Wall Mounted Mandir Designs For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

Mandir design in wall for your home

It’s time to set up a perfect worship place at home and that’s why we have come up with a new blog which is all about wall mounted mandir designs.

Your home deserves a space where you can pray and that’s why we at DesignCafe have come up with a blog on all about wall mounted mandirs. Take a quick read to know the different kinds of wall-mounted pooja units you can opt for in your living room.

Five ways to decorate your home mandir

A Box Shaped Wall Mounted Mandir Design

If you are a fan of boxy shapes then this box-shaped wall mounted mandir design is perfect. This wall-mounted mandir has been designed with beach wood jali doors that open outwards giving you enough space to carry out your day to day traditional rituals. This mandir has small inbuilt shelves so you can place diya’s. This wall-mounted mandir is designed with the provision of drawers so that you can store holy items safely and securely.

Wall mounted mandir designs in box shaped mandir design
A wall-mounted mandir design in beach wood against a white wall in a box shape

An Arch Mandir Design For Your Living Room

Arch lovers, we have some news for you. This arch-shaped wall mounted mandir design in dark wood is a perfect mandir design that can be accommodated in your living room. This mandir is placed against a wall with traditional wallpaper. This dark wood designed mandir has jali doors that are inspired by the Moghuls that open outwards. There is sufficient space to place your god’s idol in this wall-mounted mandir design.

Wall mounted mandir arch design for your living room
A mandir designed in dark wood with Moghul inspired doors and led light strips inside
Want a simple way to setup your mandir at home?

A Triangle Top Mandir Design Idea

For those of you who are big on cosmic energy then this wall mounted pooja mandir design is something which you might want to consider. This mandir is designed with a triangular top that is known to absorb energy from the sun. This mandir is designed in white wood with LED strip lighting, hooks to hang your diyas’s and also drawers so that you can store your devotional books and other holy items. Bells have been neatly constructed in a line at the top of this mandir that gives this mandir a more traditional vibe.

Mandir design in wall with bells, hooks to hang diya's and wood drawers to store pooja items
A mandir designed with bells, hooks to hang diya’s and beach wood drawers to store pooja items

A Wonderful White Mandir

The colour white never goes out of fashion and is considered to be an evergreen colour. This wall-mounted mandir design idea is made with wood and finished with white paint. This mandir has jali doors opening outwards. This design of mandir also has shelves at the bottom so that you can put away all your pooja items once your pooja ritual is done.

Wall mounted mandir design ideas with jali doors and bottom shelves
A mandir designed in white with jali doors and bottom shelves

A Simple Wall Mounted Mandir Design

If you like to keep things simple and classic then this wall mounted pooja mandir design is something you must consider. This mandir is designed with dark wood with a leaf pattern carved onto the door so you can see the idol through it. This wall mounted mandir has wall mounted hooks on the inside to hang diya’s. Space to keep God’s idol has been provided with space to light up diya’s too.

Simple wall mounted mandir design with dark wood doors in a leaf shape design
A wall mount mandir designed with dark wood doors in a leaf shape design is perfect for those who like a simple designed mandir
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This is what we at Design Cafe think are some great wall mounted mandir designs for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

FAQs On Wall Mounted Mandir Design

What are the materials used for wall mounted Mandir design?
Some common materials used for wall mounted Mandir designs include wood, marble, stone and acrylic. Brass and copper can be used for decorative accents and glass can be used for mandir door design.

Can I customize my wall mounted Mandir design?
Yes, absolutely! You can customize your wall mounted Mandir based on your personal preference, design style, and budget. Choose from a variety of colours, materials and finishes to get a wall mounter Mandir that aligns with your existing home interior style.

How do I maintain and clean my wall mounted Mandir?
You can maintain your wall mounted Mandir by dusting it regularly using a soft, dry cloth. This will prevent the deposit of dirt and dust and help keep the Mandir clean. Avoid using a wet cloth and any harsh chemicals as they may damage the finish and color of your Mandir. Clean the brassware by soaking it in hot water with a little detergent for 10-15 minutes. If it is still sticky, use toothpaste to scrub the brassware with a brush.

How do you install a wall mounted mandir?
Wall mounted mandirs are space-efficient as they don’t take up any floor space. To install a wall-mounted mandir, choose a suitable location facing the northeast direction. Make sure that the wall can support the weight of the Mandir. Use a pencil to mark the spot where you want to install the Mandir and fix the wall brackets using screws and anchors. Lastly, attach the Mandir to the wall bracket using screws.

Are there any cultural or religious guidelines to follow when designing a wall mounted mandir?
Yes, there are cultural and religious guidelines to follow when designing a wall mounted Mandir. It is considered inauspicious to position the Mandir or idols towards the south as it can negatively affect your family’s well-being. As per Vastu, a wall-mounted Mandir should face the northeast and the idols should face the west or northeast. The materials used for making the Mandir should be pure and non-toxic. The Mandir should always be kept clean and well-maintained and have adequate lighting.

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