10 Trendy Colour Schemes For Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Devna Tiwari | February 19, 2024 | 6 mins read

10 trendy colour schemes for kitchen cabinets

One of the essential space in any house is the kitchen. As you can expect each family member enjoys this room, you’ll want to make it comfortable for all.

Indians love the classic white walls brown cabinet concept. We get it. White’s neat, sharp, orderl, and even experts would agree, a no-brainer. But what we want you to know is that colour can be a kitchen’s true friend, aptly highlighting design details or adding life to the traditional cabinetry. It can add a new feel to the room. Fuse two colours on your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll have a more personalized kitchen. So ditch the dated white-and-wood concept and let colour beautify your kitchen. 

Choosing an appropriate colour scheme for your kitchen cabinets can be a bit challenging. There are countless options to choose from, making it overwhelming to pick one. To make it simpler for you, we have listed down the 10  latest colour schemes to give your kitchen a colourful makeover.

1. Picturesque Black And White

Nothing can get more exemplary than the classy black and white. If you don’t wish to stress over your cabinets ever going out of trend, then this is the right choice for you. Black is absent from every colour and is modern and sophisticated. Whereas, white is present of all colours and promotes cleanliness and openness. This colour scheme makes for contemporary and innovative space as evident in the image.

White kitchen cabinets and black kitchen cabinets are always the right choices for kitchen cabinet colors
Black and white is always the right choice

2. Show Love With Red And White

Picking this lovely duo of red and white will offer your kitchen a brand new aesthetic. Red falls brings the right amount of richness with the simplicity of white, making it a perfect colour scheme for a modern kitchen. This kitchen forms a bright and energetic colour palette with its tangy red and snow white.

Kitchen cabinet color schemes with a bright and energetic colour palette with its tangy red and snow white
Red and white kitchen? Both bold and subtle at the same time
Multi functional kitchen spaces for compact homes

3. Add A Statement With Grey And White

If you have a kitchen with very little space but wish to add a bit of depth compared to the dated white kitchen, then grey and white is the ideal pairing. Grey grounds all other elements in your kitchen say the colour of your appliances and any essential items you might have, such as the countertop. And white balances everything.

Add a statement with grey kitchen cabinets and white kitchen cabinets
Grey is the ruler of colours that makes everything else look good

4. Sunshine Yellow!

The kitchen should be a happy place, and the colour scheme plays a critical role in making it one. By adding yellow, you can go bold and modern with sleek cabinets or pick muted yellow to offer your kitchen a vintage look.

Best kitchen cabinet color idea go with bold and modern with sleek cabinets or pick muted yellow
How lovely yellow is!

5. Luxe It Up With Beige And White

Beige and white is a sophisticated and luxurious scheme and also quite magical. This timeless neutral on the neutral colour scheme will add a warm vibe to your kitchen. If your taste is to keep things little mysterious and luxurious, then this is the perfect pick for you.

Best color for kitchen cabinets is beige and white is a sophisticated and luxurious scheme
Beige cabinets give this kitchen a luxurious finish

6. Where Ocean Meets The Sky With White And Turquoise

If you’re a fan of the retro look, then this scheme will work for you. Turquoise is a bit of striking colour, but not repulsive and comes in several shades. If the bold turquoise doesn’t convince you, opt for a lighter turquoise and team it with white. Adding white will help balance down the tone and add a coastal vibe to your space.

Kitchen cabinets colors and designs with a lighter turquoise and team it with white
Doesn’t this kitchen remind you of your last beach holiday?

7. Level Up The Freshness With White And Orange

Orange and white is another bright and vibrant colour scheme. This mango-like orange clubbed with the whipped cream white creates a fun yet warm space. Orange exemplifies enthusiasm; hence, this duo will add a fresh feel to your kitchen. Team it up with white, and you have a delicate balance of fun and poise to build a kitchen space that will surely evoke positive vibes.

Latest kitchen cabinet colors are orange clubbed with the whipped cream white creates a fun yet warm space
Did you know orange is the happiest colour? Well, this kitchen will make you believe it!
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8. Go Pleasant With Purple

Quite unique in kitchen colour schemes, purple will give your kitchen a trendy look that pops. If you are up for a bold colour, purple will you a kitchen like no other. If you don’t wish to experiment with the bright purple, you can pick a light lavender that has a soothing feel to it. If you love this colour scheme but just not convinced to take the risk, paint a kitchen wall purple to get a glimpse of the look.

Kitchen cabinet paint colors with purple will give your kitchen a trendy look that pops
A purple kitchen is everything trendy

9. You Can Always Go Green!

If you live a healthy lifestyle, picking a colour scheme in shades of green will support you. When it’s about colour’s psychology, green sure screams health and freshness. Hence, a green scheme can help you make the right choices. Play with green and white trim to give your kitchen a unique look.

Green kitchen cabinets add a touch of freshness to the kitchen
These green cabinets add a touch of freshness to this kitchen

10. Let’s Go Back To The Classic White

Still prefer the colour white? Don’t feel your kitchen is dull. Here’s something you should know. The conventional complete white kitchens give a sense of openness and cleanliness. They are sharp and have a fresh feel to them, which works fine for a kitchen. If your kitchen is tight in terms of space and you wish to add an open feel to it, then this colour scheme is perfect for you. To add a little detailing, go artistic with fixtures like crystal and metal knobs, gold-colour handles and lavish lighting.

 Classic white kitchen cabinets gives a sense of openness and cleanliness
A complete white kitchen can never go out of trend

While picking your kitchen colour scheme, think of how colours affect the entire space. Your kitchen is the right place to showcase your creativity. Get inspired to plan large gatherings and intimate dinners with the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen cabinets.

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