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Beauty Is With The Beholder And So Are These Gorgeous, Elegant Outdoor Balcony Furniture Designs

Outdoor balcony furniture design ideas for your home

Balconies can be done in myriad ways with versatile themes. They provide a canvas to play around with for a dreamy outdoor setting.

Style and elegance are subjective, always in the eyes of the beholder. Something that is minimalist may be stylish for one, but another that’s rustic may be loved by another. They are perceived in so many ways. It is important to understand what elegant outdoor balcony furniture can do and how we can stylise them.

Balconies have been a quintessential part of Indian homes for decades. Large houses with front porches and open verandahs where children played, and grandparents sat around was what we’ve seen growing up. There was a certain charm and quiet elegance to them.

Also called patios, the best balconies were not expensively done. Even now they can be cheap but have a unique versatility. They can be front facing or surrounding the house, limited to one floor or cover several. What sets balconies apart is how much of your persona you want in them. How will you fit design and your needs into balcony seating, furniture and accessories. Some of these questions are important especially as you consider the design of outdoor balconies and the furniture you want it to hold.

Everything is tried and tested in balconies. Often it’s limited to seating, tables and potted greens. Do you want to go beyond this? Then come on over and read our ideas that inject elegance into outdoor balcony furniture.

Cushion Up The Cosiness

Soft, plush furniture is often what we choose for our living room interiors and lounge pieces. Rarely considered, they also work well as balcony furniture. Great to sink into, lounge around, spend days working and more, they can be comfortable. Take special care to keep them away from the vagaries of weather. They afford the option to try different colours and materials during upholstering.

Outdoor balcony soft furniture design by using cushion up the cosiness
Soft furniture you can sink into, makes for great balcony seating and is also great for entertaining

Pastel Shades Are Pretty For Outdoor Balcony Furniture

Brown, greens, whites are so passe. Ever tried to get into colours that totally walk away from the traditional? Cheer up your house balcony with light, eye soothing colours that can be painted upon the chair and tables, large pots, boundary walls in a colour coordinated, peach, beige or icy blue scheme. Contrary to what is traditionally done, colours are soothing and especially in a place where you will inadvertently spend such a large portion of your time.

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Outdoor balcony furniture design with light, eye soothing colours like brown, greens, whites
Pale greens, lemon yellows are soothing and comforting, in spaces meant to wind down a long day

Subtle, Thy Name is Rattan

Rattan spells elegance, not just in the way it looks but the way it is woven. Circular or oval, intricate yet subtly so the material can make any space look plush. In balconies, they may be space occupying but are enough by themselves. Cushion them up, create interest with greens and you’ll feel like living on your balcony forever.

Balcony furniture design ideas with rattan furniture, it brings classical look in balconies
Intricately carved, rattan furniture brings together functionality and weave as an ode to handcrafted

Hanging Around Stylishly

Hanging gardens are a thing. Swings and hammocks are popular, especially when you can take your seating to another level. Amplify this even more by hanging decor. Pendant lights, hanging baskets with potted plants, trellis and plants spilling over, there is so much you can play with. There’s a beauty in having such a design, and a detachment from having the floors bare and beautiful.

Swings and hammocks are popular for elegant outdoor balcony furniture
A gorgeously green balcony space that has pots and trellis spread all over

Channeling The Blues

Sunshine and yellows. It is easy to capture all of this through colour, design and decor. But this can also become monotonous. To avoid the sun trap your balcony can become, create shades with blue matting or parasols. You can also cool down the weather with soothing sea-themed curtains. Choose cool colours of the spectrum to calm those nerves. Be purposeful with your design.