Best Master Bedroom Color Schemes For Your Home

These Master Bedroom Colour Schemes For Your Home Will Make You Want To Stay In

Best master bedroom colour schmes for your home

In a world full of colours do you end up being confused about which colour schemes will suit best for your bedroom? We at Design Cafe are here to take away the confusion. Presenting to you best master bedroom colour schemes for your home.

It is quite a task for many of you out there building home and choosing different colour schemes. But what’s enough tougher is picking out master bedroom colours—the room where the owners of the property relax, refresh and get some sleep. A master bedroom is known as one because it considers a place where the master and his mistress spend leisure time; it’s often the biggest bedroom in every home. 

Let Us Make You Go Green

This lovely master bedroom colour idea is one you won’t regret for a bunch of reasons. It is the colour of the trees, grass and of good cash. It’s the colour green! Green is known to be a cool colour and has soothing effects on your mind. It’s also the next popular colour after blue and represents good luck and tranquillity having a close connection with nature. So if you are the impulsive kind might want to choose green as a master bedroom colour. You never know, it might spark up a lot of love, peace and a pot of goodluck!

Master bedroom paint colors which sparks up a lot of love, peace and goodluck
A lovely master bedroom with a rich dark green as a feature wall will leave you feeling connected to nature in no time

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Time To Try A Shade Of Brown

This colour was disliked by many for decades, but finally, the day has come. This colour is now loved by many and often experimented with at home. The colour of earthy mud and soil is also the colour of a good strong coffee. This is the colour brown. Brown has now become a master bedroom paint colour that people are willing to experiment with. Brown represents strength, security, comfort and warmth who wouldn’t want all these traits to kick in where they sleep! This bold yet beautiful master bedroom has a lovely dark brown wooden finish wall with carvings to complete a royal look with a hint of a rustic touch. Did you know that the colour brown can be created by blending all of the colours together? Yes, it is true!

Master bedroom color ideas with shade of dark brown wooden finish and a rustic touch
A bold brown backdrop gives a sense of earthiness to this master bedroom

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 Vastu Says Blue Is Brillant  

Many of you believe in the concept of Vastu and follow this ancient science while constructing your dream home. Vastu also has a role to play while you are picking out colours for your bedrooms. The ideal colour for a master bedroom as per Vastu is blue. Blue is the most popular picked colour worldwide. The colour blue is considered serene and is known to have a calming effect on the mind. This stunning bedroom represents the colour of the ocean at night. A lovely dark blue tone will leave you drifting off to dreamland in no time.