7 Dining Room Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Gladly Say Yes To

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 17, 2024 | 6 mins read

Dining room wall painting for your home

Shortlisting ideas for the wall painting in your dining room? These stunning options will serve as useful inspiration!

Wall painting for the dining room is usually seen as an extension of the monochrome theme of the house or, in some cases, the living room. However, modern homeowners are taking the adage of ‘families that eat together stay together’ to another level. And so, they want to ensure that the dining room, a common space, is as charming as the private spaces in the house. In this blog, we tell you some of our most sought-after ideas for sprucing up the dining room walls. 

Dining Room Wall Painting With A Vintage Vibe

Remember visiting any well-preserved heritage building? If yes, you might recall how the walls that have dulled over time add to its charm apart from the vintage decor. Wall painting that inspires a vintage appeal in the dining room can aid in reminiscing some of the fondest memories created at the dinner table. It’s easy to achieve this age-old texture and depth with painting techniques like colour washing, rag rolling or even sponging. Yet, for the complete look, opt for a rustic dining set, elegant chandeliers with an old-world charm and some stunning wall decor as seen here. This way, your modern home with optimal space-saving design can always retain the good ol’ vibes. And if you want more for the theme, explore traditional dining table designs now.

Dining room paintings with vintage appeal adds charm to the place
Vintage-ish wall painting in the dining room
Looking to upgrade your dining space?

English Tea House Themed Dining Room Wall Painting

This charming dining room wall painting gives the space a cosy English tea house vibe. It’s great for those who love hosting tea parties. Paintable wallpaper like the one here allows you to customise the colour scheme to your choice. With decor elements like an earthy dining table set, a floor lamp, a graceful chandelier and a wall clock, the space feels inviting for discussions and sharing life updates. The multipurpose cupboard cum side table is another interesting addition to the space. It goes to show how appropriate decor elements make a space more exciting! While you’re at it, how about checking out these ideas for dining table accessories?

Dining room wall paint ideas with theme-based paintable wallpaper
Theme-based paintable wallpaper for the dining room

A Dining Room With A Beautiful Dark Green Accent Wall

When exploring dining room paint colours, consider accent walls in bold shades to enliven the space. Look at how the dark olive green accent wall brightens the white walls in this dining room. The wall art enhances the attention further. We love the simplistic yet charming additions used here such as the tall floor lamps, wooden cabinet, elegant dining table, velvet chairs, rug and sputnik chandelier! While every element is conversation-worthy, the accent wall helps set the tone for them all. On the subject of tone-setting, did you know that the dining chairs you select can also transform the space? Check out these dining room chair designs for inspiration!

Dining room paint colors with accent wall in dark green enliven the space
Bring your dining room to life with an accent wall

Brushstroke-Textured Dining Room Wall Painting

The best part about experimenting with wall paints is in giving the wall texture a twist as well. This way, the overall look is outstanding and turns the dining room into a topic for conversation. We love how the humble blue wall in this dining room takes on an artistic turn with brushstrokes that create a simple yet stunning effect. To extend the artsy vibe to the rest of the room, you may include pendant lights, slat back chairs, a rustic table and so on. Take a look at these wall textures used in the living room that are great options for the dining room too. You can also talk to our design team to understand your options better.

Dining room wall paint designed with brushstroke texture creates a stunning effect
Textured dining room walls are great for visual effect

A Dining Room With Playful Paint Colours 

Colours such as pink, blue and orange are always great options for the dining room. A shade like pink also lends a soothing and peaceful vibe. The design here is perfect for both date nights and a family brunch. The pink background with a dash of white in the theme perfectly complements the dining setup. The foldable dining table with a double drop leaf is a piece of statement furniture that can be used conveniently based on the number of guests you’re expecting. Everything in this design checks out — the wall colour, shades in the room, storage options and thoughtful furniture. Check out more dining room paint colours here.

Dining room with playful paint colors in pink and white perfectly complements the dining setup
Make meals playful with fun wall paints
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Wall Painting Design For A Regal Dining Room 

Palatial dining spaces are all about regal design and opulent furnishings. Such a design includes a colour scheme vivid in some cases and understated in others, like this design. We are in awe of the muted shades of the paintable wallpaper here that evoke royalty. The subtle background complements the grand furnishing such as the royal dining table in a rustic finish with traditionally-shaped chairs, freestanding bookshelf and cabinet cum side table. The ornate chandelier and mirror in a golden finish add to the allure of the space. Looking for more inspiration to evoke a royal charm in the dining room? Then you’ll love these Victorian-style dining room sets.

Wall painting design for dining room in regal style
A royal-looking dining room straight out of a palace

Sensational Stripes For The Dining Room Walls

Dining room walls needn’t be a singular shade. As shown in this blog, an accent wall is a splendid option. Another way to incorporate colours is to turn your wall into a canvas with multiple colours and textures. Yet the simplest way is to go for a straightforward pattern such as stripes as seen in this design. This works well in homes with an open dining room that blends with other spaces like the living room. It allows for the pattern to be recreated in a larger space thus creating more buzz.

Dining room wall painting with stripes blends with other spaces
Create drama in your dining room with striped walls

In these times of nuclear families and multiple personal gadgets, the dining room plays a crucial role in bringing families together even if it’s for one meal of the day. Besides mealtimes with family, entertaining guests is also another reason why the dining room is significant. Simply put, this room effuses feelings of joy, care and nostalgia. So, if you’re looking for inspiration to spruce up the dining room wall painting in your home, talk to our expert design team. Book your appointment now.

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