Fabulous Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | January 19, 2024 | 5 mins read

Mediterranean interior design ideas

Doing up your home? These modern Mediterranean interior design ideas embellish the humblest of nooks by making your home look right out of a Greek shore.

When you romanticise mediterranean interior design ideas, the thought of a calming Southern Coast vibe instantly fills up your mind. Warm yet refreshing colour schemes, the use of natural materials and an abundance of simplicity are what make up Mediterranean interiors in a modern home. Whether you live in an apartment or an independent house, if you are looking to fill your home with the sunny rays of Spain, the spice of Morocco and the vibrancy of Greece, all you need is imagination. Let your mind run wild towards shiny lightings, wicker decor, old and new accent pieces and rustic detailing.

If you are lost for ideas on how to bring a Mediterranean style interior design to the aesthetics of your home, let us guide you. Influenced by the traditional characteristics of the Mediterranean style, these interior design ideas bring a modern twist to your home.

Mediterranean Interior Design In The Living Room

The beauty of incorporating a Mediterranean interior design into your home lies in the simplicity. Since the style is muted, every element in the home should reflect symmetry. A Mediterranean-style living room plays with both textures and materials that use natural elements extensively. The use of wood for the floor and the roof gives the room a unified look. An attention-grabbing opal sofa injects personality while complementing dining chairs echo an understated class. Because Mediterranean homes use plenty of warm coloured wood, the inclusion of vibrant green palms adds a refreshing touch to the space.

Mediterranean interior design for your living room
Hanging a macrame swing from the ceiling to give the living room a more cosy and homely vibe
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Kitchen Mediterranean Interior Design

Imagine walking into a bright sunny kitchen where slices of warm toasted bread with soft cheese and freshly squeezed orange juice are waiting to be demolished. Well, if you can’t go to Italy, bring Italy to you. Featuring a nautical colour scheme, your kitchen can look like a page right out of the Mediterranean shore. A mix of classic pottery blue tiles with light wood flooring imitate a sandy beach, while the stunning stone blue suede bar chairs add a whiff of fresh elegance to the space.

Mediterranean interior design for your kitchen
With plenty of vibrant colours and natural light illuminating the kitchen, the addition of green herbs and creepers on the wall add a fresh summer vibe

Mediterranean Interior Design For The Bedroom

Moving into the master bedroom, this Mediterranean villa interior design oozes all things calm. Soothing rays seep in through elegant sheer drapes in shades of white and light pink. Complementing the peaceful vibe of this master bedroom is a modern wood bed and an accent bedside table. With only a select few elements in the room, each decor accessory plays its part perfectly. A soft area rug to add a feeling of warmth, a chic wicker magazine holder and a simple glass vase by the window are small yet elements of substance.

Mediterranean interior design for your bedroom
A modern Mediterranean style interior design like this uses plants as a statement accessory in a white bedroom. A floor lamp or a pendant light suspended from above also work well
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Mediterranean Interior Design For The Entrance Foyer

If there is one thing about doing up a home with a Mediterranean interior design in mind, it is simplicity at its best. This entrance foyer is elegant and minimalistic, yet so beautifully inviting. Adorned with plenty of natural wood, this home entrance perfectly conveys the theme that is carried forward. A boho wooden entrance door paves the way for a warm space that is aesthetically appealing yet sparingly decorated. An understated framed mirror with a pendant lamp is the first and only eye-catching element in the foyer. Wooden floors beneath complement the boho hallway and bring out a rustic charm within the home.

Mediterranean interior design for the entrance foyer
The use of pampas grass in a tinted glass vase is an alluring addition to the room

Mediterranean Interior Design In Open Rooftop

If your home is blessed with an abundance of space that includes a rooftop, this Mediterranean style interior design is the best way to decorate it. The use of modern contemporary architecture dominates the open area, while colour-popping decor accents diffuse blocks of neutral throughout the space. A raw stone wall with cemented seating brings an unpolished edge to the area, yet making it look refined. The use of ocean colours like vibrant blues and yellow bring out rustic textures to the concrete base.

Mediterranean interior design in open rooftop
Textured hanging lamps suspended from above diffused a warm yellow light while illuminating the rooftop at night
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When doing up a home using Mediterranean style interior design, there are a few ground rules to play by. Crisp up the walls with white to brighten up the space and rely on your furniture and art to add a pop of colour. Clean lines, symmetry and a cosy welcoming vibe are what make a true blue Mediterranean style home. If you are looking for new and better ideas, reach out to us at Design Cafe and let us help you take the design plunge.

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