Design Your Little One A Paradise With These Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kids room decorating ideas for your home

Why can’t kids’ bedrooms be aesthetic too? Bedroom decorating ideas to inspire you and your little one right here in our list below!

For any child, their personal space is important. That’s why it is necessary to personalize it with as much thought and care as you would for other rooms of your home. Their bedrooms are a blooming ground for dreams and memories. As a parent, you must design it on the lines of their desires, likes, and dislikes.

Decor for kids’ bedrooms can vary as per themes, colours they like in particular, wall art, and knick-knacks. But, be overwhelmed. Creatively decorating your kids’ bedroom might not be a cakewalk but it isn’t rocket science either.

We have cherry-picked decor tips for your kid’s bedroom to make their dreams come alive!

Artsy Wallpaper For A Budding Artist’s Room

Colourful and peppy, wallpapers can truly enhance the vibe of your kids’ bedroom. Vibrant wallpapers with a splash of colour or patterns bring life to an otherwise boring room. Your kids will rejoice at its sight. Pink, blue, yellow, green and white are a few colours that are an excellent pick for wallpapers.

Kids room decor where wallpapers can truly enhance the vibe of your kid’s bedroom
Peppy, vibrant wallpapers are perfect for an artsy kid’s bedroom

Lego For The Bubbling Builders

Does lego make your little one jump with joy? Then revamp their bedroom with this stunning lego theme. From beds, posters, curtains, rugs, let them see lego all around them for a spark of renewed creativity. Choose a pastel colour palette for this theme because it is not overpowering and your kids can play or study in peace!

Kids room decorating ideas with stunning lego theme for beds, posters, and curtains for your kid’s wall decor ideas
Go for lego theme for your kids’ bedroom to fire up their imagination

Monochromes To Pacify The Champions

Subtle shades of black and white, allow you to play more with decor and knick-knacks in your kids’ bedroom. This theme creates a softer and more spacious looking kids’ bedroom. You can complete this decor with posters, soft toys, planters, and matching rugs. Besides, white is known to instill peace, just what your kids need!

Kids decor for your home with shades of black and soft toys, planters and matching rugs for kids playroom decor
A black and white kids’ bedroom with subtle decor is perfect for toddlers.

Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Rugs To Recreate A Happy Place

Richly crafted rugs add delicate warmth to your kids’ bedroom. This decor element is most suitable for kids’ bedrooms and you can include a chic, patterned rug. Along with being an interesting focal point, it also doubles up as a place for your kiddos to play on.

Kids room wall decor for your home which includes chic and patterned rug
Place a textured, colourful rug to bring in a playful vibe to your kiddo’s bedroom

Stickers And Wall Art For A Peppy Personal Den

Ocean, whales and small fish always get kid’s attention. So, how about turning your kids’ bedroom into an ocean-themed space? Choose a boat-shaped bed and paint it all blue with the stickers of whales and bubbly fish – then just sit back and watch your kids rejoice with an imaginary sea!

Kids wall decor with aa boat-shaped bed and stickers of whales and bubbly fish for kids room decor
Stickers and wall art are catchy decor options to create a cute bedroom for kids

Bunk Bed With Trees

Kids love to own bunk beds. Perfect for siblings, a bunk bed with the bark of a tree as a ladder, as shown in this image, will rekindle their adventurous spirit. With a mix of blue and brown, this decor idea makes for a pretty unique and interesting bedroom space.

Kids bedroom decor with lovely bunkbed with tree as a ladder with a mix of brown and blue
Bunk bed and trees are just what kids’ bedrooms should be made of

Hammock To Make It Happening

With planters, cute animal wall hangings, graffiti and a jungle-like decor, your little Mowgli will love you more if you hang a hammock too. Watch them swing without the worry of the world. This decor idea grants a carefree vibe to a kids’ bedroom – just how it should be!

Kids home decor with a hammock and animal wall hangings with a jungle like decor for kids bedroom wall decor
Hammock and nature-inspired decor makes for a rejuvenating bedroom for your kids

Stars To Make The Kids Smile

If your kids love starry nights then sticking colourful pin-ups of the same on one wall is just perfect to make them jump with joy. You can also stick ones that glow at night or plain coloured ones like this to pep up your walls.

Diy kids room decor for your home with colourful star-shaped pin-ups
Stars on the walls are just what you need for a soothing kids’ bedroom

Love this design? Make it your own

A Map For Maverick Explorers

If you have a teenager at home or a little geography buff, maps work as an interesting decor piece. Wallpaper one wall with the world map as a large focus piece and let the decor be minimalistic. This is also a great educational tool, one that you can use to brush up their general knowledge!

Kids decor ideas for your home where maps work as an interesting decor piece
Use maps to make your kids’ bedroom a space where they can tickle their mind

The summer holidays are here so surprise your kids with an overhaul of their bedroom. All these decor tips are simple and easy to follow. So roll up your sleeves and show your kids how much you love them! Need some help? Let us assist you with our interior design consultation. Book one today!

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