Who’s Coming To Dinner? Dining Room Cabinet Designs For A Fabulous First Impression!

by Pooja Dara | January 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

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How can you store your dining room essentials and personalise it to your taste? We have it covered right here.

Do you have somebody coming over for dinner at your home tonight? What do you think gives them the first impression of your hospitality? It is your dining room, of course. This area in any home is undoubtedly one of the most important parts after the kitchen. What’s prepared with all your heart is consumed with utmost happiness right here. It is where you are forced to step away from technology, eat together and catch up with your loved ones. You strengthen bonds and also celebrate important life milestones with each other.

Proper dining room storage is crucial for a pleasant dining experience. It is essential to use custom-designed cabinets to store dishes, extra kitchen equipment, and silverware to keep your space clutter-free, tidy and quickly accessible. The right kind of cabinetry serves the purpose and blends with your existing dining room decor.

You can opt for an open storage design if you want to display things neatly on the shelves or you can opt for closed storage design with solid doors to stack things up inside for a seamless look on the outside. The right dining room cabinet design will save you time taken to find your table cloths, napkins and dinnerware. Add some character to your dining room interiors with a wide range of cabinet designs curated just for you, right here on this blog. So, let’s dive in and check out some unique dining room cabinet design ideas.

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Antique Dining Room Cabinets

This antique cabinet is the perfect addition to your dining room, especially if it’s built according to an open floor plan. Made out of carved wood, this cabinet lends an earthy and rustic feel to this space. So if you want to feel like you are dining amidst a deep forest, this one’s for you! Stack all your antique showpieces and your favorite set of reading books with pride.

An antique dining room cabinet in an earthy and rustic look

Bar Cabinets

This bar cabinet, made of solid weathered wood, is a great design to organise your liquor and wines elegantly. These bar cabinets are an amalgamation of tradition with modernity within your dining room interiors. Take a shot in style with built-in open compartments for big bottles, a wide drawer to store bar accessories, an inverted rack holder for long-stemmed glasses, and extra counter space to serve food.

Dining room bar cupboard made with solid weathered wood to organise your liquor and wines
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Built-In Wall Cabinets

Efficiently utilise those extra and often overlooked sidewalls with these light wooden built-in cabinets with an arch-shaped glass door. This custom-made cabinet with niches helps you display or store items that are attention-worthy. Nothing takes up extra space in this dining room either.

Built-in modern dining cabinet with an arch-shaped glass door

Console Cabinet For Your Dining Room

Looking for a cabinet that matches both your budget and sense of style? Think no further as this console cabinet is the right fit! Whether you use it for storage or just as an accent piece, this wood and sunmica console cabinet brings a touch of modernity to your dining room interiors. This cabinet design also acts as a divider between your kitchen and main dining area.

Cabinet for dining area that complements your budget and personal taste

Corner Dining Room Cabinets

Make the most of awkward corner spaces in your dining room with these magnificent corner cabinets. Its practical design and beautiful symmetry will transform your dining room dramatically. These glass-doored corner cabinets are ideal to display precious items, ornaments, and photographs for everyone to admire.

Corner dining cabinet with practical design and beautiful symmetry, enhancing the space

Floating Cabinets Add Personality Walls

This wooden floating cabinet with white sunmica finish doors adds personality to your plain walls. It keeps your dining room clutter-free and gives it a bold look. It is also a smart way of using every inch of floor space efficiently if you are short on it and the absence of legs makes it easier to clean underneath.

Floating dining storage cabinet with white sunmica finish doors

Modern Multi-Shelved Dining Room Cabinets

Add a classy and bold touch to your dining room with this modern, multi-shelved cabinet. This one is built to stack excess kitchen items and equipment. Its single sliding door and adjacent open-shelves make it easy to access and teams up perfectly with your fabulous dining room landscape. Designed with glass and wooden doors along with open shelves you don’t ever need to worry about problems with space anymore.

Modern dining room with multi-shelved cabinet gives classy and bold touch to the space
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Binge Watch As You Dine With A TV Cabinet

Set up a full wall-size modern TV unit to fulfill your high-end entertainment needs. This TV cabinet not only accommodates your TV but is also designed with a combination of open and closed cabinets. This one is designed with customised storage options to display your tech gadgets, accessories, books, and other related stuff. It is completely versatile and turns your dining room wall into a brilliant focal point.

Dining room tv cabinet with customised storage options for tech gadgets and accessories

Wall Cabinets For Small Dining Rooms

These wall-mounted cabinets are a perfect solution for those who have small dining rooms and are looking for extra storage space. A mix of closed cabinets and glass cabinets can help you store away extra dishes, glasses and snacks overflowing from the kitchen. You can also display your napkins, cutlery, and placemats for special occasions so guests have them at easy access.

Wall cabinets for small dining rooms with mix of closed cabinets and glass cabinets

A Cabinet Under Your Washbasin

Most people do not install washbasins in their dining room purely for aesthetic purposes. However, certain households are built with one following a basic philosophy that it is unhygienic to use bathroom washbasins before and after every meal. This washbasin cabinet made with a marble countertop, glass shelves on the side and sleek wooden doors with silver handles is sure to impress.

Washbasin cabinet in dining room with a marble countertop, glass shelves on the side and sleek wooden doors

Wooden Storage Cabinet

This vintage-styled wooden storage cabinet is ideal to store your pretty linen and tableware. This cabinet is made with polished wood, looks decorative and the woody exteriors lend a warm vibe to the dining room interiors.

Wooden dining room cabinet made with polished wood and gives warm vibe

Your dining room is the hub of maximum activity, so make a sensible choice when you choose a cabinet. They reflect a perfect balance of comfort and beauty within home interiors. We hope you liked these dining room cabinet design ideas!

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