Bedroom Ideas For Grey Walls, Furniture and Decor

by Shreya Bilagi | January 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

Grey bedroom colour ideas for your home walls

Does the colour grey enlighten you? Does it take your greys away? If the answer is yes, then don’t miss out on these quick ideas for grey bedroom walls, furniture and decor.

Grey is not a colour everyone adores but this shade can be a mystic one when put to use rightly. Grey is considered a neutral tone between black and white and derives from the old English word graeg. The colour grey stands for wisdom and intelligence. It also indicates sophistication. To find out more on how to use this shade for your bedroom walls, furniture and decor keep reading.

A Girls Kinda, Grey!

Are you welcoming a new family member any time soon? Are you thinking of ways to prepare your little princess’s room? Stop and continue reading this blog. We at Design Cafe have perfect grey bedroom ideas for little girls.

This beautiful bedroom with walls covered in the colour grey is just right for your newborn baby girl. With a matching grey crib, a soft pink shawl and tender pink and blue cushions to go with it, we don’t think it gets cuter. To make you feel comfortable as a new mother, a grey armchair and a small stool is right beside it, so you can rest peacefully while you sit still next to your bubba. To let the light in you have perfect pink curtains. Your angel is taking a nap, but you want to read? Don’t fear a lamp stand is right here. Keeping your baby’s clothes organised will be a piece of cake with this gorgeous grey cabinet.

Grey color bedroom makes you feel more comfortable, especially for a baby.
A baby bedroom with a crib, armchair and a tall standing lamp

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Game On Grey! A Grey Bedroom And Some Colour

Do you have a grey bedroom dull and lifeless! Time to give it some life with grey bedroom ideas. A slight pop of colour here and there it can bring a lifeless grey bedroom back to life. This is a simple grey room, but because of the smart use of this colour, it looks bright and fun. Don’t be scared to go bold when it comes to colours. Using a colourful quilt like this one with colours like red, green, yellow and blue or whether it means adding stickers to your grey walls like coloured cars or clocks – all it takes is a desire for change!

Grey color bedroom ideas just grey looks dull add a slight pop of colour here and there to make it bright
A colourful kids bedroom with grey walls is a smart play of colours with grey as the base

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Say yes to a stylish bedroom with 51,040 design possibilities!

A Bit Of Both Worlds

Want the best of both greys? Sure, why not! This bedroom has a wall painted with two different shades of grey. The first half is a dark metallic grey whereas the second one is a subtle soft grey. We think these two make excellent bedroom shades of grey. This two-toned grey bedroom has an earthy edge to it with rope lighting from the ceiling and an indoor plant. Doesn’t this remind you of camping for some reason? Ah well, you camp in your own bedroom when it’s a grey one like this. Be sure to light up those candles to give you a campfire sort of feeling! Happy camping.

A colourful kids bedroom with grey walls is a smart play of colours with grey as the base
A dual-toned bedroom with an earthy edge to feel like you are camping in nature

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A Little Silver Perhaps?

Everything sparkles under a chandelier! This is a classic light grey bedroom with a stunning silver and blue backdrop, grey curtains and a subtle grey floor rug. Hanging from above is the most beautiful chandelier that elegantly adds to the beauty of interior design within this grey bedroom. Seems like a fairy tale, does it not?

Grey bedroom colors with a stunning silver and blue backdrop are lovely combinations.
A grey bedroom with a classic chandelier and gorgeous blue backdrop

A Forest Sensation

Tarzan fans time to listen up! If you love the forest feel and have a heart for nature, your poison is O2 then mate this is definitely for you! A splash of green amidst the dark tone of grey, who knew they would go so well together! This grey coloured master bedroom looks like it’s mastering a trend. Creepers along the sides, indoor plants and a leaf-patterned bedspread with matching pillow covers complete the forest look of this bedroom.

This was Designs Cafe’s take on bedroom ideas for grey walls, furniture and decor. Do you have a different take? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Bedroom wall colors with grey furniture and adding green indoor plants feels forest look.
A grey master bedroom with splashes of green across the room for a feel of nature

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