Feast In Style With Best Dining Room Paint Colours For Your Home!

by Devna Tiwari | February 21, 2024 | 5 mins read

Dining room paint colors for your home

Creating an inviting space to feast and host in style! These six best dining room paint colours for your home will please the quintessential host in you.

A dining room is a place where friends and family get together over a meal. Nothing brings the people we love closer than sharing a meal with them. Take a trip down memory lane and you will see some of your fondest  memories are of your family getting together around the dining table at your grandparent’s place. It’s a place of warmth and celebration, not only when you have people over, but every time you sit down for a meal with your family.

And the right atmosphere is important. This means choosing the right paint colour for your dining room is crucial as colours affect our moods and emotions. Here are colours you can choose from to make these memories and experience pleasant all year long.

Let’s Set the Stage for Some Drama With Warm Colours

A dining room can be comforting and inviting when it’s well lit and designed with warm colour tones. It’s not a place where we spend extended periods of time and so you do have the option of experimenting with rich, bold colours. Add to this décor pieces with gold and silver for a bit of bling. Deep reds, earthy browns, burnt oranges are excellent colours to bring out this look. One of the most popular colours are different shades of browns with a hit of red to add warmth. While  browns are not as striking as deep reds but they do bring in an element of class with their richness. Shades to try are chocolate, coffee, truffle, beige among others.

Spice Things Up With A Pop Of Orange

If you’re someone who’s into bold colours with a hint of tradition then you will love a pop of orange in your dining room. Burnt or spicy orange, the options are endless. This shade will bring in a sense of tradition to your 21st-century dining experience. Not as overpowering as reds, but still vibrant enough to warm up a space orange will have your guests smiling at the dining table all through their meal.

Dining room wall painting with a pop of orange
Modern dining room interiors for fun meal time with family

Let’s Paint The Town Red!

The brightest of warm tones, deep shades of red are an ideal colour if you’re looking to create an extravagant dining experience for your guests. Deep reds compliment gold and copper accents well. Using gold or copper in your decor, lighting fixtures, modular furniture or even on your tableware can take the ambience in your dining room and can create an unforgettable experience for your guests. It is important to remember not to go overboard with a bright shade of red and to keep it classy with a more grounded shade that is deep, rich and elegant. Furniture with dark wood grains will complement this colour  well.

Dining room paint colors in warm tones, deep shades of red

The Moody Purples For Dining Room

Warm colours do add a sense of cheeriness to any space but that doesn’t mean cool colour palettes are sad or dull. On the contrary, cool colours like blues, greens  and purples can bring about freshness and serenity to your dining space. Muted purple or mauve is a colour just like browns that is subtle and mellow. Muted purple is one of our favourite colours for a dining room. It has a hint of grey and the richness of chocolate browns. This colour is pleasing to the eye and adds a touch of royalty with the right decor pieces. Purple was considered the colour of royalty as it was extremely rare and difficult to obtain. And hence were reserved for the elite and ruling classes. Purple blends well with decor that has metallic accents like gold or silver. However, this paint colour can also carry a simple, understated look when paired with white furnishing.

Best dining room paint colour ideas with purple

The Deep Blue Sea And Ocean Mists

Another colour in the bucket of cool shades is deep blue that is not as flashy but calming. This colour pairs nicely with rich dark brown furniture, white crown mouldings, cornices, and wireframe furniture to render a timeless classic French look. It has an old school charm when decorated with rustic furniture and artefacts. This is best suited for those who like to travel and collect souvenirs from around the world.

Dining hall painting with a cool shades is deep blue
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In The Olive Garden

Another pleasant colour that you can try for your dining room is olive green. Often associated with nature, harvest and times of bounty, olive green is a bright colour to paint the walls of your dining room. It blends well with wooden furniture of all colours. When paired with pale terracotta or ceramic tiles and a white bar unit this colour scheme can do wonders for your dining room. This colour suits those who do not want something that is mainstream. Having said that you can go the opposite route and make your dining room look luxurious with metal accent decor. Just like metal accents pair well with reds and purples it works as well with shades of green works for an extravagant looking dining room.

Dining room wall painting ideas with olive green

The dining room isn’t a space we spend a lot of time, but the time we do spend is often with friends or family. The memories are some of the most precious  and so going that extra mile to experiment with bold designs and lively colours will make the dining experience as memorable as the food you eat.

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