Main Door Vastu For Flats: Do You Have These Guidelines Right?

by Natasha Unger | February 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Main door vastu for your flats

While you may receive Vastu tips for the house, we bring you information on main door Vastu and how to invite success.

As an Indian, you are perhaps familiar with the term ‘Vastu Shastra’ which means the science of dwelling. To maintain harmony in the house, Vastu guidelines could be about the placement of plants, use of certain geographical directions, door Vastu, colours or other architectural norms that allow the right flow of energy.    

While all of these can be easy when you build a house from scratch, it gets difficult when you buy or rent a flat. There may be issues with the directions, the inability to place objects that bring in good vibes and more. This is when you can correct things to an extent by paying heed to the main door Vastu for flats. Being the entrance to your home, the main door plays an important role in channelising the flow of energy.       

Here are a few tips to help you rectify the main door Vastu and bring about prosperity to your home.

Keep The Main Entrance Free Of Clutter For The Ideal Door Vastu

Homeowners often place stools, dustbins, unused footwear or small furniture near the main door for convenience. Try to avoid them or keep it to a minimum in your house as they bring in negative energy. When the entrance of the house has dirt and clutter, there is a hindrance to the flow of positive energy and good vibes. Clean the area every day and you could decorate the door with religious symbols. This will bring good fortune to your house. Put up shelves with decorative items that can liven up the area.

Vastu tips for main entrance door of flat keep it clutter-free for positive energy
Keep the main door area neat for good energy

Use A Wooden Door For The Right Main Door Vastu For Flats

According to Vastu, wood is considered to be an auspicious material to be used for doors. Wood is known to absorb any negative energy coming its way and only let the positive vibes enter your house. Ensure that you use good quality wood that stays sturdy and intact for a long time. Do not use a damaged door or one that has cracks on it even if it lends an antique look. Vastu experts recommend using metals as accessories depending on the direction of your door. Use silver-coloured metals for north-facing entrance door Vastu. However, limit metal accessories for an east-facing door. Use at least one metal accessory for a west-facing door and opt for a combination of wood and metal for a south-facing door.

Vastu tips for main door of flat, use a wooden door that is known to absorb any negative energy
Wooden main doors ensure good Vastu
Want vastu approved home interior design solutions

Main Door Size As Per Vastu Should Be The Largest In The Home

Compared to all the other doors in your house, the main door size as per Vastu should be unique and larger than the rest. Since it is the first entry point, it is what attracts the eye first and is what absorbs the energies coming in. Pay attention to beautifying the door where you can and polish it to perfection. It’s best to allow an expert to create it for you. You can take references from around you and own a main door that looks and feels grand. A great-looking door is known to attract positive vibes.

Main door size as per vastu should be the largest in the home
A large main door attracts positive energy

Subtle Colours Are Recommended For North-Facing Entrance Door Vastu

Bright colours or black colour for main doors can attract a lot of negativity while creating a blockage for positive vibes. Experts with Vastu tips for the main door of a flat suggest using subtle colours like white, light blue, pink and cream or simply letting the wooden colour do the magic. You can accessorise the door by adding colourful elements like nameplates or other decoratives. That creates a balance where there is positivity as well as a touch of glamour.

North-facing entrance door Vastu, avoid bright or dark-colored doors which create a blockage for positive vibes
Avoid bright or dark-coloured main doors

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North-Facing Entrance Door Vastu Suggests Having A Raised Threshold 

You would often find old homes with thresholds at every door. The reason behind it is to ward away negative energy. You too can opt for it at least for your main door if not the other doors of the house. The threshold is said to keep negativity at bay and allow only positive vibes into your home. You could also place a doormat at the entrance, making it easier for you and your guests to dust shoes and leave behind negative energy before entering the home. Clean the doormat often to not allow the dirt to settle for long.

North-facing entrance door vastu is to opt doormat to keep negativity at bay
A doormat at the main door keeps negativity out

A Mirror To Double Good Vibes Is Useful Main Door Vastu For Flats

According to Vastu, mirrors have a dubious role to play for the main door. They are known to reflect energies, whether good or bad. When you place a mirror right opposite the main door, you let positive energy to reflect and go away and not enter the house. The best place to put a mirror is on the adjacent wall or at a 90-degree angle. This invites the good energy, reflects and spreads it across the house. You can pick up antique mirrors that add to the charm of your interior decor.

Main door vastu for flats by placing a mirror opposite the main door for good vibes
Get the mirror placement right according to Vastu

The above Vastu tips for the main entrance door of your flat will help you bring about peace and harmony. Vastu tips for the main door are popular as the entrance is what opens the gates to positive vibes in the house.

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