8 Kid’s Room Wallpaper That You’ll Love And Your Kids Will Cherish Forever

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 21, 2024 | 7 mins read

Beautiful and quirky wallpaper design for kids room

Fill your little one’s life with colours and imagination with our list of special kid’s room wallpaper designs

Kid’s room designs are the most interesting additions to home interiors. Why? First, because you get to widen your horizon and think of unique and creative ideas, kids love to have a special and different room because you get to experiment with various colour schemes. In a way, designing a kid’s room is like an adventure for designers, where they get to fuel a kid’s curious little mind and bring out fun interiors. However, choosing the right interior elements for a kid’s room is significant, especially when you want to create an inspiring place for your little one to grow in. Besides the bed and the study unit, there’s a big opportunity to mould your child’s room through its walls.

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Therefore, the right wall colour designs are crucial while planning your kid’s room’s interiors. For walls, wallpaper is the most dependable design element as it can be easily changed. In this blog post, we have captured some of Design Cafe’s most inspiring and creative kid’s room wallpaper designs that will surely give meaning to your child’s everyday life.

A Cute Graffiti Kid’s Room Wallpaper Design Will Make Things Lively

Kids love art. It liberates their sense of expression and creates a positive impact on their minds. This is why designers go for cartoon art wallpaper for kid’s room’s interiors to make things happen. The one here is such a lively kid’s room wallpaper design that comes in a very soothing colour scheme of blue, white and grey. The wallpaper has different elements like a flying parachute, birds and a teddy flying a helicopter. These elements bring a dreamy vibe to the room that will let your kid live in a calm and composed environment. This is an ideal kid’s room wallpaper design for children in the age group of 6-14 years for both boys and girls.

The kids' room wallpaper design in cartoon art with blue, white and grey colour combination lends a soothing look.
A cute little kid’s room with a subtle artwork wallpaper design

A Kid’s Room Car Wallpaper Design For Your Little Champ Who Loves Racing

This kid’s bedroom is an out and out boys’ room design, accentuated by a vibrant car wallpaper exhibiting cars of different colours and designs. The wallpaper captures little boys’ admiration for cars while they are growing up. The cars’ different colours on a white backdrop add a lively and innocent vibe to the room. The wallpaper also creates a bright and positive environment that will help your kid enjoy a colourful space. The wallpaper is highlighted with different peppy interior elements such as the bunk beds, the vibrant floor rug and the lively study table decorations. This kid’s room wallpaper design is ideal for a house with two sons growing up, where they can share their life and dreams in this young spirited bedroom design.

Cars wallpaper for kids room boys, a room design with bunk bed and car wallpaper of different colours adds a lively vibe.
A boy’s room with an interesting car wallpaper design

Free Your Child’s Creativity With This Chalkboard Kid’s Room Wallpaper

Kids love to write and draw, especially on the walls. This can be problematic for you trying to keep cleaning the walls while the kids go on with their art sprees. But what you can do is give your kids a dedicated wall to write, paint, and do whatever they feel like. To help you with this, we bring you a fantastic chalkboard kid’s room wallpaper design that will allow your kid to have a little art corner at home. The wallpaper imitates a school chalkboard with different science formulas already written on it. The wallpaper design not only enhances the look of the room with its unique design but also creates a studious vibe that can uplift your kid’s study hours.

Kids room wallpaper in India, kid's room with chalkboard wallpaper design is creative and enhances the room's look.
Let your child learn with this creative chalkboard wallpaper design
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Embrace A Butterfly-Inspired Room With This Lovely Kid’s Room Wallpaper Design

Adding butterfly wallpaper design elements in your kid’s room will elevate the liveliness of the space. The colourful butterfly design echoes a sense of spring love that will keep your kid’s room bright and lively at all times. The white wallpaper lends a technicolour vibe to the room, letting your kid have his or her own corner of joy. The wallpaper is ideal for small rooms for kids, especially girls in the age group of 7-15 years. The butterfly-inspired wallpaper design creates a positive ambience that will be quite helpful for your little princess as she grows up.

Minimalist girly kid's room wallpaper design in a butterfly pattern with different colours look bright and lively.
A sweet butterfly wallpaper design for your little girl’s room

Choose Colour Over Everything Else While Designing Your Kid’s Room

Colours are the most efficient tools to impact a person’s mind. This is especially effective for kids’ room interiors, as they get more attracted to bright and colourful designs. This is why we bring this oh-so-colourful kid’s room wallpaper design. The wallpaper displays a geometric pattern design with all the spectrum’s bright colours — red, yellow, blue, turquoise, etc. The colours add vibrancy to the room’s decor. In interior design, patterns — especially geometric patterns — add a visual interest that elevates your room’s interiors’ purpose. The wallpaper shapes also bring asymmetry to the room that will create a mindful ambience for your kid. This wallpaper design would work great for kids in the age range of 3-10 years.

Kid's room wallpaper in geometric pattern design and study table with cabinets creates a mindful ambience.
A colourful, fun room interior with a geometric pattern kid’s room wallpaper design

A Mountain-Inspired Wallpaper Design For Kid’s Room

There is nothing more peaceful than a nature-inspired landscape wallpaper design for kid’s room. They bring a natural calmness to the place, letting you grow mindfulness. And this is particularly important for your kid. Therefore, a serenely soothing wallpaper design is the ideal design element for your kid’s room. As you can see, the mountain-inspired wallpaper design echoes a sense of tranquillity that will soothe your mind. Besides, the colour scheme of white and blue on the wallpaper accentuates the room’s organic interior design. If you are using such a wallpaper design for your kid’s room, follow a minimalistic design approach for the rest of the interior set-up. This type of kid’s room wallpaper design can work for both girls and boys in their teen years.

Kid's room wallpaper texture in the mountain-inspired landscape with multiple blue colours lends calmness to the place.
A serenely beautiful wallpaper design for kid’s room

Carve Your Kid’s Room With The Brightness Of Floral Art

This floral wallpaper design for kid’s room is ideal for bringing a lively ambience. The turquoise background with colourful sunflower art captures a beautiful and innocent childhood. It echoes a sense of liveliness that is quite necessary for your kid. The wallpaper adds brightness and vigour to the otherwise subtle interior set-up of the room. This kid’s room wallpaper design is ideal for growing up kids, especially girls.

Colourful sunflower art wallpaper for kids room girls with wall-mounted shelves captures a beautiful and innocent childhood.
Bring brightness in your child’s life with this floral art wallpaper design

A 3D Wallpaper For Kid’s Room

A 3D wallpaper for kid’s room is loved and adored by kids. Their unique visual effect creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere that’s ideal for grown-up kids, especially wallpaper for kid’s room boys. The one here shown exhibits an abstract geometrical pattern that adds character to the kid’s bedroom interiors. This wallpaper design is more for a grown-up kid who would understand the subtle artistic aspects of the 3D visual. This wallpaper design also adds an illusion of cosiness in the room that will bring in a more homely warm vibe. A 3D wallpaper for kid’s room is the new-age home interior element that creates cutting-edge interior aesthetics.

3d wallpaper for kids room in an abstract geometrical pattern creates a comfortable atmosphere and lends a warm vibe.
Create a new dimension of joy in your little one’s life with this 3D wallpaper design

Wallpapers are the ideal and easy design elements for modern home interiors. They are easy to install, maintain and replace. They also bring a newer dimension in wall designs that may not be entirely possible with wall paints. Wallpapers are perfect for a kid’s room because they can be easily replaced if damaged by the occupants. So, go ahead and explore the world of kid’s room wallpaper designs; there are hundreds and thousands of choices for you. And if you want more help with your kid’s room design, write to us today.

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