Turn Your Fortune Around With Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | February 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

vastu shastra for bedroom vital for peace of mind.

From the right position for your wardrobe to the perfect spot for your bed, we bring you everything you must follow to design yourself a Vastu-compliant bedroom.

It’s not just essential to have a peaceful sleep to achieve a healthy body but also vital for the peace of our mind. Vastu Shastra describes the significance of positions and directions to help sleep well. As per Vastu, if you sleep in the wrong direction, it can lead to a disturbed and deprived sleep that further leads to depression and several other health conditions. 

Similarly, if your wardrobe, mirror or study is placed in the wrong spot, it can have adverse effects. As per Vastu Shastra, acceptable shapes for any bedroom is square or rectangular. Now, if the bedroom is rectangular, a reasonable length to breadth ratio is less or equal to 1:2 meaning if the length of the bedroom is 20 foot, then the breadth has to be 10 feet to 40 feet. Vastu Shastra is based on the movement of universal energy within a place to enhance living conditions and promote peace. Hence it is vital to know the dynamics and significance of Vastu in your bedroom. 

Here’s a lowdown on Vastu shastra tips for your bedroom to help you create a peaceful space

Vastu Approved Direction For Bedroom

As per Vastu, bedrooms in the south-west direction bring in good health and success for the homeowner and increase longevity. North-east or south-east zones of your house must be avoided for bedrooms. If a couple lives in a bedroom located in the south-east direction of the house there will be no end to fights! Bedrooms in the north-east may induce health concerns. When it comes to a kids bedroom, experts recommend using the north-west zone of the home. The best zone for a bedroom is in the north is considered as it is exceptionally fortunate for kids or students who are seeking jobs or business possibilities. Likewise, bedrooms in the east zone help build sharp intelligence and will make them shine in studies.

Bedroom direction as per Vastu is south-west direction brings in good health and success.

Where To Place Your Bed As Per Vastu?

As per Vastu, one must avoid placing their bed in the corner of the bedroom as it will prevent positive energy from flowing around your space. Vastu recommends that you place your bed along the central part of the wall to leave enough room to move around. The head of the bed should be towards the east or south. In the master bedroom, the sleeping position must be in the south or west with legs pointing towards north or east when lying down. In the guest bedroom, the head of the bed can be towards the west. Vastu experts suggest that it’s best to pick a wooden bed instead of metal as it can generate negative vibrations. Also, married couples must use one single mattress instead of joining two mattresses to bring togetherness.

A bed placed along the central part of the wall for positive energy is the position of bed in bedroom Vastu recommends.
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Where To Place A Mirror In Your Bedroom As Per Vastu?

As per Vastu, one must avoid placing a mirror or a dressing unit right in front of your bed as seeing the reflection of your body sleeping in a mirror is considered inauspicious. Hence, it’s essential to be careful with where you place your dresser assuming it has a mirror attached as part of the design. 

Mirror in bedroom Vastu tips, Avoid placing a mirror or dressing unit right in front of your bed is considered inauspicious.

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What Paint Colours Are Good For Bedroom According To Vastu?

Colours have the potential to affect your health, mood, and peace. Bedroom Vastu recommends you to paint a fresh coat of light tones like baby pink, creams or whites in your bedroom instead of dark colours as they tend to bring negative energies and also affect your mood.

Bedroom painted in a fresh coat of light tones brings positive energies is the paint for bedroom according to Vastu.

These were some of the main tips you must follow while designing your bedroom.

Let’s explore some quick additional Vastu tips you must keep in mind:

  • Keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free. Get rid of unnecessary items that are broken, or haven’t been used in years like clocks, watches, artefacts, gadgets or equipment
  • Avoid choosing a round or an oval-shaped bed for your bedroom
  • Avoid placing a bed under an overhead beam
  • Do not hang pictures of deceased ones in your bedroom
  • The door of your attached bathroom must always be shut when not in use
  • Mopping your bedroom floor with rock salt mixed to get rid of the negative energies
  • Refrain from placing the temple in your bedroom
  • Keep scented candles, diffusers or fresh flowers in your bedroom to ensure freshness
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Vastu tips for bedroom things must keep in mind while designing the bedroom.

As per Vastu Shastra, the tiniest change of things can turn your luck for the better. Follow these tips and design yourself a Vastu-compliant bedroom and witness the power of cosmic energies work in your favour and change your fortune around in a snap. We hope these bedroom Vastu tips help you!

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