Novel Design Ideas For A Wooing Wooden Mandir For Home

by Anmol Kalro | January 3, 2024 | 9 mins read

Wooden mandir design for home to create a peaceful temple design

The subtle simplicity of wood and frills of modern-day furniture coming together to create wooden mandir marvels.

Something about wooden interiors almost instantly amps up the ambience of the rest of your home. The subtle sophistication of warm undertones brought by wood is a popular choice in mandir designs for a reason. For starters, a wooden mandir design is economical. It just gets into stride with any style of home interiors. Moreover, modern wooden pooja room designs are inspired by ancient Indian temples. So let’s see the various divinely guided options, shall we?

Wooden Mandir Design For A Cozy Corner

If you’re looking at a wooden mandir design that is not too loud but elegant nonetheless, then a sweet setup in a corner of your living room is most ideal. From dark wood to lighter tones, you can have your pick and add subtle decorations. A large mandir bell and an intricately carved out wooden door design can do wonders to add to the beauty of your temple. With the right set of lights, this simple charmer is sure to make 

A wooden mandir design in the corner of your home which shows a simple wooden mandir design for home
A far seated mandir in a corner of your home is an ideal idea

It’s All On The Wall Wooden Mandir Design

Limited space making you bounce off the wall? Well, consider putting your walls to use because this next design is all about making the most of limited space to construct a simplistic wall-mounted wooden temple design for your home.

One way to incorporate this design would be by fitting in a wooden panel onto a wall to make it the background for your pooja room and mount drawers and shelves below this for the idol and other pooja-related storage items. The edges of the panel could further be accentuated with the right set of backlights that give your sanctum a gorgeous glow.

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Another simple design to experiment with is the shelf model. Bare minimum effort goes into creating this contemporary wooden mandir that also agrees well with a tight budget. Win-win!

Temple design essentials on a white wall with a wooden shelf which is exactly a small wooden mandir design for home
Wooden shelf on a white wall to hold pooja room essentials

Small Wooden Temple Designs for Your Compact Casa

Pray Anywhere Portable Wooden Mandir

Your home mandir doesn’t necessarily have to occupy the space of an entire room. Portable wooden mandir designs have seemed to stun the furniture market at full throttle. Due to small apartment sizes in urban cities today, movable furniture is the need of the hour. Guests over but no space to seat them? No problem! You can now move your mini wooden mandir around your house when need be – it is afterall a piece of decor in itself now. Convenience aside, smaller furnishings are putty in hands in terms of customisation. You have a simple dome-shaped wooden mandir with a single bell to embellish it at the centre or choose a slightly more complicated design with jali work doors with two pillars on either side. This design will look like an on the nose replica of an ancient Indian temple.

The Wooden Cupboard Mandir Design

Quite the thinking ahead way of doing things, a wooden mandir cupboard is the perfect combination of utility and grace. Not only does this attractive wooden temple design blend in with the rest of the décor just like any other wooden furniture, but also saves a whole lot of space in the process. You could have this cupboard-style wooden boon fixed against any corner of your abode and it’ll just seamlessly blend in without getting a lot of attention. This is, of course, ideal for people who like to keep their prayer business positively private. 

Folding wooden doors are a great way to add style even to smaller spaces. In Hindu culture, people often tend to leave their pooja doors wide open for a short while every day in order to spread the positivity of the prayer across their home. But with limited space, open doors can be quite an obstruction. Enter: folding doors. Now you can leave your doors open (but folded) all day without having to worry about running into it by accident.

Further, these folding doors can be adopted in most wooden temple designs apart from the cupboard style mandir design to make your prayer room look a la mode. 

Wooden mandir cupboard which is a perfect combination of utility and look like a wooden mandir design for home
Antique royal wooden cupboard-style mandir with golden idol and candlestick
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Wondrous Wooden Pooja Mandir Design to Tititale Your Flat

Wooden Frame With A Crystal Canvas

Mandir Designs for modern flats ought to complement the contemporary aesthetics that come with modern décor. So, if you’re not too particular on an all-wood design, try a combination of glass and wood to primp your prayer room. While detailed grooves wood takes you back a hundred plus years, making you feel all things divine, glass adds that extra touch of sophistication in your apartment’s pooja room – best of both worlds!

Wooden carved decorated temple doors which indicates a good example of wooden mandir design for home
Wooden carved decorated doors with printed glass infuse

A Multi-Purpose Mystery 

The distress of insufficient storage in modern-day apartments is real! Every inch matters so you’d best be using it wisely. Disguised storage units are gaining popularity with dual-purpose wooden mandir designs being right on top. The shelves on these cabinets do a decent job serving as a display for all of your idols, and the cabinets underneath? Who knows what’s in there – could be pooja samagri, could be expensive crockery, you pick.

A multipurpose wooden cabinet for which is gaining popularity with wooden mandir design for home
Antique wooden cabinet used as pooja mandir as well as for storage

Decorate With Digital Prints

If you live in a modern styled flat, chances are that your pooja room needs a little sprucing up. While going all wood might seem like a more traditional option, you may want to consider the use of digital prints framed inside wooden borders to give your divine space a more stunning and sophisticated appearance. There are ample ways in which digital prints of lords and lilied can be incorporated into a wooden mandir design. While the door is an option, the wall behind the idol could use some embellishing too. Nothing light reflecting off digital panels, giving the entire chamber an unmatched glow.

A gold coloured wooden door with prints which has all information as wooden pooja mandir design for home with price.
Wooden door with gold-coloured digital prints 

Temple-Inspired Wooden Door Designs For All The Sacred Feels

South-Indian Temple Inspired Intricacies

It is said that South Indian kings invested a lot more in temples than in their very own palaces. So quite evidently, they created architecture that inspired generations and even home interior design today. Intricate carvings pared with a decorative frame for entrance makes for an impeccable bona fide temple style door design. The inside, of course, can be ancient temple-inspired with brass lamps and granite stone idols to make this design just the ticket for perfection.

A south indian style inspired latest wooden mandir design for home
South Indian temple-inspired carvings on wooden door

Valuable Vintage Wooden Mandir Designs

Your pooja room in a way serves as a calming leeway amidst the chaos of your home and hence deserves your full attention. In a way, it’s a home for your mind within a home with all the matter. Any wooden surface has the advantage of being able to be designed intricately. What better way to make use of this marvellous material than to seek inspiration from authentic Indian temples itself? Carved doors for one, append all things traditional and look beautiful. Custom-made by craftsmen, these fine carvings are further enhanced with the use of bells. You can choose to fix a single giant bell long-hanging right at the centre of your divine space or chiming bells that complement the wooden door and please the ears every time you move the door.

Mandir design for home with carved design on wood by craftsmen which shows wooden mandir design for home in wood
Intricately carved ornate design on a wooden door

So there is no doubt that your divine corner is going to make you feel all things spiritual after adopting them. What are prayer rooms if not a space to knock on wood, are we right?

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FAQs On Wooden Mandir Design

How can I choose the right size of wooden mandir for my home?
Choosing the right size of wooden mandir for your home depends largely on the available space in your home. In addition to this, you need to take into account the size of the idols you plan to place in the mandir. Wooden mandirs come in different designs and styles. Make sure to choose a design that sits at the right height so that the idols are at eye level when you sit to offer your prayers.

How can I customize a wooden mandir to match my home’s decor?
Start by choosing a wood that complements the textures of your home’s decor. The finish you choose for your wooden mandir should complement your home’s color scheme. If your home interiors have metallic accents, you could add brass or silver accents to the mandir to match them. You could install LED lights inside the mandir to make it a focal point in your home.

Are there any safety concerns to consider when installing a wooden mandir?
Yes. Since wood is a combustible material, your wooden mandir must be in a location that is not at risk of catching fire easily. At the same time, the wiring of lights in a wooden mandir should be done by a licensed electrician to prevent electrical fires and other hazards. Make sure that the foundation of the mandir is strong enough to support the weight of the mandir.

What type of wood is best for a wooden mandir?
Mandir made out of Sheesham wood are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing because of its unique grain and multiple shades. Another great option is teak wood as it is not only long lasting but also termite resistant.

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