10 Best Balcony Design Ideas For Indian Homes And Apartments

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2024 | 8 mins read

10 Best Balcony Design Ideas for Indian Homes And Apartments

Balconies are intimate beautiful spaces that can be designed to look and feel as warm and inviting as the rest of your home. Indian balcony designs are often under-explored and under-utilized because of the least amount of attention given to them. As much as can be done with them, the best balcony designs are those that allow the natural look and feel of the space to shine through.

Balconies hold a special place in Indian homes. These open spaces have always been a part of our home interiors since time immemorial, when houses used to be designed with large courtyards, open lawns and stone sit-outs and benches that ran through the entire outside area. With time and the lack of space, they began to be made smaller and restrictive in their space. Today most apartments and houses have balconies that are cherished, but not much effort put into their design and decor.

Indian balconies are healing and calming. Because of our Indian nature to connect with neighbours, comment on their well-being and be involved with other families, these balconies provide an avenue that facilitates such sharing. We get to enjoy nature and natural surroundings with loved ones. In apartments especially, these balconies serve as veritable canvases that can be decorated and designed the way we want.

Balconies look great if done well. Their sizes don’t matter and much can be done in limited spaces with little means. All it needs is imagination,  a bunch of ideas and a definite plan of how everything can be put together seamlessly.

Balconies are often square or rectangular in shape. But there are round ones too. Some others have just an extension of a window ledge, while others are created by adjoining ones joined together. Irrespective of the balcony interiors and availability of space, below are a few great ideas to explore in Indian balcony designs.

Small Is Beautiful: Balcony Designs For Tiny Homes And Apartments

Small balconies are popular in apartments that go from 700 square feet and upwards. Often, they are added as a distraction and rarely as a space to relax and decorate. Although tiny, such balconies can still be styled without compromising on comfort or style. Add a chair or two and a small coffee table, line the walls with potted plants and transform it into a cosy space. You can even create this space as an exclusive bar or breakfast counter to gather with friends or family.

Balcony design for homes with tiny bar counter set up for indian balcony designs
A tiny bar counter set up in a small balcony
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Rustic Balconies Are Reminiscent Of Old Times

Rusticity is reminiscent of the days of old, when older, discarded furniture would be bought, redesigned and placed around for the family to gather together. Rusticity has an unfinished quality, textured, hewn and blends well into an old space. Furniture made of wood, designs that are simple and functional, a porch swing and pergola, wooden decks and stone pots complete the look and bring together the space beautifully. Complete the look with bright contrast cushions and your space is all ready for some indulgence.

Balcony Simple rustic chairs and tables are great ideas to explore in indian balcony designs
Simple rustic chairs and tables embellish this balcony space

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Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Decor That’s Easy On The Pocket

Balconies don’t have to be exorbitantly designed spaces. They provide an alternate space to relax and unwind, sip on tea or a get-together with friends. The ambience has to be comfortable. One way of doing this is by recycled balcony designs. They are great to work with as DIY projects, can be redesigned and moved around whenever you wish to change the decor. Logs and tree stumps can be used as seating and tables, discarded rubber tyres wrapped with cloth as stools, plastic bottles reused as planter pots. There’s so much to work around when the theme is recycle and reuse.

Recycled balcony interior designs for indian balcony designs
Balcony furniture made of discarded pallets and wood
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Put The Limelight On Lighting

Stylish, eye-catching and using lights to set the mood are balconies where the emphasis is on lighting rather than decor and furniture. Water bodies, stone walls and hidden lighting set into the balcony can transform the space especially during evenings when the sun goes down. These balconies need great design and careful planning to ensure they don’t become overwhelmed yet enhance the look and feel of the balcony space perfectly.

Indian balcony design with stone walls and hidden lighting set enhance the look and feel
Subtle multi-hued stylish lighting for balcony design

Hang It Down Balcony Design

Some balconies aren’t spread out. Because of the paucity of space and the need to do more in less, the way they are designed works great vertically. From fibre mats as screening, hanging trellis and bamboo pots for plants, wooden shelves and small furniture, vertical balconies look and feel cosy and do not occupy much space.

Indian balcony design has fibre mats, hanging trellis and bamboo pots, perfect for apartment balcony design and Indian homes
Pots and tables hung from the ceiling and wall of a balcony

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Wicker Furniture Is A Wicked Design Trick

It’s lovely to have a complete balcony in a wicker-themed design. This is easy to put together, looks great and keeps the design cohesive and smart. Wicker furniture is also eco-friendly. When paired with textured cotton material, easy cushions and seating, they make for a lovely ambience to sit and talk around.

Lovely to have a complete balcony in a wicker-themed design for indian balcony design
Wicker furniture for small balconies

Some Cool Contrasts In Balcony Designs For Indian Homes

Colour can be both underwhelming and overwhelming, especially in balconies that have limited surface area in the first place. Too much of vibrant hues can put you off and isn’t apt for relaxation. On the other hand, dull, insipid decor and designs affect your overall mood. Coloured balconies therefore must be designed intelligently – contrast coloured cushions on beige furniture, bright colourful rugs and carpets surrounded by a surfeit of greenery, coloured pots and knick-knacks strewn all around a neutral coloured decor. Colour can uplift moods and in balconies define the look and feel of the space.

Use cool colour contrasts for your indian balcony designs
Bright coloured balconies studded with flowers make it a happy place

Garden Up With Those Blooms

Pots and plants are the mainstays of most balconies. What if these are therefore explicitly done up to grow flowers and plants and veggies. Besides providing a constant source of sustenance, they also enliven the space, brighten moods and you will be doing a great service to nature looking after one.

Design your indian balcony design interior with flowers and plants looks like a garden for balcony interior design india
Recycled plastic bottles used to grow flowers and plants in balconies are a beautiful embellishment

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Minimal Balcony Design Is Resplendent

It might sound like an oxymoron, but Indian balconies can be simple, minimally designed and yet look resplendent. Small footstools, a large carpet, artfully chosen brass chandeliers and a bare minimal design palette exudes sophistication and a cosy warmth.

Indian balconies design can be minimal with pots and furniture
A minimal wall designed balcony with pots and furniture is classy decor theme

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Come Winter Chill

If you’re surprised about how balconies can be used in winter, the trick to them is designing them with an inviting warmth. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit out on the balcony in enveloped by warmth while the cold bites outside.

Warm rugs thrown over sofas, thick shaggy carpets, small tables in balcony for warm for indian balcony designs
Woollen rugs and plants on a balcony for a warm and cosy winter vibe

Warm rugs thrown over sofas, thick shaggy carpets, small tables and stools to place hot mugs of tea and coffee and even a book stand to keep you busy, make for great winter balcony decor. The balcony can even be closed with glass if the cold is too much to handle.

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FAQs On Balcony Design For Indian Homes

1. How can I ensure privacy on my balcony while still allowing for ventilation and light?
You can ensure privacy in your balcony with bamboo screens, trellises with climbing plants, outdoor curtains, or strategically arranging plants while still promoting ventilation and light.

2. How do I create a cozy and inviting atmosphere on my Indian balcony?
To create a cosy Indian balcony, use colourful cushions and rugs, add potted plants, use soft lighting, and choose comfortable seating for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3. Can I set up a small kitchen garden or herb garden on my Indian balcony?
Yes, you can set up a small kitchen or herb garden on your Indian balcony by incorporating vertical planters, railing pots, or compact garden beds.

4. Are there balcony design ideas that can help mitigate the impact of hot Indian summers?
Balcony design ideas to mitigate hot Indian summers include installing sunshades, using light-coloured furniture and textiles, and incorporating potted plants for natural cooling.

5. What safety measures should I consider when designing a balcony, especially for families with children?
When designing a balcony for families with children, consider safety measures like sturdy railings, childproof locks, non-slippery flooring, and ensuring furniture is securely anchored.

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