Handy Tips To Take Care Of Your Wooden Floors And Furniture During The Monsoons!

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 18, 2024 | 7 mins read

DIY tips to protect wooden furniture and flooring during rainy season

Protect your precious wooden furniture and flooring with our easy DIY tips for the monsoon season

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” – Bill Watterson

True that! We all love the monsoons and the cosiness it brings. No matter how much we like sunny days, we all love it when the clouds thunder and mark the beginning of another beautiful monsoon. However, we know monsoons can be tricky because the rains can damage houses, especially if you have wooden flooring and furniture. Though woodwork enhances the interiors of a home, it can quickly absorb moisture, feel damp and get damaged easily.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to be ready to save your woodwork at home this monsoon. So, take out your DIY gloves and get ready to embrace the beauty of monsoons without the fear of damaging your lovely wooden furniture pieces!

How To Care For Your Wooden Furniture During The Monsoon?

Wooden furniture is prone to water damage; hence, you need to properly care for your wooden furniture pieces during the monsoon. Wooden furniture pieces are also expensive, so you wouldn’t want to get them damaged by the seasonal rains. Here are a few hacks to protect your wooden furnishings during the monsoon:

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Keep Your Wooden Furniture Away From The Walls

Damp walls, even when there are no apparent leakages, are bad for your furniture. So, keep your furniture pieces like wooden showcase units, wooden bookshelves, beds, wardrobes, etc. away from the walls. Keep some distance between the furniture, especially the bedroom and living room wooden furniture, and the walls to stay protected.

Keep bedroom wooden furniture and living room furniture away from the wall to stay protected during monsoon season.

Keep Your Wooden Furniture Items Away From The Windows

Water from your windows and balconies can drench your precious wooden furniture. So, keep your wooden furniture away from the doors, windows and balcony. Also, keep your wooden window frames dry by wiping away the water spillage from rains.

Go For DIY Water Absorbent Solutions

You can also protect your wooden furniture by using camphor balls. Yes, camphor balls are readily available and are excellent water absorbents. Keep them inside your wardrobes, in between your clothes, inside your showcase unit’s shelves, etc. Camphors can also keep the termites in check during the monsoons.

DIY tips for wooden furniture wardrobe using camphor balls protects from water absorbents.

Protect Your Wooden Furniture By Oiling Them

During the monsoon, your wooden furniture may swell by absorbing moisture. It happens mostly in your wooden furniture doors and drawers. The best way to fight this is by oiling your furniture or using spray-on wax to protect your wooden furnishings from absorbing moisture and bulking up.

Apply Lacquer Finish Coats On Your Wooden Furniture

Polishing your wooden furniture once a year or just ahead of the monsoon days can help you immensely. You can apply a coat of lacquer on your furniture pieces to fill the minute pores and protect them from swelling up with moisture. Using a coat of lacquer on your wooden living room furniture, bedroom pieces, etc., can also help increase their lives.

Infographic of tips to care for your wooden furniture during monsoon season.

How To Care For Your Wooden Flooring During The Monsoon?

Besides your wooden furniture, you also need to keep some tips handy for your wooden flooring. Wooden flooring adds a breathtaking natural appeal to home interiors. It is, therefore, one of the most-loved flooring designs for home interiors, especially in colder areas. However, these aesthetically pleasing wooden floors are prone to water damage. Therefore, here are some handy DIY tips to protect your wooden floors during heavy rains:

Living room wooden floor maintenance tips and protect the wooden floor during heavy rain season.
Hacks to take care of wooden flooring during the monsoon in the living cum dining area.
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Protect Your Wooden Floors By Sealing Their Leakage Points

If you have old wooden floors, you might want to check for leakage spots around the corners and on the surface. These spots can be the places from where water gets into your home and damage your precious wooden flooring. Seal the weak areas or go for a complete repair of the flooring. You can use polyurethane sealants to cure seals.

Decorate The Wooden Floors With Highly Absorbent Mats

As your wooden flooring can absorb moisture, go for super absorbent rubber mats as they are great for water resistance. You can place these mats at your entryways, near the high traffic areas, in front of the bathroom, balcony, etc.

PS: Don’t forget to select the non-slippery rubber mats.

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Keep Your Wooden Floors Clean And Dry

During the monsoons, it is imperative to keep regularly cleaning and checking on your wooden floors. So, keep them dry with cloth and mops and wipe away the raindrops and water spillage.

Let Your Wooden Floors Dry With Proper Ventilation

Just because it’s monsoon, it doesn’t mean that you keep your windows all shut, fearing the rain. Remember that your wooden flooring would require proper ventilation to stay dry. Therefore, keep your windows open while it’s not raining.

Infographic of tips to care for your wooden flooring during the monsoon.

How To Dry Wooden Furniture After Rain Damage?

We have mentioned how to protect your wooden furniture from the monsoon rains, but here are a few tips for drying wooden furniture after rain damage, in case you are a bit late to take the necessary precautions for your furniture!

  • Wipe water spillages on your furniture with a dry cloth. You can wear a glove while wiping the water from the furniture to avoid any stain. 
  • Keep your water damaged wooden furniture pieces outdoors for some fresh air and to get dry
  • Vacuum your furniture for rain debris that may remain hidden in the corners
  • Keep your water-damaged cupboards and drawers open to dry 
  • Use dehumidifiers to dry the water-damaged furniture
  • If your wooden furniture has upholstery, keep them out in the open to dry or sprinkle some baking soda to remove odours. 
DIY tips for drying wooden furniture after rain damage.
Hacks to fix wooden furniture after rain damage
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FAQs On More Monsoon Hacks!

How do you protect wood floors from rain?

Keep the doors and windows locked during the rain and wipe away the water spillage with a dry cloth/mop.

How can we keep our house clean and dry in the rainy season?

  1. Use water-resistant paint on walls
  2. Include rubber mats at the entryways
  3. Wipe away water spillages
  4. Spray disinfectants on damp corners
  5. Keep wet furniture and clothes in the fresh air regularly to dry

How to keep the wooden outdoor furniture dry during the monsoon?

Keep the furniture away from the rain. Keep the wooden chairs and tables on the balcony inside and use plastic patio furniture for the season. Use mats at the entrance of the balcony to avoid water spillage inside the home.

How to prevent wooden furniture from getting mould?

You can prevent wooden furniture from getting mould by vacuum-cleaning the furniture. Then you can wipe down with a clean cloth dipped with soapy water. Then you can dry the furniture with a water soaking cloth or mop.

There you go; we have given you some simple and easy DIY hacks to protect your wooden furniture during the monsoons. Remember: keep your wooden furniture pieces away from the rain and maintain a regular cleaning session to keep them dry and stain-free. However, if things go dismally and your furniture gets heavily water damaged, we advise you to check with professional repair services to get your furniture fixed. So, take care of the wooden furniture and enjoy a cosy, monsoon season. For monsoon home decor ideas, follow our blog today!

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