Beyond the Basics: 8 Textured Wallpaper Designs for Your Home

by Pallabi Bose | January 3, 2024 | 6 mins read

Textured wallpaper designs for your home for decor

Explore 8 stunning ways to style your space with textured wallpaper.

Have you ever found yourself staring at your plain walls, yearning for a change that doesn’t involve a sledgehammer or is not a massive construction undertaking? We feel you! That’s where the magic of textured wallpaper swoops in. A home makeover that’s easy, but way more impactful. In this blog, we have spilled the beans on 8 game-changing ideas to spruce up your space with interior wallpaper texture. So, why make permanent changes when you can play with textures every time your style evolves? Join us on a journey of home reinvention – where commitment issues meet interior design dreams! Ready to peel, stick, and transform? Let’s dive in.

Textured Brick Wallpaper That Whispers Rustic Character

Spice up your modern kitchen with a touch of earthy charm from exposed brick walls minus the messy construction. Layer your bland kitchen walls with texture wallpaper HD designs to add warmth instantly. Take a cue from the image below. The rich, earthy tones contrast playfully against the vibrant lime-yellow cabinetry, creating a bold yet charming atmosphere. Imagine the light dancing off the surface, adding depth and dimension to your culinary haven.

Textured brick wallpaper design for the kitchen for a rustic vibe
Give your kitchen a rustic vibe

Accent Wall Wallpaper Texture Dreams

For every Indian household, the mandir or pooja room holds a special place. However, apartments nowadays rarely come with a separate room for it. So what’s the solution? Create an accent wall and DIY a pooja room with stylish wall shelves and a modern TV unit. Check out the image below. We have glammed up this space using a golden textured wallpaper, mimicking a designer paint job. The colours perfectly contrast with the warm brown furniture pieces, making your home full of a calm, warm, and spiritual vibe.

Accent wall wallpaper texture for a unique pooja room
Stunning wallpaper texture design makes pooja room unique

Make a Statement With Black Textured Wallpaper

Turn heads and wow your guests with bold and patterned wallpaper. Be it a big floral design, geometric patterns or abstract print with textured wallpaper, you don’t need to break the bank to achieve an Instagram-worthy accent wall. Like the living room shown in the image below. We have used a black textured wallpaper with bold line prints for the TV wall. Light grey furnishings beautifully contrast with the overall dark theme of the living room.

Black textured wallpaper, which is bold and makes a statement
Walls come alive with wallpaper

Wood Texture Wallpaper for Partition Accent Wall

Your dinner guests will go ‘Oh la la’ whenever they see your wooden accent wall in your dining room. But wood is very expensive, and maintaining it in its perfect shape can be cumbersome. So, the best way to achieve this look is wood texture wallpaper. Take this wall in the image below, for example. The half divider positioned at the kitchen entrance has been covered in a trending wallpaper design that matches the other elements of the house. Being a room divider doesn’t disrupt the conversations, yet it gives privacy while you cook.

Wood texture wallpaper for a partition accent wall to add personality to the space
Different ways to add personality to your home!

DIY Wooden Cabin Vibe With Textured Wallpaper Design

Are you someone who loves to experiment with the decor of your home? For instance, a warm wooden cabin vibe for the chilly fall season or a cheery vibe for spring? Wallpapers should be your best friend. They are inexpensive and easy to apply and remove. Take this dining room, for instance. The cool brown textured wallpaper with grainy wooden print perfectly matches the modular bar cabinet & crockery unit. The prints of tiny holes and scratch marks on the wallpaper make it more realistic.

Textured wallpaper design in brown colour with grainy wooden print
A beige wonder of a room

Create Focal Point With Pooja Room Wallpaper Texture

Inject personality to your home by using different decor elements. This vibrant green textured wallpaper added much-needed life and colour to this otherwise grey living room. It instantly catches the eye, making this stunning accent wall a centre of attraction for this home.

Pooja room wallpaper texture to create a focal point for a vibrant look
Make your pooja room stand out from other rooms
Explore trendsetting home interiors to redefine your space

3D Textured Wallpaper for an Impactful Balcony Design

Want to add interest to small spaces like corridors or balconies? By papering just one wall as a feature design and keeping the rest of the walls neutral, you can draw attention and make it the star of the show! You can choose a bold design, but be sure not to go too overboard, as you don’t want the space to feel cramped. Take a cue from the balcony design shown in the image below. The 3D textured wallpaper wallpaper has added personality but by choosing it in a neutral beige colour, we have ensured that it doesn’t steal the limelight from the stylish modular bar cabinet.

3D textured wallpaper to spruce up your balcony
Spruce up your balcony design easily

Play With Patterns, Lines & Colours 

If you have a bath, then use it as an opportunity to show off your textured wallpaper. This is a great way to add interest to the room and make the bath the focal point. Just be sure to choose a design that compliments the rest of your decor. For instance, we have experimented with a bold Turkish hamam-style wallpaper that perfectly contrasts with the subtle wall tiles. This wallpaper’s midnight blue, beige and grey patterns are fresh and energising.

Textured wallpaper with patterns, lines and colours to elevate your bathing experience
Elevate your bathing experience

Ready to transform your home with textured wallpaper? Explore these ideas, let your creativity flow, and find the perfect design that resonates with your style. Embrace the journey of making your space uniquely yours. When in doubt, consult DesignCafe experts for personalised ideas. Explore our blog section for more interior design inspirations. Your dream home awaits—happy decorating!

FAQs On Textured Wallpaper Design

Can textured wallpaper be used on all wall surfaces, including uneven ones?
Textured wallpaper can hide any bumps and unevenness on your wall. Opt for thicker wallpaper. You can also choose a dark colour or busier prints.

Does textured wallpaper require special preparation of the wall surface before installation?
Before installing textured wallpaper:

  • Prepare your wall by filling in any holes or craters with spackle and sanding any bumps.
  • Vacuum the wall to remove any dust or debris and wipe it down.
  • Prime it with the appropriate primer before applying the textured wallpaper.

Are there specific considerations when choosing textured wallpaper for small spaces?
You cannot paint over the textured wallpaper as the texture will show through. Hence, you can paint the other walls to match the colour of the wallpaper or choose a paint colour that contrasts with it.

Are there eco-friendly options for textured wallpaper?
Selecting the right wallpaper involves considering materials suitable for your climate and family. Most wallpapers contain PVC and VOC. If you are looking for eco-friendly alternatives, opt for wallpapers printed on recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper.

Are there specific considerations when choosing textured wallpaper for small spaces?
Choosing the right textured wallpaper for a small space can be tricky. Avoid too bold designs or too many prints or colours, as they can make the already small space look cramped. So, opt for subtle textures with muted undertones or one solid colour for such spaces.

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