How To Clean Wood Furniture?

by Shreya Bilagi | February 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

How to clean wood furniture

It’s time you learnt how to take care of your wood furniture and learn some cool homemade remedies. To know more, read this blog now.

 How To Clean Wood Furniture

Wood is an excellent option when it comes to furniture. But maintenance is the hard part. If you have wooden furniture or interiors at home, you will definitely agree with this statement. There are various types of wood that need a lot of care so they don’t look dull or dried out. If you are a newbie to wooden furniture and its maintenance don’t worry because we at DesignCafe are here to make your life easy through this blog on cleaning your wooden furniture. Take a quick read to know all the hacks in keeping your wooden interiors as good as new. 

How To Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar And Oil

When wood dulls out, you know it’s time for it to be polished. The best way to polish wood is with homemade potion and we have the recipe right here for you.  All you need is one part white vinegar mixed with three cups of oil. Add this mixture into a spray bottle. Your homemade polish is ready. Take a soft cloth, spray the polish on the wooden surface that needs cleaning and rub it in gently. It is sure to keep the glossy sheen on your wood. However, just be sure you do not overuse it or use it too often. It can be a sticky affair as it attracts dust and dirt on certain wood types. So before you use the polish, do a background check on what kind of wood you have at home. 

How to clean wood furniture with vinegar and oil
A walk-in wardrobe with wooden shelves and cabinets to store clothes and shoes

How To Clean Your Wood Furniture To Get Rid Of Water Stains And Heat Marks

You can’t avoid heat or water-marks at times, and this becomes evident on wood. However, there is a fix to it, and we are here to tell you what it is. Any guesses? It’s quite unusual! Okay, it’s time we spill the beans. The fix for wood that has heat and water-marks is …mayonnaise. Yes you heard that right, it’s mayonnaise. Those of you who love mayo will be sure to have it in your fridge. But those of you who don’t like mayonnaise it wouldn’t do you any harm to keep a bottle at home! So how do you use mayo on wood? Well, you are meant to dab some mayonnaise on the heat and water-marks and leave it overnight. In the morning take a soft cloth and buff it into your wooden furniture or surface.

how to clean wood furniture with home remedies to get rid of water stains and heat marks
A dining table made from light wood with matching wooden chairs
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Home Remedies To Clean Wood Furniture 

How do you bring your wooden furniture back to life? Well, you will need to remove old polish first and this is how you do it. It’s time you put your tea bags to use other than for drinking tea. Put in two tea bags in boiling water. Let the tea cool down to room temperature, take a soft cloth, dump it in the tea until it’s damp and wash the wood. The tannic acid from the tea is excellent and is known to maintain wood. Once you use this remedy, you will see the change in the shine that the wood has.

Home remedies on how to clean wood furniture
A queen size bed made from light wood with a wooden headboard

Hacks On How You Can Clean Your Dirty Wood Furniture 

Do you have ink marks on your wood which you think are impossible to remove? Do not fear DesignCafe is here with a home remedy on how to clean your dirty wood furniture. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water and make it into a thin paste. Apply this thin paste made to the stain, take a soft cloth and rub gently until the stain disappears. Voila, no more ink marks!

Hacks on how to clean white wood furniture which you think are impossible to remove
A kitchen with dark wood cabinets and drawers which gives this kitchen a rustic look

Precaution Is Always Better Than Cure

Wood is a beautiful material but like we said before it needs to be taken good care off. Remember the saying precaution is better than cure? Well that saying holds good when it comes to wood. Always wipe up spills as and when they happen and make use of placemats and coasters. They are made for a reason. If you like storing decorative items on your wooden furniture, be sure to use felt pads under them as they prevent scratches. 

How to clean wood furniture before painting where precaution is better than cure
A kids bedroom with a single cot built into a wall along with storage space in light wood

If you have enjoyed this read on “How To Clean Wood Furniture” let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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