9 Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home To Celebrate National Coffee Day

by Nikita Raikwar | September 20, 2022 | 6 mins read

Coffee bar ideas at home to celebrate National Coffee Day

Coffee connoisseurs, ahoy! Here are 9 gorgeously designed coffee bar and coffee corner ideas to feast your eyes on.

One of the many things coffee lovers want to feature at home is a dedicated coffee counter design or a coffee bar. For some, it’s their dainty collection of mugs, for others it’s their pour-over kits or the gooseneck kettle that goes with it, coffee lovers definitely have an entire world they love to immerse themselves in. With that being said, we decided to come up with 9 stunning coffee bar designs for your home that are definitely worth every penny.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Your Breakfast Counter Can Be A Great Coffee Bar Idea For The Kitchen

If rushing for an early morning shift sounds like a you-thing, then this kitchen space with an in-built breakfast counter is your safest bet. Perfect for those that love to grab a last-moment bite, these breakfast counters are multi-functional and make a switch to your favourite coffee bar counter, as well. 

What’s fun: This breakfast counter comes with an open shelving unit, perfect for storing all your coffee beans and caffeine essentials.

Kitchen feature breakfast counter with a built-in coffee bar design
A coffee bar with a built-in breakfast counter

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A Trolley Is The Perfect Coffee Bar Idea For Small Spaces

Sipping a piccolo whilst enjoying a Bollywood flick is a trend from the Y2K era, but if you are eyeing that extra dose of caffeine to help you run your weekend movie marathon, this lovely coffee bar trolley can come in handy.

What’s fun: This coffee trolley bar is portable and houses not just your favourite mugs, but also the grinder, pour-over kits, your favourite kettle, and essential tools for the perfect cup of joe.

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces with a trolley
A portable coffee bar trolley for your living room
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Coffee Station Ideas For The Unrivalled Fans Of Caffeine

If a trolley doesn’t do justice to your love for all things caffeine, you can opt for a dramatic coffee station! Just like the one seen in the image.

What’s fun: The lovely blue laminate finish with light wood floating shelves and white brick-cladding wall embraces aesthetics and visual appeal to the T.

Coffee station ideas with floating shelves in kitchen cum dining area
An extravagant coffee station idea for your home

A Pull-Out Counter Is A Smart Coffee Bar Idea For Small Spaces

Space-saving furniture is a flagship favourite at DesignCafe and if you are looking for something that’s not just functional but also a smart space-saving solution, then this pull-out coffee counter design can be a fine choice.

What’s fun: Complemented by comfortable bar stools and a semi-automatic espresso machine, this space oozes all things compact luxury.

Coffee bar ideas for home with a pull-out counter are clever space-saving solution
A space-saving coffee bar idea for your home

A Side Table Coffee Stand For A Breakfast In Bed Experience

If lazing around over the weekends is your routine, a kick of caffeine served right in bed may make your weekends a little more alluring. This bedroom is designed keeping in mind the luxury of a breakfast in bed experience and houses a mini coffee corner for your home.

What’s fun: A three-tier Lazy Susan alongside your coffee maker makes this ensuite coffee corner a grand experience. Pair it with a steaming cup of coffee and your favourite book on cosy days, and you are good to go.

Mini coffee bar idea on the bedside table lends luxury to a breakfast-in-bed experience
Coffee and breakfast in bed for the best weekends
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An L-Shaped Kitchen With A Cafe-Inspired Coffee Bar Counter Design

If you’d like your coffee corner to scream ‘I love coffee’, then this cafe-inspired wallpaper may do the trick. This space comes with a dedicated seating area for two alongside a counter space for your coffee maker, coffee-making tools and equipment. And of course, your cherished collection of coffee mugs!

What’s fun: Craving outdoor cafe vibes on a rainy evening can be perfected with this at-home cafe experience. We love how the counter design extends into a transparent tall unit for storing crockeries, mugs, coffee maker machines, et al.

Coffee bar counter design in L-shaped kitchen brings a cafe vibe
A coffee bar counter with a dedicated tall unit

Coffee Bar Counter Design With Cafe-Style Seating

Bring home luxury, style, aesthetics and functionality all together with this lovely cafe-style seating and coffee table bar idea. This space oozes a sense of warmth, love and a soft vibe with its coffee counter. We absolutely love the military green wall design that helps bring the outdoors inside.

What’s fun: The coffee corner houses a fully-functional coffee maker, a range of coffee-based products, beans, mugs and more. The seating space features a lovely Scandinavian natural wood table that’s complemented with a set of comfortable chairs.

Coffee bar counter design brings home luxury with cafe-styling seating
A coffee bar counter design for the dining room

Coffee Station Ideas For Homes With A Straight Kitchen

If all the coffee talk overwhelms you, you can always go the traditional route and make way for a floor-touch cabinet with open shelves, as seen in this image. It’s perfect in size, easily accommodates all your coffee bar essentials and is a great addition to L-shaped or straight kitchen layouts.

What’s fun: This coffee station cabinet idea has a cute hanging rod, a floating shelf and a counter space alongside open shelves — making it accessible and spacious without taking up too much of your legroom.

Coffee station ideas in straight kitchen with a floor-touch cabinet have open shelves
A straight kitchen with a simple coffee corner
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Leisure Space With A Dedicated Coffee Bar In The Living Room

When you can’t find extra space in your home, you can simply create a niche in your living room designed with a stone-clad arched wall. This space is complemented with a light wood coffee counter design and a shutter unit with storage space within.

What’s fun: Hosting friends and family for a fun evening can now be easy-peasy. Since these coffee bars take up no space in your living room but offer so much more to the space, they act as a functional coffee corner to gather around and spill some tea with your BFFs.

Coffee bar design ideas for living room to celebrate National Coffee Day
A coffee bar design that makes hosting parties easy

And this brings us to the end of our coffee bar ideas and coffee counter designs for Indian homes. However, the fun’s just begun and you can always choose to have a dedicated coffee counter or coffee corner for your home, whether we have a National Coffee Day or not.

But if you will, let this National Coffee Day be a fine excuse for you to visit our Experience Centre near you. In the meantime, here’s serving some more coffee-inspired interior design blogs:

Nikita Raikwar is a content writer at Design Cafe's home interiors blog.

Nikita Raikwar

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