South Indian Interior Designs – 7 Tips To Reinvent Your Home Interiors

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

South indian interior designs tips for your home

Explore the raw design sensibilities of the South with these South Indian Interior Design tips.

Earthen shades, wooden furniture, and simple aesthetics–these are the primary features of South Indian interior design. Known for its traditional solid roots and bent towards modern functionalities, South Indian homes depict an interior narration that is both unique and purposeful. This makes their interior style popular even in other parts of the country. We share some popular DesignCafe’s South Indian homes with a modern ethos that connect the essence of traditional designs with contemporary elements beautifully. But before we explore the list, let’s tell you how you can come up with South Indian Interior designs and decorations at your place. 

What Are The Main Elements Of South Indian Interior Designs?

  • Earthy tones- South Indian interiors use a lot of earthy and natural colour palettes. Shades of terracotta, brown, tan, beige, and off-white are the preferred tones in South Indian homes. 
  • South Indian Upholsteries- Homes in South India have traditional fabrics. Innovative Indian woven fabrics from Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, are quite popular in these homes. 
  • Wooden Furnishings- Another highlighting aspect of South Indian homes is the wooden furniture. From wooden sofa sets to wooden dining tables–you will see a lot of woodwork in South Indian homes. 
  • Indian Patterns And Carvings- South Indian interiors exhibit many decorative patterns and carvings. These are often seen in flooring, doors, and windows. 

“In terms of design, different places in the South exhibit different design aesthetics. For example, in Kerala homes, you’d see more natural wood, like veneers. Whereas, in Bengaluru houses, you’d see more budget-oriented interiors. In Tamil Nadu, again, there are a lot of carved natural wood designs. Overall, if you compare South designs to North, you’d see that the former states exhibit both traditional and contemporary wooden furnishings. 

One more thing important about South Indian interiors is that they use neutral tones. Earthy colours like brown, white, beige, etc., are the quintessential colour palette for home interiors here.”, says Jessica Fernandes, DesignCafe Studio Manager, Bengaluru.

South Indian Interior Designs In DesignCafe Homes

Here are some South Indian Interior Design homes that truly depict the authentic style of the South that is unique and timeless. 

Minimalist Living Room With South Indian Interior Designs

This living room depicts a beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern designs. On the one hand, it exhibits classic South Indian woodwork in furnishings, especially the wooden swing, a must-have in South Indian homes. On the other hand, the room shows modern and practical designs with a minimalistic interior setup. The living room shows how you can create a modern-traditional home without following the quintessential South Indian style interior designs

South indian interior style living room with minimalistic setup
A minimalistic living room with South Indian interior designs

South Indian Interior Style Dining Room With Classic Jaali Work Designs

This dining table exhibits a gorgeous traditional setup with a counter-height solid wood table with decorated legs. The dining table displays carved wooden designs featuring South Indian elements like true South Indin designs. This table is teamed with four designer chairs with South Indian jaali designs and a bench. The rest of the dining room remains minimal and modern, with modular furnishings. So if you are too looking for South Indian interior designs, investing in a solid wood-decorated table like this is a must. 

South indian interior style dining room which exudes a traditional touch
A dining room with wooden carved South Indian interior design

A Quintessential South Indian Style Bedroom

This bedroom depicts the subtle design style of South Indian homes. It follows a white and matte grey colour palette that looks earthy and natural. The room comes with a solid wood bed and a wooden wardrobe built around a window bay seating. The bedroom also depicts modern-day South Indian upholsteries with handmade textures and patterns. Like any South Indian interior design, this room feels calm and serene. 

South indian interior style bedroom in white and matte grey colour
A calm bedroom setup with simple South Indian interior designs

Another South Indian Interior Style Bedroom With a False Ceiling

This bedroom brings the subtleness of South Indian interior designs. It has subtle off-white and earthy tone colour palettes with dark wood furnishings. The bedroom remains decorated with essential furniture pieces with a gorgeous false ceiling design. The ceiling here has a wooden elevated false ceiling that brings warmth to the room. If you want to add some drama to your South Indian bedroom, you can team this interior style with some Kerala-style handmade fabrics such as bed upholsteries and South Indian-style artwork. 

South Indian interior style bedroom with an elevated false ceiling
A South Indian interior-style bedroom with an elevated false ceiling

A South Indian Style Mandir Design For Modern Homes

One common thing in South Indian Hindu homes is the home temples. As prayer is essential to South Indian homes, they always come with a pooja unit. You will find South Indian pooja units usually have carved wooden doors. They can be both large-sized units or wall-mounted space-saving units. One such modern South Indian home mandir design is this wall-mounted temple unit light wood decorated style two-door mandir. It looks authentic, functional, and space-saving–ideal for modern homes.

South indian style mandir design which is functional and space-saving
A wall-mounted home mandir with a light wooden cabinet
Modular home interiors for a hassle free lifestyle

A CNC Cutting Window Panel Design For A South Indian Style Balcony

If you are going for a South Indian interior-style home, here is an ideal way to have a traditional balcony. It depicts CNC cutting wall panels that reveal a conventional South Indian decoration. The balcony also has a brick-cladding accent wall design with light wood furnishings. This balcony is perfect for people who have spacious patio space. It has a balanced Indian/modern design with an authentic South Indian appeal with modern furnishings. 

South Indian interior style balcony with CNC-cutting window panelling
A traditional balcony design with CNC-cutting window panelling

Ornate Wooden Front Doors: Staple South Indian Design Element

If you follow South Indian interior designs, you’d know how front doors play a crucial role. Be it the Chennai homes or the Hyderabad houses–you will see heavy wooden carved doors that look lavish and royal. These front doors are typical for South Indian houses, even modern apartments. So if you are looking for a South Indian design, go for a heavily decorated wooden door, as shown. 

South indian interior style wooden front doors which are heavily decorated
Heavily Decorated Wooden Front Doors Is Integral For South Indian Interiors

There you are! We give you gorgeous South Indian interior designs that can be easily included in modern homes. For more such traditional timeless designs, reach out to us! So go ahead and weave your home design story with the aesthetics of Andhra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala and give yourself a South Indian interior style makeover.

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