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The Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants For A Refreshing Home For You

The best air purifying indoor plants for a refreshing home for you

The best thing about indoor plants is that they do not really need much maintenance. Bring home the choicest ones and you can set up a personal sanctuary of greens and freshness in no time. Most importantly if you want that gush of pure air in your den air-purifying indoor plants are absolutely perfect.

Furthermore, indoor plants not only help in detoxifying the air in your home but they also work as pretty home decor. After all, who wouldn’t like a pop of green around them?

So, we have handpicked a few air-purifying indoor plants to fight all those germs, toxins, dust particles and release fresh, pure air in your home. Do check them all out.

Aloe Vera Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Though it sounds obvious, Aloe Vera is renowned for both its overall health benefits and its medicinal value. Apart from that, this indoor plant is great at predicting the quality of air in your home by revealing the brown spots on its leaves. 

Furthermore, it also majorly helps in combating airborne germs and particles of ammonia and formaldehyde.

Air purifying indoor plants of aloe vera where this indoor plant is great at predicting the quality of air
Aloe Vera is a great indoor plant as it purifies and even detects the air quality

Peace Lily

Peace Lily works perfectly if you want a pretty indoor plant at home. It not only enhances your sleep but also clears toxins like benzene and ethyl chloride. Peace Lilies do not require much sunlight or fertilizers. We are sure this indoor air-purifier plant will become your favourite.

Air purifying indoor plants with peace lily enhances your sleep and clears toxins like benzene and ethyl chloride
Choose Peace Lily for enhancing your sleep and air quality of your home

Pothos Air Purifying Plant For Indoor

If you are looking for air purifying indoor plants that are absolutely a class apart then do consider Pothos. Its overall foliage consists of smooth, glossy heart-shaped leaves and it cleans up the infused formaldehyde around it in no time. You may place it in your living area and also your bedroom.

Air purifying indoor plants India with pothos which consists of smooth, glossy heart-shaped leaves
Pothos is perfect for creating toxin-free and beautiful space in your home

Rubber Plant

Both in terms of aesthetics as well as the way in it smoothy purifies air, a Rubber plant at home is a way inevitable. Smartly place it in your bedroom to combat parasites, toxins and even formaldehyde. The glossiness of its leaves is also eye-soothing.

Best air purifying indoor plants with rubber plant which combat parasites, toxins and even formaldehyde
For look, feel and even function a rubber plant is a great indoor plant for your home

Air Purifying Snake Plant

Seriously need that uninterrupted sleep? Get a Snake plant for yourself then! Popularly referred to as the ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’, this indoor plant delicately lets out oxygen and lets you enjoy a soothing sleep. It conveniently filters xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene from the air in your home.

Indoor air-purifying plants India with snake plant which lets out oxygen and lets you enjoy a soothing sleep
Get undisturbed sleep, gushing fresh oxygen with Snake Plant placed in your home

Spider Plant

Haven’t got much of a green thumb? Then get Spider Plant for your home as it is robust and demands less of your constant attention. It easily beats out carbon monoxide and xylene. Additionally, it is not at all toxic for your pets. So, get it without any worries.

Indoor plants as air purifier with spider plant which is robust and demands less of your constant attention
Looking for sturdy air purifying indoor plants? Get Spider Plant then!

Weeping Fig Indoor Air Purifying Plant

Almost straight out of the Victorian age, a Weeping Fig easily brings down the levels of xylene, toluene and formaldehyde in your home. Place it in the porch or living area because its stunning foliage will appease everyone as well.

Air purifying indoor plants name which easily brings down the levels of xylene and toluene
Weeping Fig is Instagram-worthy and incredible for beating out all the toxins in the air

Pineapple Plant

It is believed that Pineapple plants release oxygen during night and are also conducive to better sleep quality. Also, this one is a sturdy plant and requires less water and maintenance. Keep them in room temperature as extreme heat or cold is not conducive for them. 

Air purifying indoor plants online India is pineapple plant, a sturdy plant that requires less water and maintenance
Get a Pineapple plant for your home if you want to have some fresh air and also a beautiful green to admire!

Bring home all of them or pick the ones that made you jump with joy because these air purifying indoor plants are a keeper for a thriving and rejuvenating personal space! And we cannot recommend them more!

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