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Celebrate Makar Sankranti And Pongal With These Beautiful Home Decor Ideas

Makar sankranti decoration ideas

Check out some ideas to liven up your home with the spirit of this Harvest Festival. Apart from the traditional ways, there are several other ways to decorate your home for Pongal. Check out some ideas to enliven your home.

The sun signifies knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. Makar Sankranti signifies we must turn away from the darkness of delusion in which we live, and begin to joyously let the light within us shine brighter and brighter. We should gradually begin to grow in purity, wisdom, and knowledge, even as the sun does from this day. – Swami Vivekananda

The month of January is graced by two auspicious festivals –  Sankranti and Pongal, both of which are celebrated by Hindus across India with much fervor and festivity. On this day families get together to decorate their homes so that it looks beautiful and festive. We have a list of ideas to prepare your home this Pongal and Sankranti with traditional yet unique decor.

Rang De Basanti

Rangolis are a universal decor idea for any Indian festival. Use your creativity to come up with out-of-the-box rangoli designs for your home entrance and other prominent areas of your home like the pooja or living room. If you are an expert in making Kolam then try your hand at some innovative designs and outshine your neighbours. You can make animal or flower rangolis or mix and match to give it a true Pongal vibe.

Pongal decoration with out-of-the-box rangoli designs for your home entrance, living room and pooja room for your home
Rangolis can add a different flavour to your home entrance

Indoor Decor Ideas For Apartment Dwellers

Not everyone lives in big bungalows with sprawling lawns to decorate. Several urban dwellers reside in apartments in towns and cities. But indoor decoration can be as inviting as those done outdoors. Decorate your living room with long sugarcanes with leaves, and clay pots that signify boiling of rice with milk and jaggery. You don’t need to have a large balcony or garden to celebrate Sankranti or Pongal. All you need are the right elements to decorate your home interiors with much enthusiasm.

Makar sankranti decoration include pongal pot decoration in a large balcony or garden to celebrate sankranti or pongal

A Leafy Affair

Pongal and Sankranti is the celebration of prosperity which makes the central colour theme green.  An important Pongal ritual is to weave mango leaves and hang them on the entrance of your home. Mango leaves are auspicious and symbolise joy. For an eco-friendly look invest in handmade paper decorations so they stand out from the rest.

Sankranti decorations at home with a mango leaves and hang them on the entrance of your home

Glow Up Your Home With Lights

Traditionally, Pongal and Sankranti is all about nature and green (banana leaves, mango leaves, sugarcane)) However, if you want to add a contemporary feel to the decorations, hang string lights in the living room and balconies. Paper lanterns are another way to add charm to your living space. Some DIY you can do is make lamps from bottles, egg carton lamps, sea shells lights or recycled lanterns using old saucer and jam jars.

Diy sankranti decoration with hang string lights in the living room and balconies

Dress Your Dining Table To Look The Part

Makar Sankranti and Pongal are festivals most remembered for delicacies prepared on the day. Your dining table needs to look ready for the occasion. Serve those savouries on banana leaves to your guests. Sweet and snacks can also be served on gold and silver plated bowls or trays. Add diyas and exquisite eye-catching candle holders to make your dining table look luxuriously festive.

Pongal decoration for dining table with diyas and exquisite eye-catching candle holders to make dining table look luxuriously
A dining table decorated with flowers and banana leaves add to the festive charm

The Kite Craft

Kites of paper crafts are another colourful and vibrant decor idea for home on these festivals. Encourage your children to make them or even try their hand at wall hangings as beautiful decorations. Paper made butterflies, flowers, or more make for interesting decor. Opt for eye-catching murals or wallpapers for that extra spark to your home interiors. Kites are also available in all shapes and sizes in the market too. So if you have balcony space, string them for a glamorous decoration outside your home. Colour any flower or cooking with designs of flowers or sugarcane for an authentic look.

Best makar sankranti decoration ideas with kites of paper crafts
Colourful kites in this balcony brighten up the space

While most of us do not have the liberty of time to decorate our homes on festive days like our grandparents did back in the day, these tips will get you close. These home interior decoration ideas for Pongal or Sankranti will help you celebrate with pomp and show. We at Design Cafe understand the importance of home interiors and decor. We hope the above ideas will help you decorate your house and celebrate Pongal or Sankranti in the most authentic way possible.

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