6 Bedroom Carpet Designs To Make Your Sleep Quarter Extra Cosy

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bedroom carpet design ideas for your home

Bedroom carpet designs are an ideal way to add comfort to your sleep quarter!

If you think carpets are old school and aren’t cool anymore, think again! Carpets can be a great addition to home interiors, especially your bedroom. Yes, bedroom carpet designs are an incredible way to bring a cosy and warm element into your sleep haven. Plus, they are available in various patterns, textures and styles — which means you can choose the exact type of bedroom carpet design that blends perfectly with the rest of the room’s interiors.

Besides the visual appeal, carpets also have many other benefits. They help keep the bedroom floor warm so that you won’t have to walk on cold tiles. Carpets in the bedroom lend a homely vibe, letting you enjoy an inviting environment. Carpets reduce noise by absorbing sound, creating a quieter room ambience. Finally, they are great to keep your room warm and cosy during cold winter days.

Now that you know about the benefits of having a carpet on your bedroom floor, let us interest you in our favourite floor carpet designs for the bedroom (lookout for the third one!). You can place these bedroom carpets beneath your bed, in the bedroom sitting area or in the wide middle area of the room. 

A Traditional Floor Carpet Design For The Bedroom

How many of y’all remember those old ornate carpet designs? We certainly do! And you know what, these old styles are coming back. Here is a modern bedroom with a modular storage bed with an earthy colour scheme. The bedroom is decorated with hand-printed fabrics that add an old school appeal. The traditional floor carpet design blends well with this bedroom’s other upholsteries. It is placed beneath the bed, giving a cosy setup to move around the room. The carpet’s light brown design with faded decorations match the room’s earthy vibe. This type of bedroom carpet design is ideal for modern homes with a vintage-style interior theme.

A traditional floor carpet design for a bedroom in light brown
A traditional floor carpet design in light brown
Want a bedroom that's modern and aesthetic

An Ornate Bedroom Carpet Design In Off-White

Give your bedroom a dreamy makeover by adding a gorgeous ornate bedroom carpet design. The carpet here creates a striking contrasting design with the wooden flooring, highlighting it in the interiors. The carpet has unique decorative patterns that add a royal feel to the room. Its off-white colour is also strikingly uncommon, making it stand out among the rest of the upholsteries. This bedroom carpet delineates the room’s sitting area, which adds a visual demarcation to the spacious bedroom layout. This bedroom carpet design is excellent for bedrooms with wooden flooring.

An ornate bedroom carpet design in off-white against wooden flooring creates a striking contrast
An oriental bedroom carpet design for wooden floors

A Geometrical Patterned Bedroom Carpet Design

This floor carpet design for the bedroom in the attic serves two purposes. It adds a splash of colour to the otherwise plain white room. It acts as an accent element, working as the visual focus of the room. Rooms with plain white colour schemes can often come across as a bit cold; hence adding a carpet can bring some homely warmth to the space. The bedroom carpet exhibits a geometrical pattern design. It complements the sloping architecture of the attic bedroom. The carpet’s blue colour creates a pop of colour element, tying together the rest of the interiors and the carpet becomes an integral interior design element.

A bedroom floor carpet design in a geometrical pattern complements the sloping architecture of the attic bedroom
A beautiful blue floor carpet for a white bedroom

A Colourful Wool Floor Carpet Design For The Kids’ Bedroom

Want to add colours to your kid’s bedroom but don’t want to paint the walls? Here’s an excellent idea! Dress up your kid’s bedroom’s floors with a colourful carpet. It will add a visual appeal to the space and a soft and padded flooring option for your kid. You can go for woollen carpets for your little one’s space as these are incredibly soft carpet choices. You can also go for an overall floor carpeting for your kid’s room and add a decorative carpet in the middle. Choose the bedroom carpet’s colour as per the rest of the room’s colour palette. This bedroom carpet design also adds a unique character to the room’s interiors.

The colourful wool floor carpet design for the bedroom adds a visual appeal
A colourful floor carpet for the kid’s bedroom

A Sleek Bedroom Carpet Design For The ’90s Interior Theme

Have a ’90s theme bedroom? Add this sleek oriental carpet that was a rave at the time. The carpet has a Kashmiri Kaleen design that will accentuate your ’90s Indian bedroom decor. The light colour carpet with highlighting oriental decorations complements the room’s Indian furnishings. You can place such a carpet beneath your bed or in the room’s lounge area. In this bedroom, we have matched the carpet’s design tone with some Indian art decor.

A 90s interior themed bedroom carpet design in Kashmiri Kaleen style accentuates an authentic appeal
A Kashmiri carpet design for an authentic appeal
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

A Wabi-Sabi Style Handmade Floor Carpet Design For The Bedroom

From natural wood furnishings to green plant decor — this bedroom flaunts a gorgeous rendition of one of the most loved Japanese interior themes. Here is a wabi-sabi bedroom design that exhibits natural and organic interior elements. Following the interior concepts of wabi-sabi, the bedroom carpet design is made of handmade jute. It translates wabi-sabi’s design theme which is all about nature and sustainability. This bedroom carpet design is also ideal for modern eco-friendly interiors.

A wabi-sabi style handmade floor carpet design for a bedroom ideal for modern eco-friendly interiors

Bedroom carpet designs can uplift your room’s interiors and add a unique appeal without needing you to make any major changes. You can choose the type of carpet style that goes well with your bedroom’s design theme. Remember — carpets are also a great way to add visual sectioning to your room. Hence, place them wisely. For a more detailed bedroom interior design narration, reach out to our design alchemists directly!

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