Types Of Wall Paints For Your Home: Pick The Best

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

Different types of wall paint for your home

Go ahead and paint in style!

Redesign your home or shift to a brand new one, the first thing that you would put your eyes on is the wall paint. Not too attention-seeking, not too subtle; wall paints give your home a highlight. Choose the right one and your home will look luxe; go for a mismatched one and it might dull the personality of your den. What to do then? Having assisted so many homeowners, we feel it is always wise to put good thought into choosing your wall paint. As a homeowner, we might feel that wall paints are limited to broad categories like distemper but take our word, they are beyond that.

Both in terms of aesthetics and their function, there are several types of wall paint designs. Each type of wall paint helps in evoking a different kind of mood and feel. Hence, depending upon the kind of vibe you wish to have in your home, you can accordingly choose from different types of wall paint.

Now that you have got a basic primer about types of paints for interior walls, let’s take an in-depth look at them!

Which Type Of Paint Is Best For Interior Wall?

A wall paint, though not a costly investment, still happens to be a key element of your home interiors. Therefore, it needs to be selected after considering all the options that are available to you.

For interior walls, there are various types of wall paints like satin, glossy, matte and many more. Each paint has its own distinct look and feel. Go through all of them and pick the one as per the feel you wish to have in your space.

Choose a type of wall paint for interior walls that suits you best
Choose the paint that suits you best

Semi-Textured Wall Paint To Not Overdo It

Beauty always lies in balance. Many homeowners like a bit of texture on their walls; however, they do not wish to overdo it. If you think the same, then a semi-textured wall paint will tick all the boxes on your decor list. You can use this wall paint for your TV wall — it will beautifully highlight the area and also stand out as an iconic sight in your home.

Semi type of wall paint texture enhances the character of a home and is the best type of wall paint
Enhance the character of your home with semi-textured paint
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Semi-Glossy Wall Paint To Strike A Balance

If you are not a gloss lover but admire the sheen that it grants, then we got just the right recommendation to make! Semi-glossy wall paint is just what you need to strike them both.  While this paint gives an appealing shine to your space, it doesn’t hit the eye. Just right to make your home stand out, right?

Semi-glossy type of wall paint for the living room strikes a balance
Plush and functional, semi-glossy paint strikes an aesthetic balance as well

Satin Wall Paint For A Luxurious Look

Do not confuse this paint with a glossy one because they both are a class apart in their own way. Lustrous, smooth and impeccably layered, this wall paint converts an ordinary corner into an extraordinary focal point. While light, pastel satin paints look great, go for mild or darker shades to truly evoke its beauty.

Satin type of wall paint design for bedroom lends a luxurious look and perfect types of painting wall
A satin paint infuses more luxury in your home
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Rustic Wall Paint For The Trendy

The Instagram and Pinterest scrolls have woken us up to the prettiness of rustic decor already, right? Take it one step ahead by going for rustic wall paints for your space. Earthy colours like brown, yellows, greens and greys look really amazing on your walls when you want a rustic texture. Choose this paint to exude a warm, cosy vibe in your space.

The rustic type of wall paint in India brings a cosy vibe to space
Trendy and bohemian, this paint is just for every space

Metallic Wall Paint Makes Your Home Stand Out

It is not as shiny as metal but with its splash on your walls, your space will never look dull, we promise! When it comes to this wall paint, you experiment as much as you wish with its palette. The lighter shades of metallic paint do stand out though!

The metallic type of painting wall in the living room makes space stand out
Make your home more modern with metallic paint

Matte Wall Paint For A Wonderous Effect

Breezy and breathtaking, this wall paint brings new life to your home. Its texture is heavenly. Yet, it feels feather-light and organically fits with the overall decor of your home.

Matte type of wall paint design in the living room lends a remarkable effect
Looking for a beautiful and ever-befitting wall paint? Choose matte then!

Glossy Wall Paint For Your Comfy Nook

There are some wall paints that naturally transform a space into a comfy nook. Glossy paints are one of them. While they are also used for living rooms, glossy wall paint looks better in bedrooms. It highlights the walls and also makes the room feel more expansive. Just the right reasons to choose it, right?

The glossy best type of paint for bedroom walls and transform a space into a comfy nook.
Bring sophistication home by choosing a glossy wall paint

Loved all the types of wall paints that we just shared? In a dilemma to choose the right one? We say go with your heart and instincts. Wear your artistic hat and choose your favourite wall paint, we have spoiled you with choices already! If you need any assistance to customise them for various sections of your home, feel free to book our consultation — we will be happy to help.

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