Stay Stylishly Secure: 9 Best Safety Door Designs For Your Home

by Pulkit Singh | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

Safety door designs for your home

Our expert-approved safety door designs for your home will win you over. 

First impressions, safety and an invitation to explore more. A good residential safety door design covers all these aspects apart from being a statement piece on its own. How many times have you walked into someone’s home to be pleasantly surprised by the well-done interiors, more so because the safety door design wasn’t much to write home about? Quite often, we are sure. 

You could go totally basic — a block of metal or a plank of wood with a handle and a spy hole. But where is the fun in that? Instead, you could dive into our inventory of the best safety door designs for your home. Let’s go.  

Modern Safety Door Design

The demands from a modern safety door design aren’t many — it should be sturdy, provide ample security and be durable. Many homes come with safety doors that fulfill these requirements. However, if you are not happy with the aesthetics of the door or if its durability is doubtful, you can opt for a solid residential modern safety door design in wood, metal or a harmonious combination of both. You could also choose an option that complements your house exteriors or hints towards the theme of your home interiors.

Modern safety door design which is sturdy and provide ample security
Door knockers keep this safety door stylish

Elements Of A Safety Door Grill Design

There are various elements of a safety door design for homes. Foremost is the material of the main door. Popular choices include wood, steel or a combination of both. Iron grill doors are also a common choice for those who want an extra layer of security to their regular main door. 

The usual bar or checked grills are passe. Modern safety door designs have ornate grill designs that are pleasing to the eye. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics anymore.

Safety door grill design with glass and metal which adds extra layer of security
Glass and metal make this grill door safe and pretty

Other Elements Of A Modern Safety Door Design

Door hinges, frames, sills and thresholds are other essential elements that make your metal or wooden safety door design safer than its counterparts. It is not worth scrimping over these details. Speak to your interior designer and they will vouch that the safety door is as strong as the frame of the hinges that connect it. 

The last element that needs the most attention is the door lock. The regular cylinder locks that employ keys, lever handles, latches or bolts to open can be backed up by a digital lock. Using a chain lock that allows the door to open ever so slightly is another useful option.

Green modern safety door design which comes options like with cylinder locks, latches or bolts
Door locks are synonymous with safety door design
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Wooden Safety Door Designs

Whether it is the hardy teak, Sheesham, oak or lighter choice of plywood, the wooden safety door design can be customised through different patterns, colours and designs. You could opt for a panelled safety door design or a more ornate version. Do account for seasonal expansion and contraction afflicting wooden safety door designs.

Wooden safety door design in traditional touch which adds elegance and security to your home
Wooden safety doors are sturdy and classic

Safety Door Jaali Designs

Jaali is a quintessential Asian element when it comes to doors in the subcontinent. Beautiful safety doors in jaali designs can add to your home’s elegance. You could choose to go for a jaali design on part of the door or the whole surface.

Safety door with intricate jali design which adds aesthetic appeal to your home
A typical jaali door found in Indian homes

Steel Safety Door Designs For Your Home

When it comes to steel safety door designs for your home, you can’t go wrong. Steel is long-lasting and better than iron safety doors as there is less chance of rusting. That, too, can be avoided by getting the door treated beforehand or getting it fortified to prevent damage due to natural causes.

Steel safety door design for your home which is stylish and durable
Steel safety door in a black getup

Double Door Safety Door Designs For Your Home

While single safety doors are the preferred choice for apartment owners, those with row houses or bigger homes can go for a double-door safety door design. They are visually striking, appear affluent and permit more space for entry and exit. Instead of one material, you can use a combination to bring more spice to the door design.

Double door safety design with glass and metal is a robust and secure home protection solution
Two safety doors are the cherry on the cake

Folding Safety Door Designs For Home

Folding safety door designs look good but are a niche choice. Most homeowners prefer to use these in their home interiors or as a second entrance door. Wooden or PVC frames for folding doors are popular choices. These doors need considerable space to open, so choose wisely.

Folding safety door design with glass and wooden frames which is ideal for a balcony
A folding safety door design for the balcony
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Sliding Safety Door Designs For Your Home

The sliding safety door design is a great space saver. It works as well at the home’s entrance as the main door as it does towards the patio or the balcony. This safety door style works well in homes where space is constricted or if you want to bring some variety to the run-off-the-mill door designs.

Sliding safety door design for home which offers a space-saving solution for constricted areas
Sliding safety doors opening into the patio

Regarding modern safety door design, no one style is better. How well the door works for you and your home depends on your requirements, space limitations, budget, and other environmental factors. Reach out to our experts to make an informed choice because choosing the right safety door is no child’s play.

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