homes will stay forever; a home is no more just a resting place where we come back to crash after a long day of work. It has become our entertainment zone, party place, resting haven and much more. And the bedroom being your most comfortable space, we have some modular interiors that will turn your bedroom into a multifunctional space. Read along to know more.

Bedroom With Entertainment Unit At Embassy Pristine, Bangalore

Do you love enjoying a romantic movie night with your partner while being in the comfort of your home? Then this bedroom at Embassy Pristine will be perfect for you. The wooden back panelling and furniture give the space a sense of warmth, while the poster bed adds a vintage charm to your bedroom. Opt for wooden flooring to complete the look of your bedroom.

White bedroom with wall-mounted tv unit is perfect for cosy movie nights
A bedroom with wall mounted TV unit to enjoy movie nights with your partner.
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Bedroom With A Window Bay Seater At Bren Imperia, Bangalore

A window bay seater is an excellent way of using your window area to enjoy the outside view, especially if you don’t have an attached balcony. You can add some cousins and create a comfortable seating area like this one at Bren Imperia, Bangalore, where you can enjoy breaks between work or unwind with your partner over a cup of coffee after a long day.

Bedroom with bay window seater for scenic viewing with your partner
A window bay seater to enjoy the outside view with your partner.

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Bedroom With Workstation At Sun City Arcadia, Bangalore

If you are a freelancer or a working professional with permanent work from home or still in a hybrid mode of working an ergonomic home office is one of the most functional additions to your home. This home at Sun City Arcadia, Bangalore, has a small desk and a chair beside the window to complete your work in peace without making your office meeting a work-from-bed affair. The floral patterned wallpaper adds a vibrant vibe to the space, while the accent chair helps you relax during your work.

Bedroom designers in bangalore designed a workstation in bedroom
A bedroom with a workstation at Sun City Arcadia, Bangalore.

Bedroom With Library At Subramaniam Gold Oak, Bangalore

Are you a bibliophile who loves to spend quality time with their books? Then adding a modular library unit to your bedroom is a must. The home in Subramaniam Gold Oak has a book cabinet with open shelves and multiple drawers to house all your books. The window bay seater and a study corner provide ample options for spending quality time in your bedroom. You can enjoy reading a book while sitting on the window bay seater, your office desk, or snuggling up in your bed.

Bedroom interiors in Bangalore with a library and a study corner provide ample options for spending quality time
A bedroom with a library and a study corner at Subramaniam Goad Oak.

Bedroom With Accent Chair Beside The Window To Enjoy Me Time

If you have enough space to house an extra accent chair in your bedroom, opt for an accent chair or a recliner to elevate the comfort quotient of your bedroom. You can use this chair to relax, enjoy your coffee, read a book, or watch your favourite movie on your laptop or phone. It helps to keep your bed clean and crease-free while adding a luxe vibe to your bedroom.

Bedroom with accent chair enhances the bedroom's comfort and style
A bedroom with an accent chair to amp up the luxury of the bedroom.

Bedroom With Balcony For A Stunning Outside View

A bedroom with a balcony is a boon in today’s urban life. What better way to start a day than a cup of coffee while enjoying the morning sun or end the day with a glass of wine while enjoying the evening breeze from your balcony? A bedroom with a balcony also brings in a lot of fresh air, natural light and positivity to brighten up your room and life. To decorate the balcony, you can use indoor plants, rattan chairs and turf grass flooring for your little urban forest.

Bedroom design with a balcony with rattan chairs and turf grass flooring for a stunning outdoor view
Bedroom with balcony to enjoy the outside view from your room.
Looking for functional bedroom design ideas?

Bedroom With A Cosy Coffee Nook 

Too lazy to step out of your bed to reach your kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee? Now you can add a cosy coffee nook beside your bed. We have used the top of the side table to create a coffee corner. Place a small coffee machine and your coffee supplies for easy access. You can also add hooks and a floating shelf to place the coffee mugs and quirky accessories. The bedroom is perfect for days when you want to just enjoy some lazy time with your coffee and books or have a coffee date with your partner in the comfort of your bedroom.

Cosy coffee corner in a bedroom next to the bed, perfect for enjoying leisurely time with your coffee
A cosy coffee corner in the bedroom to enjoy date time with your partner.

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Kids’ Bedroom With Climbing Wall And Pull-up Hoops

Keeping your kids engaged at home is a task; they love outdoor activities, and one of the easiest ways to keep them engaged at home is to add some activity corners in their room. In this kid room, we have added a climbing wall and some pull-up hoops so your kids can enjoy some indoor activity. This will keep your kids physically active and help you keep them engaged at home.

Kids bedroom design with climbing wall and pull-up hoops for active play and a fun environment for children
Add a climbing wall and some pull-up hoops to your kid’s bedroom for a fun vibe.

Travel-Themed Bedroom To Satiate Your Love For Travel

Want to go for a vacation, but your hectic work schedule is stopping you from taking a long leave? Well, you can turn your home into a travel destination with some travel theme decor ideas. A pastel wall colour, and some vibrant colour laminates for your book cabinets to add a pop of colour to the space. We have added some light wood-like laminates for the wardrobe and bed to match the pastel colour shades. Add beach-themed wall paint to complete the beach-themed look of your bedroom and enjoy a vacation vibe even in the comfort of your home.

Beach-themed bedroom in teal colour creates vacation vibes at home
Caption: A beach-themed bedroom to satiate your wanderlust.

Rustic Bedroom To Give A Staycation Vibe

If you are looking for a youthful and trendy touch to your bedroom, opt for brick cladding walls, rustic finishes and some ambience lighting, as shown in the image. The poster bed adds a vintage touch to the space, while the bucket chair in red cuts the monotony of brown beautifully. You can add some fairy lights to lend a soothing touch to the space and complete the look of a staycation vibe in your bedroom.

Rustic bedroom design with brick cladding walls and a poster bed adds a vintage touch to the space
A trendy bedroom with an industrial finish for a youthful and trendy vibe.

Enjoying this bedroom design? Now you can make them your own with our expert designers. Book a free consultation with us today, and our expert designers will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. These multifunctional modular interiors save up to 20% of your storage space. So what are you waiting for? Call us now, and let’s start your home interior journey right away.

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