7 Nature-Inspired Design Ideas That Go Beyond Indoor Plants

by Anugraha Venugopal | June 27, 2022 | 5 mins read

Feel serenity with nature-inspired interior designs

These riveting nature-inspired design ideas strengthen your home’s connection with nature.

Nature-inspired interior design ideas will never be outdated and here’s why! Some of us can spend hours admiring the beauty of nature or appreciating its presence. How else could some of the finest works of poetry be born? This group goes to great lengths to keep nature in close company. And then there are folks amongst us who prefer nature’s company indirectly. Each of us may have our own different and personal chemistry with nature but one thing that’s for sure is — no one can stay away from it. Nature is everywhere we look. Here’s how you can bring some nature into your home (beyond potted plants).

Nature-Inspired Interior Design Ideas With Jali

Wooden furniture in veneer finish is a great way to showcase the use of natural elements such as wood. However, it’s possible to refine an interior inspired by nature through the use of Jali. Notice how the white MDF Jali acts as a decorative room partition. The flower theme spruces up the partition between the compact kitchen with dining and corner study. On the balcony, the multifunctional sofa cum bookshelf is an innovative way to create a leisure corner. Yet, it’s the exquisite Jali work that scores brownie points as it makes the balcony space more elegant. If you’re scouting for jali door designs, you don’t want to miss this.

Nature inspired interior design ideas with jali where flower jali designs are an aesthetic addition
Flower jali designs are an aesthetic addition
Nature inspired interior design ideas with jali
Nature inspired interior design ideas with jali

Nature-Inspired Home Decor To Make Learning Fun

What parents wouldn’t do to keep their little ones away from too much screen time! With a bookshelf designed as a quirky book tree or a study area with greenery for company, consider the mission accomplished. Open shelves, a storage bench or an almirah for their belongings will additionally help teach them responsibility and organisation. 

Nature inspired home decor to make learning fun and inspire a learning mood
Nature-inspired home decor to inspire a learning mood
Nature inspired home decor to make learning fun-2
Nature-inspired home decor to inspire a learning mood

Open Spaces Converging In Nature

Imbibing nature-inspired interior design ideas can be done effortlessly with industrial exteriors, indoor plants, a breezy courtyard or a balcony! Add wooden elements through wooden flooring, wooden panelling on the ceiling or wooden furniture. But what we love the most in these interiors inspired by nature is the seamless movement between different open spaces and how they converge beautifully in the presence of nature.

Nature inspired interior design ideas and open spaces converging in nature
Welcome nature into your home with open spaces
Open spaces converging in nature inspired interior design ideas
Welcome nature into your home with open spaces

Bathroom Interiors Inspired By Nature

Indoor plants are generally known to remove toxins and improve air quality inside the house. All the more reason to invest in potted plants for the bathroom. But choose houseplants that can thrive in a humid environment. Apart from plants, there’s more you can do to infuse nature-inspired interior design ideas in the bathroom — a green moss backsplash, tiles in floral patterns, wooden flooring and even wicker baskets.

Bathroom interior nature inspired interior design ideas
Use a mix of elements for nature’s touch

Nature-Inspired Home Decor For Your Outdoor Spaces

Be it on your balcony or the courtyard, it’s revitalising to be surrounded by greenery in the form of flowering plants, a vertical garden, hanging plants or creepers. Natural stones or wooden flooring complement these spaces perfectly. Turn this area into your space for quality family fun or deep introspection by including other decor elements accordingly. Looking for fabulous balcony garden designs? Don’t miss these!

Outdoors are more interesting with greenery
Nature inspired interior design ideas for your outdoor spaces
Outdoors are more interesting with greenery

Wall Accents With Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature designs on wall art such as photographs or golden metal cutwork are interesting ways of infusing nature-inspired interior design into a home. This is suitable for homeowners who prefer small accents. Another fun option is to incorporate a nature-based wallpaper or wall mural. Homeowners who like bold designs can opt for such full wall accents. Explore our blog on modern bedroom wallpapers for many fascinating biophilic designs. 

Wall accents with nature inspired home decor-1
Wall accents with nature inspired interior design ideas
Use part or full wall accents in nature designs

Nature-Inspired Home Decor In A Dominant Shade

Biophilic designs that involve nature directly or indirectly are a huge hit with homeowners. When it comes to imbibing nature in a space indirectly, the use of a colour signifying nature is a winning yet simple strategy. In these designs, a dominant shade is used to set the tone of the room with wall accents and the rug. The shade is then extended to the multifunctional, space-saving wardrobe unit to make it prominent. Simple work that works, right?

Nature inspired home decor in a dominant shade
Opt for dominant shades that signify nature
Nature inspired interior design ideas in a dominant shade
Opt for dominant shades that signify nature

The urge to reconnect with nature has increased in recent years. Thus, homeowners are looking for more ways to stay rooted in nature — directly or indirectly — based on their preferences and the availability of space. Regardless of the space in your home, we’re sure you’ll be able to accommodate some of these nature-inspired interior design ideas. If you wish to talk further to our designers, book your consultation here.

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