Breathtaking Balcony Seating Ideas To Transform the Ordinary Into Extraordinary

by Pooja Dara | February 18, 2024 | 7 mins read

balcony seating ideas for your home

Balconies often get overlooked due to the lack of space and end up becoming a mere storage area for unwanted items. Read on to find out how you can tap into your balcony’s design potential and transform it from top to bottom with some amazing balcony seating ideas. 

Apartment balconies, be it big or small, can be optimally designed and decorated as the only thing it requires is your personal sense of style and a little bit of imagination. It is all about striking the perfect balance between function and form. Some may love a lot of greenery in the space while some may love cozy chairs and a cute coffee table instead. 

So, it only makes sense to keep some design tips in mind to add a unique charm to your outdoor living space and convert it into a peaceful retreat.

How To Design Your Balcony Seating Area?

When designing the overall look of your apartment balcony, consider a few important factors as they’re all interdependent on each other. They are:

  • Seating And Furniture  

A simple balcony is always incomplete without an appropriate seating area. If you’re planning to just sit back, relax and have a hot cup of coffee or read a book then you can incorporate comfortable seating options like a hammock, lounge chairs or a recliner along with a coffee table. It will create a relaxing and laid-back vibe in the area. You can also go in for built-in, multifunctional or folding furniture that doesn’t take up much of the floor space when not in use like folding chairs or tables. 

When planning for small balconies, always take care of proportion so that neither of the elements look out of place nor one overpowering the other. Some weather-proof materials that can be used for balcony seating and furniture are water-repellent plastic covers, faux wicker and sealed teak wood or cedar. Check out more outdoor balcony furniture design ideas here.  

  • Natural And Artificial Lighting 

Lighting, be it natural or artificial, is an important element to instill warmth and homeliness into your private haven. Opt for portable string lights, lanterns, sconces, standing lights instead of permanent fixtures for your convenience so that you sit during late nights or early mornings. Use more yellow light than white light as softer and warmer light shades attract less insects.

  • Decorative Items 

Personalize your balcony area by installing a few carefully-chosen but creative wall hangings/wall art pieces to add an element of interest and depth to the area.  Strategically plan the overall theme of your balcony and then buy/arrange decor items accordingly. Go in for Scandinavian design if you’re a lover of minimalism or go all out modern if you love fusion. Place cute decor items like garden gnomes, fancy planters and related stuff to brighten up the atmosphere.

  • Green Plants and Flowers  

Bring in some greenery and pop of colours in your balcony by placing potted plants and flowers that are suitable for the prevalent weather conditions. They quickly liven up space and create a calming atmosphere. Install fabulous small water features like a small and portable outdoor fountain to enhance the simplicity of small balconies. Hang actual planters or use empty bottles as modern planters along the balcony railing to increase your home’s street appeal.  

  • Fabrics 

Create layering using a variety of textures to finish off your balcony design. For this, you can opt for some comfortable and colourful floor pillows, a patterned outdoor runner or rug or a blanket. It will create a warm and comforting quaint vibe in the space. However, make sure that the fabrics you use are high-performing in nature and can withstand impact. 

Now, let’s take a look at some jaw-dropping balcony seating ideas that can serve as ‘food for thought’ for many homeowners.

A Cozy Reading Nook

Who wouldn’t love waking up to the view of this cozy balcony early in the morning? The teakwood flooring gives the area a rustic feel while the glass railing lends it a modern touch. The round lounge chair and coffee table acts as a perfect incentive for a hot cup of tea and some freshly-baked cake for breakfast or your favourite reading sessions. It also seamlessly blends in with the bedroom’s interiors.

Cosy reading by balcony seating with a round lounge chair and coffee table, teakwood flooring gives the area a rustic feel.

A Cute DIY Balcony

This cute white and green-themed balcony is probably one of the best small balcony seating ideas as it is completely DIY.  All you need is a pouf, rug and small cushion to get things started. Add natural elements into space with some potted plants and highlight the railing with some string lights to create visual depth during the late evenings. This balcony gives an overall classy yet cute look.

White and green-themed DIY balcony seating with a pouffe, rug, small cushion and natural potted plants looks classy.
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A Peaceful Corner

This rectangular balcony with steel and glass railings on the outer side and sliding laminated glass doors on the inner side looks absolutely gorgeous. The jute two-seater sofa and the accompanying table fits perfectly in the corner and is comfortable enough to put you to sleep while the balcony screen gives you the right amount of privacy as well.

Rectangular balcony seating area with a jute two-seater sofa & table in the corner, steel and glass railings looks gorgeous.

Akin To A Mother’s Lap

This apartment balcony seating looks quite modern and minimalist – Scandinavian – in interior design terms. The red rattan spherical chairs give you the same feeling of warmth and love that you experience laying your head on your mother’s lap. The green turf on the floor brings in some freshness while the green plants lining the outer edges of the balcony add to the design appeal of the space.

Apartment seating for balcony with red rattan spherical chairs and green turf on the floor brings some freshness.

Experience The Oceanic Vibes

If you’re a lover of the ocean then you should definitely go in for this nautical-themed small balcony. The set of blue-coloured circular outdoor rugs remind you of the soothing ocean waves and the wicker chair and frosted glass table make the small balcony look more cohesive and complete. Decorate the wall of the balcony with string light bulbs that illuminate the space at night.

Balcony seating ideas with a wicker chair and frosted glass table and decorated with string light bulbs outdoor seating for small balcony.

Perfect For Family Evenings

This grey outdoor living corner in the balcony is an ideal spot for family and friends to get together for scrumptious lunches and evening cocktails and enjoy the lovely and bright natural views. The dual-shaded accent pillows and the balcony seating furniture also complement the cream-toned walls and flooring and tie the whole look together.

Balcony grey outdoor living corner with dual-shaded accent pillows and balcony seating furniture is perfect for a family.

Serenic Garden Views

This cafe garden-style balcony looks absolutely scenic and serene with palms (as blinds) covering each and every corner that we can see. The tall chairs and glass-top table encourage you to have frequent picnics on cold wintery days.  The faux grass carpet on the floor and the white shade on the top beautifully envelopes this garden-like space.

Seating on a balcony in cafe garden-style with tall chairs and a glass-top table looks gorgeous.

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Soak In The Sun

This small rooftop balcony has a pair of nice and cozy lawn chairs laid out on the green turf and a plant in the corner that is surrounded by the wooden walls. You wouldn’t want to leave this balcony for hours once you realize the level of tranquillity and intimacy it brings. The wooden wall on the side also provides you with some privacy from your next-door neighbours.

A pair of lawn chairs laid out on the green turf that is surrounded by the wooden walls is balcony seating design.

That’s it for now! Hope this blog has inspired you to give your balcony the much-needed upgrade, and turn it into an irresistible private/social space for entertainment and pure relaxation after a long day’s work. 

Which balcony seating idea did you like most from the list above? Also, let us know how you plan to redo your balconies by sending us an email.

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