Home Interiors In Pune: 7 Expert-Approved Design Trends For 2023

by Nikita Keshwani | January 7, 2024 | 6 mins read

Home interior design trends in pune 2023

Time to give your Pune home a makeover with these latest interior design trends!

If you’re on the cusp of designing your new home or giving your old home a makeover, then this blog is for you! It’s time to acquaint yourself with upcoming home design trends in Pune to ensure your home is not just true to your personality but also voguish. We know how challenging it is to get the right mix of style and functionality when you’re looking at trendy interior design styles.

To help you out, we have compiled below the interior trends for 2023 in Pune as recommended by Faraz Pathan, our design partner at the DesignCafe Pune Experience Center.

Home Interiors In Pune Will Feature A Lot Of Natural Materials

Over the past few years, awareness about the negative impacts of plastic and its by-products has significantly increased. Regardless of what the past trends suggest, people want to switch to environment-friendly options in 2023 when it comes to furniture and home decor. Pune residents too have embraced this new trend of sustainable designs with open arms. Upcycled light wood finish furniture, bamboo sofa, rattan chairs, jute swings and cane lighting are some excellent options that will make their way into Pune homes in 2023. Combine these with white walls and you have the perfect boho-style look for your Pune home. Not only are these natural materials a great alternative to plastic and metal furniture and decor items, but also more cost-effective in comparison! Isn’t that a clear win-win?

Home design trend in Pune with a woven cane headboard
Cane swing is a trending balcony interior in Pune that adds a boho touch
Interior trend in Pune 2023 with upcycled wood is an environment-friendly option
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Pastel Hues Are The Undisputed Choice For Wall Colours In Pune Homes

Pune’s pleasant weather is best complemented by soothing colours to turn your home into a haven. Subtle soft-hued colours perfectly fit the bill, which is why all the trending interior design colours for Pune are pastel shades. They are pleasing to the eye and can be paired with light wood finish furniture to complete the look. Take the pastel bedroom in the below image, for example. It is ideal for new parents living in urban Pune homes. The dual colours lend freshness to this bedroom while making the compact space look airy and bright at the same time. As far as bright colours are concerned, in 2023 we will only see pops of bright colours through accent walls and home decor accessories like cushions, curtains, rugs and planters. Vibrant colours like teal and red blended with copper and gold accents will be the go-to options for accent walls in Pune homes.

Trendy interior color in Pune for bedrooms with pastels
Trendy bedroom interiors in Pune with pretty pastels

Duco Paint Will Play An Important Role In Kitchen Finishes In 2023

Laminates have had their fair share of popularity in kitchen cabinet finishes for the past few years. But we will definitely see a clear switch to Duco finish in 2023. To list a few of its benefits, Duco paint is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and very easy to clean. Therefore, kitchen cabinets finished with Duco paint are very easy to maintain, which is a boon for Pune’s working professionals who have limited time to spend on their kitchen’s upkeep. Pastel blue and mint green will be trending in Duco paints for kitchens in 2023. Check out this classy kitchen with Duco-finished cabinets in blue and grey. The Duco paint undoubtedly gives a sleek finish while the charming blue makes the compact parallel kitchen look larger than it is.

Kitchen cabinet interiors trends in Pune 2023 with Duco finish
Duco paint kitchen cabinets are easy to maintain
Eyeing trendy home interior designs on a budget

An Open Kitchen With A Breakfast Counter Is The Most Desired Home Design Trend In Pune

To make the most of the floor space of a compact apartment, our experienced Pune interior designers suggest turning your kitchen into an open space. This means no walls separating your cooking space from the living space. At the same time, kitchens in 2023 will include dining space for quick meals with friends and family. This can be easily incorporated by adding a breakfast island (for larger homes) or a wall-mounted breakfast table (for small apartments). This prevents you from compromising on dining space because of the lack of floor space.

2023 Pune interior trends for open kitchen with foldable breakfast counter
An open kitchen with a foldable breakfast counter

Home Workstations Continue To Be A Part Of Pune Homes In 2023

Although the reopening of offices has led to the rise of hybrid work culture, a lot of employed professionals in Pune are still working entirely from home. Regardless of the number of days they end up doing WFH in 2023, Pune residents have made workstations with storage options an integral part of their home interiors. Check out this guest bedroom in a Pune apartment that doubles up as a home office for two. Since guest bedrooms need minimal furniture, the empty space can be smartly utilised to fit a home workstation as shown below. Use this space with your partner on your WFH days, or get your kid to study beside you as you work on your laptop.

Home workstation interior trends 2023 in Pune with ample storage
A modern industrial home office with ample storage

Repeat Motifs For Wallpapers Will Top The Design Trends Charts In Pune

By now, the many advantages of using wallpapers instead of paint have made them a household favourite in Pune. Last year, we saw wallpapers with a nature-inspired theme in trend. In 2023, we will see wallpapers with delicate defined motifs adorning bedroom and living room walls. We suggest using them for the ceilings too for a unique look. The wallpaper in the following image is the most perfect example of how to use repeat motifs for interiors in Pune. The stunning white Victorian motif against a beige background creates the most elegant wallpapered accent wall in this bedroom. Notice how it makes the compact bedroom look opulent and larger than life. You can also go for biophilic motifs, geometric motifs, or abstract ones.

Home design trend in Pune with motif wallpaper enlivens your bedroom
An elegant motif wallpaper to enliven your bedroom

Bold And Dark Bathroom Walls Are The Upcoming Home Design Trends In Pune

Gone are the days when people wanted their bathrooms to be pristine white or covered with floral prints. Things have taken a dark turn, but only for the good (wink!). We see a strong inclination towards luxurious-looking achromatic wallpapers being used in bathrooms. And we’re totally here for it! Dark, ashy, bold patterns reflect power and style like nothing else. Take these wallpapered bathrooms for example. Be it the beehive-patterned wallpaper or the textured one — both successfully create a lasting impression. So don’t be afraid to experiment with wallpapers in darker hues and have some fun with unusual patterns to leave your guests in awe!

Trendy interiors in Pune 2023 with bold and dark wallpaper for bathroom walls
Home design trend in Pune with dark pattern wallpaper for bathroom walls
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And with that, we wind up the 2023 trends for interiors in Pune. So hop on to your favourite trends and give your home a modern flair. It’s important to remember that interior design trends are created to make your home look bigger and better, but only if implemented the right way. So don’t forget to seek expert advice from our talented interior designers who can help you smartly blend these interior design trends into your home interiors.

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