Matte Black Wall Paint For Your Home? 6 Designs That Prove It’s A Good Idea!

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 4, 2024 | 5 mins read

Elegant matte black wall paint ideas for your home

Explore a whole new aspect of black in home interiors with these magical matte black wall paint ideas!

Black is beautiful and brave, but black in home interiors? Although most of us love the classic colour (especially for our clothes), when it comes to home interiors, most think it’s a bit too much. That’s because black’s strong aura affects every other interior element. It can be so consuming that it requires very calculated interior decisions to make it work. It can also affect people’s moods. So, black is usually not used in home interiors. But, black is making waves in modern home interiors with a matte twist. Yes, matte black wall paint is the next big thing in modern home interior design, and we can’t keep calm about it! Like American interior designer, Jan Showers said, “Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece.”

Here are some creative ways to incorporate black in the form of matte black wall paints and matte black wall tiles for your home interiors. So, paint it black!

Go Bold With Matte Black Wall Paint In Your Living Room

Incorporating matte black wall paint in your living room can change the entire design game for your house. You can go with glamorous matte black paint on the wall and couple it with a laminated wooden floor design to create the perfect balance. The matte black wall paint creates a mature dark vibe, while the wooden flooring brings in a bright appeal to the room. Amplify the wooden design with solid wood furniture. Go for a wooden base sofa and armchairs with a solid wood coffee table. You can also accessorise with open wooden bookshelves to balance the dark walls.

Bold matte black wall paint in the living room with a laminated wooden floor creates the perfect balance
Pair matte black walls with wooden floors

Matte Black Wall Paint With Wood Work In The Bedroom

Matte black walls look great with wood flooring. You can create a similar look in your bedroom. Usually, homeowners avoid using black in the bedroom as it can make the space look cramped and dark. However, with the right design choices, black can certainly up your bedroom’s style game. This bedroom features a minimalistic design theme which makes the room look spacious so that black doesn’t inhibit the bedroom’s openness. Some wood work on the walls can break the monotony of the matte black wall paint. Go for a solid wood platform bed with wooden nightstands to complete the look.

Matte black bedroom wall paint with woodwork break the monotony
Complement matte black wall paint with wood work

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A Gorgeous Matte Black Wallpaper For The Walls In Your Living Room

If getting a matte black wall paint colour in your living room seems like too bold a decision, you can go with a matte black wallpaper to create an accent design in your living area. Opt for a white or light grey colour scheme for the rest of the room, accentuated with light grey, beige or matte black furnishings. Make the most of the matte black wallpaper design with a sleek TV unit that doesn’t cover the wallpaper entirely. The matte black wallpaper on the wall with a white colour scheme for the room will create a classic black and white combination that never goes out of fashion.

Matte black wallpaper for walls in the living room creates an accent design
Create an accent wall with a matte black wallpaper
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Renew Your Modular Kitchen With Matte Black Wall Tiles

If you think black is just for your bedroom and living room, you are wrong! Here’s an elegant matte black wall tiles design for your kitchen. You can use an exquisite matte black brick wall cladding design for your kitchen. It adds dimension to an otherwise monotonous kitchen design and will be great for cooking time because the colour won’t fade or stain easily. You can let your bold matte black wall tiles be the centre of attention by going with open wooden shelves on the wall and wooden cabinets below the countertop. The wooden colour also helps to keep the intensity of black in check.

A small modular kitchen features a matte black wall tiles
Matte black wall tiles are great for the kitchen

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A Dramatic Bathroom Design With Matte Black Wall Paint Colour

You can use the drama of black to redefine your bathroom and give it a luxe makeover. Yes! Use matte black wall paint for your bathroom walls to create a luxurious modern bathroom design. Pair it with white marble flooring and a vanity area in dark grey. You can use white as a pop of visual relief by way of the mirror frame, basin, bathtub and bathroom accessories. Together this will create the most outstanding black and white look for your bathroom. This bathroom design is perfect for urban apartments with spacious bathrooms.

Bathroom design with a matte black wall paint colour gives it a luxe makeover
Matte black makes for an unforgettable bathroom

Enhance Matte Black Wall Paint With A Classic Moulding Design

Another design element that goes really well with matte black wall paint is the vintage wall moulding design. The mouldings accentuate the monochrome colour scheme, creating a dramatic design statement. You can implement this design in your living area with some vintage-style furnishings like a chesterfield sofa and an antique armchair. Go for a patterned white floor to balance the matte black walls.

Matte black wall paint with a classic moulding design in the vintage style living room
A vintage-style living room with matte black walls

Black can be a bold choice for home interiors but it can make an unforgettable statement when planned with the right design decisions. With a black matte wall paint colour scheme, the thumb rule is to keep the rest of the interiors simple and minimalistic. Also, use a lot of wood work to accentuate the matte black walls. Don’t forget to keep the room open and spacious to let black make its magical presence felt in the interiors. So, go unconventional this season with some matte black charm in your home interiors!

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