Paint It Like A Pro: Check Out These Different Wall Painting Techniques

by Sonia Sumitra Thakar | February 28, 2024 | 8 mins read

Creative wall painting techniques to transform your home

Transform your walls with these fabulous yet easy painting techniques and tips

Unique wall décor isn’t the only way to put the x-factor on the walls of your dream home. A fabulous paint job can imbue some much-needed spunk on a wall! There many great creative painting techniques to transform your home in a jiffy and infuse it with a vibe that gels with your personality and aesthetic sensibility. Create your own unique painted accent wall to mirror your character – whether its classy and sophisticated, bright and fun or muted and Zen-like. 

Read on to be inspired by these simple painting techniques and DIY tips that will leave your hands itching to get rolling.

Styling With Stripes: Tips And Tricks

Stripes never go out of fashion and are both classic and elegant. Bold and contrasting stripes can lend oomph to a room while neutral muted colours can provide a quieter texture and visual appeal. Whether you go for hues from the same colour family or contrasting ones, make sure that you mark out the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, beforehand.

Painting techniques that go for hues from the same colour family or contrasting ones, make sure that you mark out the stripes.
Contrasting coloured stripes on a wall lend character to a modern living space

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Sponge Painting: Creative Technique For Dynamic Walls

Sponging or sponge painting is a creative painting technique where you use a sponge paint roller or an ordinary sponge. You simply need to dab paint on the wall to create a dynamic texture. You can use similar shades or contrasting colours depending on the look you are going for. There are no mistakes when it comes to art!

Sponge painting is a creative painting technique where you use a sponge paint roller or an ordinary sponge.
This sponge-painted accent wall brings such a refreshing look to the room
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Colour Washing: A Simple Interior Upgrade

Colour washing is a beautiful technique to amp up your interior walls. It gives an interesting depth to the wall by using dissimilar colours in the base coat and glaze. The colour wash painting technique can bring a soft texture and time-weathered charm to the wall and if you are a novice, it’s one of the easiest styles to try your hand at.

Colour washing is a popular new painting technique to amp up your interior walls.
A well-painted wall can breathe life into a happy living space

Rag Rolling: DIY Wall Painting Technique

In this DIY wall painting technique, a twisted or bunched up rag is rolled over a wet painted wall or pulled off at random to create a unique mottled effect. It lends a subtle texture and depth to the wall and depending on the colours used, it can create a bold or muted visual treat.

DIY wall painting techniques create a bold or muted visual treat for your home
This gorgeous mint wall exudes elegance without taking away from the rest of the decor

DIY Stencil Wall Art: Budget-Friendly Makeover

Now this is something just about anyone can do. Stencilling on walls is the simplest way to achieve the gorgeous look of wall paper without breaking the bank or your back! Stencil wall art will give an instant makeover to your wall or can even be used to cover up scratch marks.

Stencil wall art will give an instant makeover to your wall that is one of the best decorative wall painting techniques.
These tiny cacti on a plain white wall bring the theme of the nursery together with panache

Mastering Strie: Faux Painting Technique

Strie is a simple faux painting technique also known as ‘dragging’. It involves pulling a brush through a coloured glaze that has been applied over a different coloured base coat. It gives the luxurious high-end look of a linen or fabric wall covering at the reasonable cost of paint. Long vertical or horizontal strokes should be maintained to achieve this beautiful effect.

Textured painting techniques that make your home luxurious high-end look of a linen or fabric wall covering at the reasonable cost of paint
Strie painting with its linen fabric effect brings warmth and elegance to a room

Polka Dot Wall Decor: Easy & Timeless

Polka dots are by far the easiest way to spruce up a wall even for those averse to DIY. They are timeless, whimsical and fun. You can play with size, colour and the spacing when it comes to polka dots to create a bold or sober feature wall.

Polka dots are easy wall painting techniques to create a bold or sober feature wall
Simple white polka dots can uplift a dull grey wall
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DIY Geometric Wall Painting With Masking Tape

A little painters’ tape (also known as masking tape) can go a long way in creating your dream wall. From checkerboard walls to the classic harlequin (diamond) design, interlocking squares and triangles, chevrons and other geometric designs can be effortlessly created with this DIY wall painting technique.

Use painters’ tape easy painting techniques to create your dream wall.
This beautiful wall in shades of refreshing sky blue is deceivingly simple to recreate

Creating Ombre Walls: A Dreamy Fading Effect

Ombre is when one colour seamlessly melts into another giving a dreamy look. This fading effect on a wall can be produced either from top to bottom or from one side to the other. It merely requires two main shades of paint (of which one can be white).

Ombre wall painting techniques that give a dreamy look for your home.
The calming sea green and white ombre look on this wall gives the bedroom a relaxing vibe

Metallic Paint: Elevating Room Aesthetics

Using metallic paint on the walls can give a luxurious vibe to the room and there are countless ways to incorporate this. You can either opt for a whole solid metallic wall, a single panel or a layered look on the wall. Any which way, a wall with metallic hues on it will definitely be a show stopper.

wall painting techniques texture try metallic paint on the walls can give a luxurious vibe to the room.
This classy white and gold wall is perfect for the entryway

Now that you have the low-down on painting techniques, here are some DIY painting tips to skip the trial and error step and paint like a pro.

1. Always Use Good Quality Paint And Brushes

Though it may seem like a waste of money, good quality paint and paint brushes/rollers are worth it. Trust us! You can even eliminate the need for a primer with a superior quality satin finish paint.

2. Buy Paint In One Go

Purchase enough paint for the entire room in one lot to avoid having different shades caused due to mixing the paint in different proportions. You can also mix all the smaller tins of paint together in a larger bucket to ensure that you get the same shade all over.

3. Cover Up

Before you start painting cover up everything you don’t want paint to splash on. Use drop cloths or old sheets on the floor and furniture and painters’ tape over the trim and switchboards. Cleaning up paint splashes can be an unnecessary and exhausting task.

Cover-up everything you don’t want the paint to splash on is the best home painting tips.
Cover furniture and floors with old linen or plastic sheets

4. Clean The Walls First

Paint easily chips or peels off dirty, oily surfaces so make sure you wipe down the walls you are going to paint beforehand so the paint adheres to the walls better.

House painting tips start with cleaning the walls first, so the paint adheres to the walls better.
Get rid of all hand-marks near the door knobs and switches before starting a paint job
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5. Primer Is Important

If you have used filler on the holes and nicks in the wall, be sure to use a coat of primer or the paint job will look patchy once it dries up. The filled areas may appear to be the same colour but will look duller and blotchy. 

6. Roll The Full Length Or Breath Of The Room In One Go

To avoid ugly lines of paint build up (called lap marks), roll in long lines, overlapping paint on the wet-edge. If the paint is drying too fast, make sure you feather it out on one side so that the lap marks are less obvious.

Roll paint is easy painting technique that avoid mess up with walls.
Try not to take a break in the middle of painting a wall or paint will build up at the overlap

7. Roll Paint Along The Edges

Paint applied with a brush gives a different texture to that applied with a roller. Apply paint with a brush in tricky areas like around switchboards and along edges but roll over it with a small roller afterwards to maintain consistency across the wall. 

8. Have A Little Patience

Make sure that the paint has dried completely before removing the painters’ tape on the trim or switchboards or you will pull the paint off with it. It’s better to cut off the tape than to pull it off to avoid any chance of a ragged edge.

Wood painting techniques and ideas to get started with, unleash your creative side and treat your walls as a blank canvas.
You can use a blade to cut off the tape once the paint is fully dry

Now that you have all the best painting tips and ideas to get started with, unleash your creative side and treat your walls like a blank canvas. We can’t tell you if the old adage – the walls have ears – is true or not but one thing is for sure… your walls have a personality and it’s up to you to dress them up in it!

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