7 Genius Attic Bedroom Designs To Create The Perfect Sleeping Quarter!

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 26, 2024 | 7 mins read

Aesthetic attic bedroom designs for your home

Create a quiet and cosy sleeping quarter in your attic with these aesthetic attic bedroom designs

Attics are like magical treetops to escape the daily humdrum at home. But the sad part is that they often remain unused because of their unique architecture. However, what if we told you these spaces could be a part of your home if designed suitably? Yes! You can reinvent the attic into a functional space. Especially by converting it into a cosy bedroom!

So, here are some genius aesthetic attic bedroom designs to create your perfect resting escape at home!

Go ahead and browse these selected attic bedrooms. Do watch out for the cosy bedroom with a home office corner that can be handy in these remote-working days.

A Super Comfortable Attic Bedroom To Escape The World

Transform your attic into a comfortable bedroom by designing it with a warm and homely look. You can add wooden flooring to the attic and keep the rest of the space in a white colour scheme for cosiness. Use the attic window to bring natural light to the aesthetic attic bedroom.

Place your bed where the roof peaks so that you don’t feel cramped while sleeping. Go with a solid wooden bed with storage to keep things clutter-free in the bedroom. You can add a wooden nightstand with a study lamp as shown. If you have space, add a bean bag or two. Dress up your attic window with tall white curtains to add an airy vibe.

Comfortable luxury attic bedroom in white colour with wooden flooring, wooden bed and white curtains add an airy vibe.
A comfortable attic bedroom design to help you sleep like a baby!
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A Bright Single Bed Attic Bedroom With Skylights

This aesthetic attic bedroom utilises the attic’s architecture to create the perfect sleeping quarter. The room has roof windows that create the perfect cosy haven where you can sleep while the stars watch over you. This attic bedroom has a single wooden bed with a headboard to store the bedroom essentials.  It also has a modular study table set up with a floating desk, open shelves and a chest of drawers. The attic has a vibrant green and white striped wall paint design that adds a playful vibe. The green plants keep up with the room’s bright and lively interior set-up.

Aesthetic attic bedroom with single bed design, study table and roof windows creates the perfect cosy haven.
A lively attic bedroom with skylights right above the bed

A White Attic Bedroom With Triangular-Sloped Roof Design

This is the ideal attic bedroom design with the quintessential triangular-sloped roof. The attic bedroom utilises this slope structure and creates a spacious bedroom. The room follows a minimalistic interior set-up with a white colour scheme. The bed has a hotel-like cosy design with a nightstand on either side. The triangular slope roof has a skylight on each side. They make the bedroom well-lit. There are two armless chairs with fur throws that add cosiness. This type of bedroom can be the perfect romantic escape under the moonlight.

White attic bedroom in a triangular-sloped roof with skylight designed perfect romantic escape under the moonlight.
An attic bedroom with the quintessential minimalistic interiors

A Cute Attic Bedroom For The Little One In The House

This aesthetic attic bedroom design is for the little kid in your house who would love to have their own sleeping quarter! The bright and vibrant attic bedroom is a perfect space to study, relax and play around. The pink room has some colourful art around the skylights that add dimension to the space.

The room’s furniture includes a white modular two-door wardrobe, a wooden rocking chair, a tiny bed and a study table.  It is perfectly furnished for a kid to study, play and rest. The bedroom’s wooden flooring and the warm shaggy rug add a cosy vibe.

Attic bedroom idea for kids, kids room with white furniture and colourful art around the skylights adds dimension to space.
A cute kid’s room with white attic bedroom furniture

A Classic White Attic Bedroom With Subtle Interiors

Are you an admirer of subtle interiors with some quirky pop of colour elements? Well then, this attic bedroom is what you want for your sleeping quarter.

The bedroom has a minimalistic white colour theme with a brick cladding accent wall. It has a triangular-sloped roof with wooden panelling. The attic bedroom has a tall ceiling height that makes the bedroom look very spacious and airy. The room has a wooden bed with a simple headboard and a pair of nightstands with handleless drawers. A pop of blue in the floor rug, the pillows and the art hangings intervene in the white colour scheme of the room. This pop of colour breaks the monotony of the room and creates a fresh twist in the interiors.

Classic white attic bedroom designed with a pop of blue elements looks very spacious and airy.
A white attic bedroom with a pop of blue elements

A Wooden Attic Bedroom With A Modular Home Office

This aesthetic attic bedroom is everything you would want in this season of working from home! The bedroom’s roof cum knee wall with a skylight keeps the place bright and naturally lit. The room’s furniture includes a light wood bed, an open bookshelf and a modular home office. The work desk’s space-saving design helps the current work-from-home situation. As for decor, the attic bedroom has a pair of elegant pendant lights and some indoor plants. It’s an ideal bedroom space to work, rest and chill away from the crowd.

Wooden modern attic bedroom has a home office, open bookshelf, pendant lights and indoor plants.
A cosy bedroom attic with the perfect home office set-up
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Some FAQs About Attic Bedrooms

Can an attic be a bedroom?

Yes! If the height of the attic space is enough to have a comfortable stay, you can transform your attic into a bedroom. But make sure you have windows to bring in light and air and a proper staircase for easy access to the space.  You must design your attic bedroom with a spacious layout so that you don’t feel cramped. The best way to set up an attic bedroom is by having available sunlight and enough space to move freely.

Is it bad to sleep in the attic?

If your attic space doesn’t have enough air and sunlight, it is not advisable to use it as bedroom space. Also, the height of the attic should be comfortable for you so that you can freely move around. Otherwise, you might feel suffocated while sleeping. And if your place is too hot, the attic may not be the right place to sleep or hang out. But if there is enough room, sunlight and air in your attic space, you can create comfortable sleeping quarters. Our advice is to check with a professional designer to create a standard attic bedroom.

How do I get the most out of my attic bedroom?

You can get the most out of your attic bedroom by considering the following tips:

  1. Use the architecture of the attic bedroom as a design element and weave the interiors around it.
  2. Make sure you arrange the bed in such a way so that the skylight keeps your sleeping space well-lit.
  3. Use modular light furniture with multiple storage units to keep your attic bedroom clutter-free. 
  4. Opt for a light colour scheme and fewer furniture pieces to make your attic bedroom look spacious. 
  5. Use low-lying furniture to go with your attic’s sloped roof design

Attic bedrooms are the best spaces to create quiet and comfortable corners. With modular bedroom attic furniture and a minimalistic interior plan, you can create a cosy sleeping space in your attic. So, go ahead and use your attic to design your dreamy sleeping quarter!

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