Guide On The Best Mirror Position In Bedroom As Per Vastu

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 13, 2024 | 6 mins read

Mirror position in bedroom vastu tips for your home

Mirrors play a significant role in impacting a room’s energy. Here’s how to plan the mirror position in your bedroom as per Vastu.

Both from the point of view of function and Vastu, mirrors tend to be an important design element in one’s home, especially in the bedroom. But, mirrors can evoke both positive emotions and negative vibes in your home. That’s why it is extremely important to place mirrors after proper planning and understanding of the principles of Vastu. Mirror position in the bedroom as per Vastu is necessary to achieve harmony in the household. By rightly allotting mirror position in the bedroom as per Vastu, your children could start focusing better on studies and your relationship with your partner will also blossom.

By using these tips and principles of bedroom mirror Vastu, you would be able to clear the disbalance of energies in your bedroom. As mirrors have a direct impact on our lives, it is advisable to place them thoughtfully in your bedroom. To avoid any major mistakes, take a look at all our expert-guided tips on placing mirrors in the bedroom as per Vastu. 

Importance Of Placing The Mirror In The Bedroom As Per Vastu

A good and guided bedroom Vastu is needed to evoke positive energy and clear bad vibes from one’s bedroom. Bedroom mirror Vastu specifically guides you with proper placement, directions and space allotment for bedroom mirrors. As each direction has its own characteristics and uniqueness, bedroom mirror Vastu becomes all the more crucial to create homes that are harmonious and feel-good.

Mirror position in bedroom as per Vastu, evokes positive energy
Proper mirror position is vital for positive energies
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Mirror In Master Bedroom Vastu Near The Dressing Area

Be it smaller or larger bedrooms, these days, with smart planning and designing, you can create a designated area for a dressing space in them. As per Vastu, it is best to arrange your mirror in this independently-made dressing area rather than keeping it near the bed. By keeping the mirror in the dressing area, you would avoid reflections, diagonal mirrors and sunlight which can create negativity in your chambers. So, if you are revamping your home or designing a new one, make sure to follow this tip for mirror position in the bedroom as per Vastu.

Mirror in master bedroom should be placed in independently-made dressing area
Avoid placing the mirror near your bed

Use A Rectangle Or Square Mirror In Your Bedroom To Get The Vastu Right

While oval and round mirrors are preferred by many homeowners owing to their aesthetics and appeal, according to Vastu, they can create disharmony in your bedroom. That’s why Vastu recommends rectangle or square-shaped bedroom mirrors to homeowners. Rectangle and square-shaped mirrors are neatly etched and their shape has geometric symmetry which evokes harmony and positivity in one’s bedroom.

Rectangle or square mirror should be placed in bedroom to get the Vastu right
Rectangle and square mirrors evoke harmony

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Mirror In Bedroom As Per Vastu Should Be Away From Sunlight

Many homeowners like to keep their bedroom mirrors just near their windows to get all that natural light right in. However, the principles of Vastu do not recommend such a placement. The reason is that the mirror in your bedroom should never reflect sunlight straight away and it should be concealed within a wardrobe or must be framed. A standalone mirror that is kept near sunlight’s path can cause a feeling of restlessness and also evoke negative feelings in the bedroom, be it a bedroom for kids or adults.

Mirror position in the bedroom should be away from sunlight as per Vastu
Bedroom Vastu recommends framed or concealed mirrors

Northeast Or North Are Correct Mirror Positions In The Bedroom As Per Vastu

Homeowners and interior designers constantly face the dilemma of placing mirrors in the bedroom — how should one arrange it Vastu-appropriately given the space constraints? Well, Vastu gives an informed suggestion for it — go ahead with the northeast or north direction. Avoid keeping the mirror in the east direction as it can cause restlessness and anger.

Mirror position in bedroom should be the north or northeast direction as per Vastu
The bedroom’s east direction is a no-no for mirrors

Mirror In The Bedroom As Per Vastu Shouldn’t Face The Bed Directly

Be it for couples who are planning to have kids or even in terms of their wellbeing and health, a mirror facing the bed can be harmful. Vastu confirms that if the bedroom mirror faces your bed then it can cause a range of health issues for you and your partner. Therefore, ensure that your mirror always stays away from your bed. To avoid such instances, you can place a bedroom mirror in a small dressing area or it can be right outside your bathroom.

Mirror position in bedroom should not directly face the bed as per Vastu
Vastu recommends placing the mirror away from the bed
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Never Use A Broken Mirror For Favourable Bedroom Vastu

For the sake of style or creating an iconic bedroom, many homeowners often etch out their mirrors from broken glass. As abstract as that looks, Vastu strictly prohibits doing so. Broken mirrors, as well as rusted and old mirrors, evoke negative energies and they can even induce lethargy. Hence, avoid using broken mirrors in your bedroom by all means.

Broken mirror should not be placed in a bedroom as per Vastu
Avoid designer mirrors that use broken glass

Use A Large Mirror In The Bedroom According To Vastu

According to Vastu, place a large mirror on your dressing table or within your wardrobe and see yourself in it every morning. This practice is believed to create more happiness, positivity and joy in one’s day-to-day life. Make sure to follow this tip by placing a sizeable mirror in your bedroom.

Placing a large mirror in the bedroom as per Vastu brings more happiness and positivity
See yourself in a large mirror every morning for joy

Apart from these actionable Vastu tips for the bedroom mirror, keep these must-follows in mind too:

– Never place the mirror in the southeast direction of your bedroom

– Do not place two bedroom mirrors against each other

– Avoid placing the bedroom mirror at the entrance of your bedroom

Last but not the least, always remember that proper placement of bedroom mirror as per Vastu can invite health, wealth and happiness to your home. So, make the most of it with these tips!

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