12 Pastel Bedroom Ideas You Will Want To Copy Now

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 24, 2024 | 9 mins read

A pastel bedroom pastel colours straight out of your dreams

Here’s your guide to making pops of pastel colours the language of your dreamy bedroom!

Pastel shades are gaining popularity recently because of their tranquil vibe and soothing appeal. These colour palettes make your bedroom look spacious, have a calming effect on your mind, and are Vastu-approved too, making them perfect for bedroom interiors. The ample white mix in pastel colours makes the space look tranquil yet maintains the colourful personality and vibrant aura that cheers you up every time you enter your room.

So, get ready to revive your sleep cycle and enjoy a relaxing bedtime experience with these trendy pastel colour bedroom ideas. We bet you cannot resist replicating them in your home right away. Without further ado, let’s get started with some popular pastel bedroom colour schemes for you.

A Pastel Blue Bedroom Perfect For Your Munchkin

Blue is a soothing colour that adds to the playfulness of your kids’ room. This kids’ bedroom in Sumadhara Nandanam, Bengaluru, is designed in an all-blue colour scheme for a vibrant look. The textured wall paint colour matches the wardrobe laminate beautifully. Meanwhile, the white headboard and side table break the monotony and bring an aesthetic balance. We also added a study unit with box cabinets matching the wardrobe to maintain continuity. This pastel blue bedroom is all you need to bring a smile to your kid’s face.

Blue bedroom pastel colors perfect for your munchkin sumandhara nandanam
An all-blue bedroom we designed for a client

Pastel Yellow Bedroom Ideas For Guests

Infuse a splash of spring into your guest bedroom with a pastel yellow accent wall. Take for example this guest bedroom that our experts designed in a home at Assetz 63 Degree East in Bengaluru. You can accentuate the space with an extended headboard in pistachio green and white. The wardrobe in wood-like laminates has ample storage space. The small study setup adds functionality and turns the room into a comfortable home office or kid’s study when guests aren’t around.

Yellow pastel bedroom ideas for guests assetz 93 degree
A pastel yellow guest bedroom by Design Cafe

Dual Shades For His And Her Section In The Kids’ Room

Our team designed this bedroom in Mumbai’s Crescent Bay to cater to both the kids of our clients. The headboards in blue and pink demarcate their spaces beautifully. The study table with a wall-mounted storage unit helps them study with full concentration. We added an anti-skid rug on the floor to avoid accidents and add comfort. This dual pastel colour bedroom idea will come in handy for families with two kids.

Bedroom pastel colors with dual shades for his and her section in kids room crescent bay
A smart colour design by our team for a Mumbai home

Pastel Pink And Blue Will Make Your Bedroom Come Alive

When thinking of pretty pastel colours, you can’t ignore pink and blue. These two colours compliment each other beautifully and bring out the best of your bedroom interiors. While half of the wall in this bedroom is painted in light pink, the other half of the wall, the blanket and curtains are popped up with vibrant blue. Adding a box shelf in between provides extra storage space. The grey bed and white side tables match the modular wardrobe while lending a sense of warmth to the interiors. The metallic side lamp and indoor plants add an elegant touch to this stunning pastel bedroom.

Bedroom pastel colors pink and blue will make your bedroom come alive
You can never go wrong with pink and blue
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

An Elegant Pastel Bedroom Colour Schemes For The Master Bedroom

If you want a pastel bedroom but want to avoid typical pastel shades like pink, purple or mint green, opt for some neutral-toned pastel bedroom colours like beige or ivory white. They have a refined touch and bring a royal feel to your room. A horizontally-extended headboard in ebony finish laminates, a book cabinet and a wardrobe with mirrors and a laminated front are all you need to complete the look. Ivory or beige go well with brown and lend an old-world charm too. 

an elegant pastel bedroom colours schemes for the master bedroom
A subtle pastel bedroom with old-world charm

Artistic Pastel Wallpaper For Bedrooms

If quintessential pastel colours like baby pink, mauve or sky blue feel too mainstream for you, opt for an accent wall with an ornately printed wallpaper in pistachio green. This aesthetic pastel bedroom lends a tropical vibe and artistic look too. The wardrobe with tinted glass is placed right opposite the window for natural reflection. You can also install a decorative mirror and chandelier to complete the look. The off-white headboard creates a contrast against the pastel wallpaper, while the black bedcover and lampshades create a bold statement.

Artistic pastel bedroom wallpaper for bedrooms where the bedroom lends a tropical vibe and artistic look too
Try pastel in your bedroom with an artistic wallpaper

Pastel Colour Bedroom Ideas For A Holiday Vibe

Is your heart craving a beach vacation? Well, pastel shades of sea green on the walls can satiate your wanderlust considerably. The pastel green bedroom walls and the painting of waves add an edge to the beach-themed interiors. The bed in light wood laminates matches the wardrobe and study nook, creating a soothing aura while adding functionality. You can add a yellow book cabinet with open shelves beside the study nook for a vibrant pop and extra storage space.

Pastel pastel colour bedroom ideas for a holiday vibe
Bring the beach home with soothing pastel green walls

Pastel Peach Bedroom Interiors With Metallic Accessories

Peach and turquoise blue are some of the most popular combinations for pastel bedrooms. While the peach wallpaper, cushion covers and throws lend a breezy vibe to the space, the turquoise headboard and ottoman add vibrance to the soothing setup. We added a modular wardrobe with a tinted glass front for an elegant touch. To add layers to the bedroom interiors, opt for a carpet in light mauve. Use decorative artefacts, light fixtures and wall pieces to dazzle up the muted pastel walls and lend a luxe appeal.

Peach pastel bedroom interiors with metallic accessories which throws lend a breezy vibe to the space
Accessorise a pastel bedroom with metallic elements

A Pastel Purple Bedroom For Kids With A Chalkboard Wall

We designed this kids’ bedroom with the Pantone colour of 2022 — Very Peri. This purple shade has the perfect mix of blue with a red undertone, making it one of a kind. The accent wall features Very Peri panelling on one side. We installed a chalkboard wall on the other half to let your kids unleash their creativity. The bunker bed in white and a matching study table with Very Peri laminate drawers utilise the space beautifully while matching with the pastel colour scheme. This kids’ bedroom is designed thoughtfully to cater to all the needs of your little ones while creating a positive impact on their minds through a soothing pastel colour scheme.

A purple bedroom pastel for kids with a chalkboard wall with with the Pantone colour of 2022
Pastel bedroom design with the Pantone colour of 2022

Highlight Your Pastel Pink Bedroom With A Pop Of Lilac

A simple pastel bedroom with no decor can often end up looking dull. So, to jazz up the space, opt for some vibrant accessories. Here, we used pastel pink for the bedroom wall that has some silver patterns. The silver wall mirror and hanging crystal ring chandelier elevate the style game. To create a striking contrast, opt for a lilac or mauve comforter, cushion covers and curtains. This will complement your pastel pink bedroom walls beautifully. The wardrobe comes with modular storage spaces, upper cabinets and an attached dresser unit with a pull-out seater.

Highlight your pink pastel bedroom with pop of lalic with silver wall mirror and hanging crystal ring chandelier
Add a vibrant colour to pastel bedroom interiors

Let Your Kids Enjoy A Pastel Rainbow Bedroom Design

This bedroom reflects a rainbow vibe through its colourful palette. Though pastel pink, yellow and white are the predominant colours in this bedroom, the subtle touches of green, blue, grey and orange add to the playfulness of the space. The bedroom features lots of smart space-saving furniture to house toys and other knick-knacks. Don’t miss the bed storage, wardrobe with study pull-out and side bench with box storage. These leave ample floor space for your kids to play around. Pastel shades make the room look bigger so make use of these pretty colours to turn your kids’ room into a fun paradise.

Let your kids enjoy a pastel rainbow bedroom pastel colorsdr oom design
A kids’ room designed with multiple pastel shades

Pastel Colour Bedroom Accessories For White Walls

You don’t always have to paint the wall in pastel colours to ace your pastel bedroom design.  You can even lend a pastel hue to your white bedroom with accessories. In this bedroom, we used wall art in pastel shades and a matching coloured wardrobe in Duco finish to add a pop of pastel to the room. The white and turquoise create a playful vibe, while the red blanket acts as a catalyst to stir up the romantic quotient of this cosy bedroom.

Bedroom pastel colors accessories for white walls
Infuse pastel accessories in a white bedroom

Dos and don’ts to remember when you opt for a pastel bedroom:

  • Don’t go overboard with matching all your interiors. This will make the room look monotonous.
  • Pep up your pastel bedroom walls with some metallic accents for a dazzling look.
  • Dress the window with dark curtains. This will compensate for the muted pastel walls.
  • If you like dark colours, you can go for a dark accent wall and balance it with a lighter pastel shade on the other walls.
  • Try infusing a pastel tone in your bedroom through decor elements like an accent chair, laminates or bed covers for a subtle makeover.
  • You can also lend a pastel touch to your bedroom through indoor plants and seasonal flowers in pastel shades.
  • Select pendant lights or chandeliers with a pastel tint for a pretty hue in your bedroom.
Eying fun and functional bedroom interiors

Love what you see? Now you can replicate these beautiful pastel bedrooms in your home too. Book a free consultation with us today, and our expert designers will help you with modern home interiors that are personalised to your preferences and lifestyle. You can also visit a DesignCafe Experience Centre near you to have a look at our modular design concepts and talk to our designers directly.

If you enjoyed reading about pastel colours for your bedroom, also explore master bedroom colour ideas.

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