Balcony Seating 101 – Everything You Need To Know About A Great Space

by Charmaine Kenita | January 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Balcony chairs for your home

If you own a balcony, then make the most of what it affords. A tranquil space, clean air, a spot of green and so much more!

Balcony design is a relatively newer concept in Indian homes. Private outdoor space is a dream especially in cities that are increasingly getting constricted with space. Whether city apartments or stand-alone homes, much real estate is used up for interiors than creating cosy outdoor spaces. If you’re one of the lucky few to own a balcony then it is your responsibility to make the most of it. Add balcony tables and chairs, spruce it up and make it your little haven in an increasingly stressful, chaotic, noisy world. 

A single lawn chair, some scraggly looking plants don’t do much for balcony design. No matter how tiny, balconies have immense design potential, especially in the way balcony chairs are laid out, small tables propped and myriad other little details. 

Let’s start from the top. Most important elements in balcony design are chairs and tables. Why? Because without them, you are a bereft of a place to sit and enjoy the world. These furniture pieces – irrespective of how tiny – also double up as dating nooks, makeshift breakfast stands, temporary workspaces and evena corner to discipline your child.

Balconies Are More Than An Open Space

Balcony seating is more than just plonking ourselves down for much needed rest and relaxation. There is a lot to consider given how unique the space is. Here are a few essential guidelines.

Materials Matter:

Whether from cane, wrought iron, wood or bamboo, pick the material you’d be most comfortable with. Also include functionality when selecting your balcony chairs and tables. Is the material going to last long?  Will it withstand vagaries of weather? These details are all equally important.

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Fixed Or Suspended:

Most often balcony seating is fixed or moveable because of convenience. It’s also cheaper to work around, change frequently or adjust furniture to the decor. Suspended seating or swings cannot be changed as often. As wonderful as they look and feel, they can also mean living with one for long. But there are special moments that can be enjoyed while swaying to the gentle breeze and it is only this type of seating that allows it!

Multi-Functional Spaces:

Small balconies are constricted and balcony chair ideas in them are limited. But imagine a larger one and the things you can do! A large balcony lounge chair, bar counters on the side, planters or a small rock garden. The options are endless options. Outdoor balcony tables and chairs afford great options, provided you factor in other uses as well.

Maximise Storage:

A less observed yet equally important necessity is storage. Rather than have shoes spill out from cupboards or store away umbrellas and other items everywhere, do the same in balconies. A seat that doubles up as storage box or walled-in benches are versatile for storing and don’t take up much space too.

Balcony Seating And Their Fascinating Materials

Balcony chair and table styles are versatile, pragmatic and yet fun to have around. Designing one throws up myriad options, and the chance to let loose your creativity. This can also be daunting given how much there is to do with such little space. Want to know some ideas that help? Then read on.

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Go Modern And Minimalistic with Balcony Chair and Tables

Popular today with all tiny balconies in apartments are modern furniture pieces that tie in with the home design and minimal decor. Sleek, in chrome, and with smooth lines, this chair and table set for the balcony is easier to move around and use.

Balcony table and chair which is sleek, in chrome, and with smooth lines
Minimal seating defines this quiet, calm, clutter-free balcony

Go Wicker With Balcony Tables And Chairs

Chairs and tables for small balconies in wicker or woven wood straddle the old and new. Inexpensive and a throw-back to country chic, wicker furniture can be made waterproof with poles and resins. You can even paint them to match with your home interior home theme. Wicker tables also come with a glass top for a better look.

Balcony chair and table set with wicker or woven wood straddle occupying green balcony
Wicker furniture set occupies this spacious green balcony space and blends seamlessly into its design

Go Old School With Balcony Seating

This traditional old-school balcony chair table set resembles a wicker or cane woven one with a straight back and without supporting arms. It is comfortable and lets you reminisce about the past. Although not commonly found nowadays, they can be sourced from second-hand markets and junk yards.

Balcony chair which is a reminiscent of times gone by and adds old school seating vibe
Reminiscent of times gone by is this is an old school styled balcony with a rocking chair and quiet nook
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Wrought Iron

Durable, long-lasting albeit a little heavy is wrought iron. It’s ornate looks and grand aesthetics can make even the most decrepit balcony look like something out of Paris. It is for this reason that wrought iron is most coveted and makes a great furniture for your balcony.

Outdoor balcony chairs and table made up of wrought iron that elevates the look of your balcony
Heavily ornate and elaborate, wrought iron furniture elevates the look of every balcony space

Natural Wood is Perfect For Balcony Tables And Chairs

Natural wood with its lines and unpolished textures, undefined form gives the entire balcony a raw, natural, and rough-hewed look. It’s rare to source and wooden balcony chairs can be quite heavy. However a single swing or balcony table works just as well.

Balcony table and chair set made up of natural wood showing its lines and unpolished textures
Seating in natural or reclaimed wood lends its own texture and character to a space

Unfettered And Suspended Balcony Furniture

Balcony seating can be tough in limited spaces as well as crowded out areas. This is why swings and hammocks work. They are comfortable and free up floor space.

Hanging balcony chair or hammock which is comfortable and free up floor space
Hanging chairs or hammocks are surreal, tranquil and do away with fixed seating

Go Floor Crazy With Balcony Seating

There are little pots and plants you place around on your balcony. Fruitful or just ornamental go crazy with the floor, it can do so many things for your space. The trick to doing it up is remembering that there are no boundaries to creativity. It is cheaper and beautiful when carefully planned.

Balcony chair and table set for balcony where there are little pots and plants placed around
Imagine so much real estate and the immense possibilities of floor seating in balconies!

When it comes to balcony chairs and table styles, the best thing to do is know what you want. Figure out the placement and style you love – country chic or modern minimal – and furniture/materials that tie in with your desired theme. Then narrow down your choices and factor in budgetary considerations. You can add retractable awnings and bamboo separators based on how you want your balcony to look.

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Balcony chair and table styles are aplenty and the best way to use available space in your home. With the loss of individual homes and large spaces has come the pressing need to own a patch of greenery wherever it may be. Style this space well and watch your balcony become everyone’s most preferred go-to nook.

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