Want To Get Rid Of The Blues? Try These Best Blue Wall Paint Colours For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | February 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Blue room paint colours for your home

Blue is calming, evocative and moody; cobalt, navy or in pastel hues this shade will have you smelling the beach air.

First, let’s get the basics right. Specific colours on your walls evoke emotional responses. This is achieved by creating a perfect balance between the brightness (value or tone) and saturation (pureness) of a colour.

For example, a colour that is not very bright but extremely saturated is energising while one in the reverse has a soothing effect. On the other hand, dark wall colours make large rooms look more intimate and sophisticated while light coloured walls make small rooms look spacious, bright and airy.

So once you choose colours that appeal to you, limit them to a maximum of two or three to avoid making your room look cluttered. Make sure to test your chosen shade before you start actual painting as artificial or natural lighting can often change its hue significantly. Most importantly, don’t overlook the ceiling since it represents one-sixth of the space in your room. The same colour concept applies here as well – ceiling colour lighter than of the walls appear higher and those in darker shades appear lower. As a general thumb rule, keep the colour of your room’s ceilings always white.

Now coming to the importance of blue different shades invite the sky and ocean into your home. This along with multiple psychological benefits such as balance, calmness, joy, happiness, high concentration and mindfulness.

Blue is also the most neutral and versatile colour (apart from white) that complements other colours in the room instead of overpowering them. In addition, there is a wide range of options you can choose from, so you can never get really bored.

Let deep dive into the various hues of blue popular today so you can take the best pick from our lot here.

Azure Is Attractive

If you are looking to instill a sense of peace in your living room space, you can go in for Azure. This blue hue infuses tranquillity, ease and harmony into your home and relationships. You can complement your living room walls with an orange family-sized corner sofa, wooden-plank flooring and big hanging lights to light up your space.

Blue room colors with azure infuses tranquillity, ease and harmony into your home blue wall paint colors

Cobalt Blue Paint Color

Transform your family room into a restful space by beautifully blending cobalt blue with other earthy colours in the form of hardwood floor tiles, a white sofa set with a coffee table, and green plants. A floor-to-ceiling full length window lets natural light to fall in, brighten up your home interiors and makes a smaller room look spacious. The colour also starkly stands out against the elegant wall decor.

Cobalt blue paint colors makes a smaller room look spacious in your family room
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Cyan Blue For Your Child’s Room

You can paint your child’s room in cyan. This colour is calming and symbolises relaxation making it perfect if you want to reduce your kid’s daily stress. They are excellent choices as they advocate productivity and clear thinking, apart from making a room look more balanced. White vinyl flooring and white recessed lights on the ceiling tie the interior design all together.

Cyan blue paint colors for kids room gives calming and symbolises relaxation for your childrens

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Midnight Blue Paint Colors For A Luxe Look

Midnight Blue is one of those hues that create an ultra luxe feel in an ordinary home office. It clarifies your thoughts, improves efficiency at the work space and helps you make better informed decisions. You can pair these walls with steel-shaded wall cabinets, a white desk with a black desk lamp, a classy wall light installation and a soft grey carpet.

Midnight blue paint colors creates an ultra luxe feel in an ordinary home office with blue wall paint colors

Navy Blue Is Classy

If you want to create a sense of visual drama in your home office, navy blue is the go-to-option. It infuses introspection, stimulates your inner creativity and boosts your efficiency. The colour is classy and makes a space look formal. It also blends perfectly well with elegant wooden furniture and zebra-print carpet.

Navy blue paint colors create a sense of visual drama in your home office

Ocean Blue For Aqua Lovers

If you are an aqua baby, ocean blue is the right choice for you. The hue is known to slow down the heart rate to a state of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Paint your living room in this colour because this is the space where you find an escape from daily hustle and bustle of the world around you. Complement it with modern art frames and a black and white patterned carpet to complete the look.

Ocean blue wall paint colors with modern art frames and a black and white patterned carpet to your living room blue house colors

Sky Blue For Tranquility

Sky blue painted walls will introduce a sense of expansiveness, openness and tranquility into your living room. It is so powerful that it can send you into a state of complete meditation as it helps you to calm down. The colour also works well with grey-themed furniture, uniquely-designed shelves, wall-fixtures and other related decor.

Sky blue wall paint colors with a sense of expansiveness, openness and tranquility into your living room

Teal Blue Paint Color For Sea-Side Tales

Since teal paint is a beautiful and aesthetic combination of green and blue, it gives an overall sea-side feel to your family room’s landscape. Paint your walls in this shade and you will immediately sense its soothing and regenerative vibes. Blend the decor with lots of natural woody tones that are warm and earthy.

Teal blue house colors with a beautiful and aesthetic combination of green and blue for blue paint colors
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Turquoise is the ideal paint colour to transform any room of your choice into a fun-loving and welcoming one. This hue is bright and muted since it is an aqua blue mid-tone with a deep-water undertone. It can make any room look gorgeous and blends well with the decor and other elements in the room.

Turquoise blue paint colors to transform any room into a fun-loving and welcoming one

Make your home beautiful by opting for the right blue hue that represents your preferences and lifestyle. Seamlessly blend them into a pleasing combination and enjoy the calmness this colour brings to your life. Hope this blog proves to be a good starting point in your quest of looking for the perfect colour shades for your home.

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