Perk Up Your Bedroom With These Trendy Paint Colours

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 7, 2024 | 6 mins read

10 best bedroom paint colour options

Create your snuggly oasis with these bedroom paint colour ideas

You can change the look and feel of your bedroom in no time with the right colour scheme. And for a bedroom, which is your personal space, it becomes vital to understand what is most important to you. What are the best colours for your bedroom interiors then? How do you choose the right paint colour? It completely relies on you! Do you want to wake up rejuvenated? Or do you want a bed so comfortable that it takes away all your stress after a tedious day at work? Choose a colour depending on your needs to create that much-needed vibe and feel.

For makeshift decor use pillows, lamps, and vases to pep up your bedroom with refreshing colours. However, if you are looking for a major revamp you will need to set the colour palette for your bedroom. And it all starts with your walls.

Paint colours for your master bedroom can be of varied shades or you can opt for a combination of complementary colours. Either way, your bedroom shall come to life the minute you add some colour to it. For a slumberful sleep and surprises with sunrise, here are a few wall paint colours for your bedroom to consider.

Ravishing Red For Rejuvenation

A rather passionate and edgy colour, red can transform a dull space into a rejuvenating one! To sync it all together, add wood for warmth and quirky knick-knacks to your bedroom. Too much red can be overpowering and defeat the purpose. Also, a slightly rustic touch for some of your decor items is ideal for a red-coloured bedroom.

Bedroom wall paint colors with red to give the rustic touch for some of your decor items
Paint your bedroom walls red if you want to create an energetic vibe

Yellow Is Cheerful and Sunny

This is one of the best wall paint colours for any bedroom. Yellow walls look absolutely cheerful and sunny. Imagine waking up to this peppy room or just cosying up with a book in a bedroom with the warmth of the sunshine? To complete this happy vibe, add knick-knacks and souvenirs of warm hues to blend in beautifully.

Best bedroom paint colors for wall is yellow, which looks cheerful and sunny
To create a cheerful and warm bedroom paint your bedroom walls yellow
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The Wonder Of White

An epitome of simplicity, white as a colour imbues a sense of peace in your bedroom. White walls reflect sunlight making your bedroom look more spacious. Pair up a white bedroom with natural textures and soft textiles for an easy-breezy space.

Bedroom paint color ideas by using white to making your bedroom look more spacious
For a clutter-free, relaxing den white bedroom walls work wonders

Pink Is Pretty

For a mushy and intimate oasis for yourself, a pink bedroom is perfect. Pink is synonymous with romance and softness. Mix it up with modern textiles and soft fabrics to keep it feminine yet balanced at the same time.

Paint your bedroom with pink to make a romantic feel, it is a best bedroom paint colors option
Paint your bedroom with pink for a quintessentially romantic feel

Black Is Back

As the saying goes, ‘Once you go black and you can never go back.’ While this may not be the colour that sounds appealing from the word go, but black is one of the most versatile shades ever! Pair it with complementary hues and you can create quite a stylish space. You can also invoke a moody, cosy vibe by cutting black coloured walls with eclectic knick-knacks.

Paint your bedroom wall with black to create a stylish and trendy bedroom
Unlike popular opinion, black helps you create a stylish and trendy bedroom

Soothe Those Senses With Green

A symbol of rejuvenation, restfulness, green colour truly soothes your eyes. If that’s something you want for your bedroom then definitely paint it green! Additionally, your space will look organic and natural because of this colour. Go a little far and throw around earthy decor to create a harmonious bedroom.

Bedroom interior wall paint colors with green, it will give organic and natural look for your bedroom
Green makes for a soothing and peaceful bedroom

Sophistication With Grey

If sophistication is your aspiration then grey lets you achieve it. Quintessentially, grey is a subtle colour. For a calm personal space, grey is spot on. Choose a lighter shade of grey or pitch dark grey, either work to give your bedroom a refined look. You will find artwork or textiles to stand out in this kind of bedroom.

Bedroom wall paint colors with grey, it will give your bedroom a refined look
A sophisticated subtle bedroom can be in any shade of grey
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Blue To Instill Calmness

A rightful colour of the sky, sea, earth, and abundance in general, blue is popular for being a symbol of calmness. Pick any shade of blue your bedroom will be bound to look expensive and embracing. You can pair blue walls with white elements for a utopian feel in your bedroom.

Blue paint colors for bedrooms, blue is popular for being a symbol of calmness
Create a pacifying bedroom with blue colour for your walls

Beige Is Not Boring

Mix and match it to the mark and beige won’t be boring. An incredibly trusted, elegant, subtle and summery colour, beige can make your bedroom feel like a warm paradise. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most recommended paint colours for any bedroom. Pair it with bursts of bright, peppy coloured knick-knacks for a striking contrast!

Most recommended bedroom paint colour is beige, it is a light paint colors for bedroom
Beige brings warmth, elegance and a summery feel to your bedroom

Aqua For Tranquil Vibes

A rather cool colour, aqua is also incredibly tranquilising. Its ocean-like vibes can quickly calm you down and that’s why it is a great colour for your bedroom. Complement it with crisp, soft white textiles and vintage furniture to balance coolness and create a pacific bedroom.

Paint your bedroom with aqua, it is a best wall paint colors for bedroom
Paint your bedroom walls aqua for much-desired calmness

Purple A Choice Of The Regal

Purple is a regal colour and a choice of connoisseurs. Dreaming about a royal bedroom for yourself? Purple is your colour then! Strike the right balance, with splashes of red, turquoise and other complementary colours to nail the royal look!

Paint colour combination for bedroom with purple to do the right balance, with splashes of red, turquoise
An important shade of royalty, purple is one of the best colours to paint a bedroom

Recommendations aside, all these colours are brilliant and they will create an outstanding personal space for you without a doubt. Pick one that pleases your personality and paint your bedroom walls with it. Sit back and see how it happily grows on you!

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