Want To Invite Abundance Home? Follow These Vastu Tips For Your Main Entrance Now!

by Pooja Dara | January 14, 2024 | 4 mins read

Vastu tips for main entrance of your home with main door vastu

Open the gateway to your happiness and wellbeing using Vastu Shastra for your main entrance.

The main door and entrance create the first impression of your home. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, it is a transition zone through which cosmic energy flows in or out of the house. If the right kind of energy enters your house, it will bring with itself harmony, good luck, happiness, health and wealth – everything a positive home for you.

The main entrance holds great importance within the framework of Vastu Shastra. Apart from welcoming family and guests, all energy enters and exits a home, impacting various aspects of those occupying it. 

A few simple tips to build or correct your main entrance can successfully deflect negative energy around you. Let’s head into discussing how Vastu can transform your main entrance into a gateway for success and happiness in your life. Follow the below commandments to the extent you can.

Right Vastu Colours Attract The Right Energy

To allow the right form of energy to flow in your home, it is important you choose the right combination of Vastu colours for your main entrance or door. Lighter colours in combination with some amount of green. This could be in the form of paint or even plants.

Main door vastu entrance tips for your home which brings a positive energy
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Direction of the Home Entrance Determines Success of Vastu

Doors or entrances that face east, northeast, west or north are considered auspicious within the framework of Vastu. In case, you want to correct the direction of the main entrance that is already built you can use helixes/pyramids to deflect the negative energies. A lead metal pyramid/helix for south or southwest facing the door, a brass pyramid/helix for a northwest-facing door, and a copper helix for a southeast-facing door.

Vastu for home entrance where you can determine the direction of your north west entrance flat

The Bigger Door As Per Vastu Is The Better

The main entrance of your house must be bigger than any other door of your home. Ensure that the door accessories are polished and hinges are oiled regularly, and also that the door/main entrance does not have any missing screws or chipped wood peeking out.

Main door vastu for flats which should be bigger than any of other doors of your home

Material On the Main Door Matters for Vastu

Wood or teak wood are the best materials for main entrances. These materials can even be used to correct Vastu dosh if the main entrance is facing the wrong direction. Make your door look beautiful by adorning it with flowers, divine Swastik or om symbol. You can also give it a matte gold finish.

Vastu entrance for your home where wood and teak are the best materials for your main door

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Be extremely careful when placing mirrors around your house as they have the ability to reflect both good and bad energy from the surroundings. It must never be placed directly opposite the main entrance. Instead, it needs to be at a 90-degree angle to the door to attract positivity energy.

Vastu ideas for your house where placing mirror at a 90-degree angle to the door to attract positivity energy
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Home As Per Vastu For Idols

Homeowners must place statues of Buddha on a table or raised platform at the main entrance to nullify energies. A reclining or sleeping Buddha can be placed facing the west direction for inner harmony. You can also place Goddess Laxmi facing inwards from the main entrance to ensure an inflow and not outflow of wealth.

Vastu for home entrance idols, place statues of Buddha on a table to nullify energies

Decorating The Main Entrance Indoor Area As per Vastu

Water bowls filled with flowers at the main entrance not only adds colour but also ensures a home attracts wealth and prosperity. A clean area also attracts positive energy. Keep the pathway to your main entrance clear of any obstructions and clean, while also ensuring it always opens up to a vibrant and beautiful surrounding. Natural beauty attracts positivity, wellness and harmony, and this can be achieved by installing vines, succulent and green plants. Avoid placing thorny plants as they are considered to attract negative energy and cause rifts between family members.

Vastu for main gate of house where you can hang flowers attracts wealth and prosperity

The Lights Will Guide Your Happiness

Install bright lights at your main entrance door of your home to invite happiness, warmth and prosperity for those who are living inside it. This makes sure everyone who enters your home experiences pleasantness and happiness.

These Vastu guidelines will help you attract peace and abundance if followed correctly. Now although it is not practically possible for anyone to follow every Vastu principle in totality, certain corrective measures are quite achievable for those who want to improve personal and professional lives. Vastu can really work wonders for your home and make it an auspicious one.  Make sure you are as compliant as can be!

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