Green Room Paint Ideas to Create A Rejuvenating Home This Season

by Mohita Adhvaryu | August 29, 2023 | 5 mins read

Green room colours for your home

Shed those blues with these green room colours for your home interiors this spring.

Green is the colour that grows on you. From lush greenery around us to the indoor plants that we so enthusiastically nurture, the green colour simply nourishes your soul and makes life vivid. Hence, it makes sense to choose it for your home as well.

With a plethora of shades of green paint available these days, for revitalising your abode, we suggest these green bedroom colours on any given day. You can pick the green that you like from their softer shades to exude its inherent vitality. Whereas, green paint colours for your living room can be chosen from a slightly bolder palette if you want it to be subtly elegant and richer.

To help you in picking just the right hues of green, these are our decor recommendations and we are certain they would appeal to your sensibilities!

The Mint Mood

Perfect for small and mid-sized living rooms, this shade of green feels as if you are looking at Baskin Robbins’ mint and chocolate ice-cream. It has a soft, effervescent feel to it and it lights up the room with its silken shine. Choose this shade if you want a green room paint that is cool and minimal.

Mint green paint colors for your home to make a cool and calm living room
As fresh as mint, this shade of green is ideal for a cool and calm living room

The Olive Ooze

Olive is one of the most versatile shades of green. It has a mature and understated elegance that keeps attracting your attention. If you are looking for a darker shade for your bedroom or even the living area, then do consider this stunning shade of olive. It has our heart for being a balanced green room colour and would have yours as well, soon!

Olive shade green paint colors for your home and olive green suits bedrooms as well as the living area
Olive green suits bedrooms as well as the living area if you love the darker shades of green
Are you looking to make your walls look vibrant

Artsy Artichoke

Both in an abundant sunlit room or even in the one that is slightly dark, this shade of green just lifts the mood up and calms the nerves after a hectic day. It is subtle, sober and pairs really well with the soft accents and furnishings in your room.

Artichoke shade green colour room design looks for a softer colour palette
Pick this artichoke like shade of green if you are looking for a softer colour palette

The Versatile Verdant

Similar to the lush green fields that blossom up with the first drop of rain, this colour shall remind you of the same. It gives a refreshing look and feel to your bedroom. You can also pair it up with a sleek, striped wallpaper and then let it make your morning happy!

Verdant shade green paint colors for bedrooms, it gives a refreshing look and feel to your bedroom
Want something vivid for your bedroom? Go with this monsoon green shade then!

The Luscious Lime

Mix a lot of green and a bit of yellow and probably you would get this shade. It is perfect for you if you like to wake to the fresh walls of your living room or bedroom. It instills this feeling of a new beginning and appeases your senses in a jiffy. With the right decor accessories, this shade will make your home look extraordinary.

Luscious lime shade green colour room with mix a lot of green and a bit of yellow
Refreshingly natural, choose this shade of green if you like cooler and brighter tones!

The Decadent Dark

Usually, the dark shades of green grant a stately look to your living area and that’s why they are much preferred by connoisseurs. Simpler to maintain, this shade of green goes well with plush knick-knacks and looks royal as well.

The decadent dark shade green colour room for a royal look and feel
For a royal look and feel, opt for this darker and decadent shade of green for your rooms

The Fuzzy Fluorescent

A bit of fluorescence never harmed the eyes, right? If you like having a riot of colours around you, this shade of green is just created for you. Pair it up with slightly eccentric and vivid furniture and knick-knacks and see how much it mesmerises you and your guests. It would be ideal if you want your living room to be the perennial party pad and even otherwise.

Fluorescent shade green paint colors for living room
Fluorescent green is a great colour for exuberant living rooms
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The Warm Wild

Always had a soft corner for summer and wilderness? We say choose this shade of green then! Almost summary and forestry, we love this colour for its naturally soothing vibe. It is also a softer color that can be used in the living area as well as the bedrooms. Golden accessories will go hand in hand with this colour.

Warm wild shade for a green living room gives a warm as well as welcoming
For a green living room, this colour is warm as well as welcoming

The Subtle Dark

If there could be that perfect green shade for your living room then this is the one. It is resplendent and goes well with slightly richer knick-knacks as well. Choose this one if you like your walls to be royal but not too over the top and saddening.

Dark green paint colors for living room to makes for a royal living room
An understated dark green paint colour makes for a royal living room

With so many shades of green at your perusal, now you can easily pick from these verdant colours that appeal the most to you and revamp your home by granting it more vibrancy and richness. Are you still confused about which shade of green would be ideal for your home? Allow us to assist you with our timely consultation then!

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