Timeless Traditional Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | January 19, 2024 | 4 mins read

Traditional interior design ideas for your home

A lowdown on the timeless traditional interior design ideas to bring back old-world charm to your home.

Interior design in India has thousands of years of history and diversity behind it. The definition of traditional interior design varies hugely between regions, communities and eras. What may seem traditional design to one may be utterly alien to someone else? From north to south  and east to west, there are inspirations galore to choose from. 

And what works best in today’s world is fusing traditional Indian design with modern modular furniture. You can bring in a traditional look with wooden textures, bold colours, ethnic decor and artefacts that are native to a specific region you relate to. Implement these traditional elements in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, foyers. Avoid the kitchen though!

Play Peek-a-boo With Jaalis

Jali partitions are a great way to create a private space and at the same time allow enough light to seep through. They work like magic in small spaces to separate living from the dining area or a kitchen from a pooja room or the rest of your living room. Jalis are designed with intricate patterns and lend that traditional element to your otherwise modern and functional home. And installing one is not cumbersome – it is actually simpler than building a wall. Not to mention, they can be custom designed to colours and patterns that match the overall aesthetics of your space.

Jali partition in traditional interior design style

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Reconnect To Your Roots With Earthy Colours

Earthy colours are one of the most soul satisfying colour schemes to play with as they blend with the surroundings so harmoniously. As since this is a colour that is abundant in nature they work together with everything else naturally. Earthy colours like burnt umber, yellow, and burnt sienna are great hues to bring into your home if you wish to adopt this style. A lot of these colours are sourced from the natural ores and elements found in the earth. This makes it a great way to add a traditional touch to your modern home.

Traditional living room interior design ideas to give earthy touch
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Let Your Walls Do The Talking

Wallpapers with traditional Indian symbols, motifs or scenes from mythology are an elegant addition to your home interiors. Such designs usually come in a myriad colours and patterns from eras gone by and lend a timeless appeal to spaces. There are various traditionally inspired designs that you can choose from – Mughal patterns, traditional textures, floral, metallic and so on. This collection of luxurious looking, non-woven wallpapers blend in effortlessly with any ambience.

Wallpapers with traditional Indian symbols, motifs from mythology add an Indian traditional interior design touch.

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Swing Me A Lullaby

We cannot forget a wooden Indian swing that’s usually placed right in the centre of any traditional home can we?  If you remember your summer visits to your grandparents’ home and the memories you made there then this one is a must have for your home. A wooden swing for your home is the perfect addition in a modern home if you wish to enjoy the weather or a steaming cup of coffee after a tiring day at work. Its simplicity and elegance coupled with old school charm will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors.

Traditional Indian interior design with wooden swing is a perfect addition in a modern home

Go Back In Time With Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are slowly making their way back into ultra-modern homes. In their true state, terracotta tiles are an attractive mix of red and earthy colours. When placed together symmetrically they bring in clouds of colour to spaces and create a unique yet subdued look. Terracotta adds rustic charm to your home when used as a flooring material. It is also an excellent flooring material that plays well with Mediterranean, Mexican, or Southwest interior style of design. Also, terracotta tiles work well in wet areas, making it ideal for spaces where water is used- bathroom, verandahs or kitchens. If you feel that terracotta might be too old and traditional for major portions of your home then you can use them in your balcony, garden or kitchen.

Terracotta tiles are an attractive mix of red and earthy colours which brings traditional interior design styles.

These are just a few of our favourite design ideas to help you bring back old world charm to your otherwise modern home. If you are looking to add hits of traditional design and decor to your home, without spending too much, you can always bring in small changes. Add traditional decor pieces like an antique chandelier, artefacts, handicrafts, or upholstery.

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