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by Sonia Sumitra Thakar | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

Up the entertainment factor with these cool TV unit design ideas for the modern home.

“You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”  – Joey Tribbiani, FRIENDS

There’s no dispute here, the television definitely is the focal point of modern living rooms and bedrooms. Whether to watch a marathon on Netflix, to catch the news or the latest flick, the television finds itself indispensable to modern homes. And the pleasant task of housing this ultimate entertainment marvel goes to the TV unit. 

Fortunately, we no longer have to deal with bulky television sets of the 80s and 90s. The latest super sleek versions of the box provide a versatility their predecessors could not boast of. Today’s screens, more often than not, adorn vertical spaces without encroaching upon any precious square footage. Modern TV units serve the dual purpose of being functional as well as adding to the aesthetic value of a room to blend the television seamlessly into the decor.

We bring you the coolest TV unit design ideas to put up your screen in style and in line with your creative sensibilities.

Juxtapose Your Sleek Screen Against A Charming Stone Wall

Who said you need to have an actual unit to house the TV? Mounting your television on a stone-finished accent wall can well be more than enough to impress. The play of contrasting modern tech on a rustic natural stone-look wall is genius. Complete the unit with floating shelves underneath to display your decorative pieces and you have yourself a winning look!

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A Stark Black Screen Looks Striking On A Wooden Panelled Unit

Contrasting a dark screen by mounting it on a lighter colour wood panel is a great idea to make it stand out. The wooden panel cleverly hides all the wires and provides a lovely frame to your television set. This sleek wooden TV unit design with open shelves provides adequate place for decorative pieces and looks classy at the same time. 

Go Grandiose With A Framed Mounted Unit And Marble Backdrop

This unusual and unique TV unit design idea can amp up the oomph factor of any room. The dark faux wood border lends an imposing vibe to the room and the soft marble backdrop exudes elegance and grace. The TV unit here becomes a feature wall in itself and with a hardware free useful storage unit underneath, it’s very modern and stylish. 

Get Eclectic With A Floating Panel Against A Geometric Designed Wall

Now this a seriously cool idea – mount your TV on a floating wooden panel set against a geometrically designed wall. Notice how the floating panel asymmetrically overlaps the geometric and textured solid wall to provide a bridge between the two. This layered effect is totally trending right now. It is fun and funky. It’s a great idea for a small TV unit and will work well even where space is limited, making no demand on your square footage. A simple low console below can easily address paraphernalia storage needs.

White Is Always Sleek And Classy

A customised white tall TV unit affords you with tons of space to store and display your trinkets and books. Hardware free cabinets and drawers provide contrasting lines to break down a solid white panel that conceals all electrical wiring. Hidden back lights add to the appeal of this modern living room TV unit that is as functional as it is trendy.

Get A 3D Effect By Mounting The TV On A Free-Standing Unit

You can create a clever and cozy niche by mounting your television on a uniquely designed wall above a free-standing layered cabinet. The unit beneath the TV plays with height while the actual television itself plays with depth giving the effect of an added dimension to your wall. Interesting and arresting at the same time!

Low Lying Cabinets Are Modern And Minimalist

This asymmetric TV display unit is striking and unique in design. The low lying cabinet is storage friendly as is the wall-mounted cupboard. A shelf above this TV completes the unit. Fully customisable, it’s a trendy deconstructed take on the traditional TV unit that conceals all clutter and is perfect for a minimalist household.

Frame Your Screen With Beautiful Patterned Wallpaper

For a chic looking modern TV display idea go with a patterned wallpaper to provide an interesting frame around your screen. The super simple and clean lines in this TV unit are minimalist and elegant. While the unit consists of open shelving above and below the TV, boxed storage artfully makes its way into the design without being obtrusive. The result – a TV unit design that is functional and aesthetic, elegant and trendy.

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These unique TV unit design ideas are sure to ignite a spark of creativity in you. Be inspired and take the plunge! You know that your TV is going to get noticed, let it be for all the right reasons. And in addition to impressing guests with a cool TV unit, amp up the entertainment factor in your home and make screen time that much more enjoyable!

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