Set Up Your Home For Prosperity With These Vastu Tips For Placing Mirror

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 28, 2024 | 4 mins read

Check out mirror vastu as per vastu pandit

Mirror positivity at home with these mirror Vastu tips for placement at home.

Whether you buy a new home or overhaul the older one to shake things up you cannot imagine its design without a mirror. That’s why mirrors are also an important add-on according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. Most importantly, if you follow this science and place a mirror in the right direction you bring in good energy to your home. The right mirror placement at home can also aid in increasing the fortune of a household. However, if you ignore the position of your mirror then it can bring home negativity.

Thinking about where should the mirror be placed as per Vastu? Can a mirror be placed in front of the main door? Can a mirror be placed on the south wall? Which direction should my dressing table be? Where should a mirror be placed in a bedroom Vastu? These tips on placing a mirror as per Vastu will guide you well.

Good Mirror Vastu As Per Shapes

According to the principles of Vastu homeowners must choose mirrors of a certain shape to avoid bringing negativity at home. For instance, rectangular and square mirrors are great as per Vastu. However, shapes like oval, round, or other fluid shaped mirrors are considered a bad option for your home. However, you can create interesting patterns and designs using rectangular and square shaped mirrors.

Mirror vastu as per shapes, use rectangular or square-shaped mirrors
Use rectangular or square-shaped mirrors to make your home Vastu compliant

Good Mirror Vastu With Correct Placement

Always remember that a wrongly placed mirror according to the principles of vastu can do more harm than good to your home. Absolutely avoid placing the mirrors opposite each other. Because it can accumulate negative energies. Also, never place your bed in front of a mirror to avoid the reflection of your sleeping body in the mirror. Moreover, place your mirror slightly above the ground to make it Vastu compliant.

Mirror vastu with correct placement, dont place two mirrors opposite each other
Do not place two mirrors opposite each other
Vastu compliant interiors for a peaceful home

Good Mirror Vastu For Bathroom

Mirror Vastu is crucial for bathrooms as well. Make sure to place a mirror in a bathroom in such a way that it lights up the bathing area.  Avoid placing a mirror in a dark room because it is considered to be bad for the home. Try to use north or north-east direction to place a mirror in the bathroom.

Mirror vastu for bathroom, keep your mirrors in the lights up the bathing area
Place a mirror in a bathroom in a way that it lights up the bathing space

Good Mirror Vastu For Reflection

Got a huge open space or a great view outside your home? Then place a mirror in such a way that it reflects its beauty, abundance, and light that is surrounding it.  This way, you can double up the positive energy that radiates through the light and the openness.  However, avoid placing a mirror in front of the main door.

Mirror vastu for reflection, place a mirror in a way that it reflects its beauty, abundance and light
To attract abundance, positivity, place a mirror in a way that reflects the outside beauty and natural light

Good Mirror Vastu For A Dining Room

If you are looking forward to placing a mirror by your dining area or room then absolutely go for it. Because as per Vastu, it is considered to be auspicious. As per Vastu Shastra, you must place a mirror by the dining area in such a way that it reflects the dining seating. This aids in increasing wealth, health, and fortune.

Mirror vastu for dining room by placing a mirror near your dining area
By placing a mirror near your dining area, you create a reflection that doubles your wealth, health, and prosperity

Good Mirror Vastu To Increase Fortune

Try to keep your mirror as clean and smudge-free as possible. It should always reflect a clear reflection of objects placed in front of it. Also, you can place your locker or safe in front of the mirror while ensuring that its reflection is not distorted. This way, your fortune doubles up. Ready to ring in abundance?

Vastu mirror position - place a mirror in front of your locker
Place a mirror in front of your locker or safe to increase your prosperity

What To Keep In Mind For Vastu Mirror Placement?

In a nutshell, keep these quick tips in mind for a Vastu compliant mirror position in your home:

  • Do not place a mirror near the staircase
  • Let the mirrors be placed in line with the walls; do not make them lean
  • Avoid placing mirrors near the study table of your kids as it affects their concentration
  • Always place the mirrors above the ground level
  • Try to place the mirror in North or East walls

Mindfully follow these Vastu tips for placing a mirror at home and rest assured to attract good vibes, prosperity, and the best of health in your life.

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