Stunning Brick Wall Cladding Design Ideas For Edgy Home Interiors

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 3, 2024 | 5 mins read

Brick wall cladding ideas

Looking for stylish and rustic design inspiration for your home? Check out our stunning brick-cladding wall design ideas.

Brick-cladding walls are gaining popularity because of their edgy style and bold accents. This design aesthetic adds a rugged element to your home and elevates your interiors by several notches. These walls are most commonly found in industrial design styles consisting of distressed finish, reclaimed objects and exposed structures. When designed with precision, brick-cladding walls can blend well with other design sensibilities too. They add character to any interior design style and dimensions to modern homes.

Whether you want to add a rugged look or a serene touch, these unique brick-cladding walls are sure to lend an edge to your home interiors. So, get ready to be mesmerised by these amazing design aesthetics. Read along to know more.

Red Brick Wall Cladding Tiles To Match With A Red Oxide Floor Design

Oxidised flooring brings a nostalgic vibe to your home. This design has an old-world charm and an emotional attachment for most Indian households. It reminds us of our grandparents’ home and instantly takes us back to our childhood. We have incorporated this traditional design and paired it with red brick wall cladding tiles to create a beautiful design for your home. To match the design, opt for some wooden furniture like a double bed, a simple side table and some indoor plants. You can also use the window to create a comfortable seating arrangement to enjoy your evening coffee while enjoying the view.

Red brick wall cladding tiles bring a nostalgic vibe to your home
Red brick wall cladding tiles lend a cool vibe

White Brick-Cladding Wall For A Serene Entry Way

The entryway sets the tone of your home. All of us want a welcoming foyer area that is aesthetically beautiful and functional at the same time. So, we came up with this beautiful brick-cladding wall design in white to lend a tranquil vibe to the space. The foyer unit comes with multiple storage cabinets, a small seater and a tall unit to store your shoes and other entryway essentials. You can accessorise the brick cladding wall with hooks to hang bags and coats. Place a small potted plant on the top for a splash of green. This design is highly functional and helps keep the entryway clean and clutter-free.

Brick wall cladding for the foyer area in white lends a tranquil vibe
A sleek foyer area with smart storage units
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

Exterior Brick Wall Cladding To Jazz Up Your Balcony

The balcony is the most chilled-out space of any house. This is where you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Post the pandemic, most of us prefer staying indoors and partying with our close ones in the safety of our homes. So, having a decked-up balcony where you can party with friends or enjoy some solitary time after work has become quite a necessity. This balcony design with brick-cladding exterior walls can be your perfect party spot. We have added a bar unit with tinted glass fronts and a small counter to lend a pub vibe at home. Add two tall chairs and some planters to complete the look.

Exterior brick wall cladding for balcony adds a chill-out vibe
Amp up your balcony with brick wall cladding texture

Brick-Cladding Wall Tiles To Add An Edge To Your Modern Kitchen

This modern kitchen comes with smart overhead and base cabinets, multiple pull-out units, drawers and smart storage units that promise a clutter-free culinary experience. To lend a subtle industrial touch, we have added brick-cladding tiles on the backsplash and used some track lights on the ceiling to highlight the space. The red brick wall cladding creates a striking contrast with the black cabinets and brings in a rugged look. The suspended shelves on the top provide extra space to display your crockery and spice bottles without hiding the beauty of the brick-cladding wall. This design is unique and eye-catchy.

Brick wall cladding tiles on the modern kitchen backsplash design are eye-catchy
A trendy industrial-style kitchen with modular units

An Entertainment Unit With Hidden Storage Against A Red Brick Cladding Accent Wall

If you are sceptical about getting an entire wall in brick cladding, you can choose a section of the wall and accentuate it with this pretty detail. In this home, we have used brick wall cladding texture to highlight the entertainment area and used different textures for the rest of the room. The entertainment unit comes with a hidden bookshelf that slides out. The wall-mounted TV unit and a sleek table beneath create a clutter-free look. The brick cladding accent wall texture adds a subtle industrial style to this modern living room and makes it one of a kind.

Brick wall cladding behind entertainment unit in red colour with hidden storage
A living room with a brick cladding accent wall

A Stylish Living Room With A Combination Of Gypsum And Brick Cladding Walls

Grey gypsum and brick cladding walls create a unique combination when it comes to home interiors. While the grey brings a lot of elegance to the design, the brick-cladding walls infuse a rugged look. As shown in the image, you can add a tan leather L-shaped sofa to add a luxurious vibe to the space. Track lights on the ceiling and some simple and functional furniture units are enough to complete the look. Keep the accents to a minimum and let the unique brick-cladding wall be the showstopper of your stunning living room.

Red brick wall cladding and grey gypsum create a unique combination for your living room
A stylish living room with a red brick cladding wall

We hope this blog leaves you with a good amount of knowledge about using brick wall cladding to design your home. If you are still confused and would like to have some expert designers to guide you, book a free consultation today. Our designers will help you design your home as per your budget and preferences. For more such unique design ideas and inspiration, check out our other blogs.

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