Summer Colours | 11 Palette Ideas For A Cool And Summer-Ready Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 21, 2024 | 9 mins read

Cool summer colors for your home

From a sandy beach colour to calming turquoise fun, explore the shades of summer for your home!

“The house has a summer kind of vibe, its walls tell stories about sandy beaches, the Caribbean sea and plain blue skies.”

Summer in India has a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of our school vacations when we could play outside, have ice cream and enjoy long days and shorter nights. Summer also reminds us of the cool sea breeze and the warmth of a bright yellow sun. And this season lasts a good four-five months of the year, during which most of us prefer staying indoors. Therefore, it becomes almost essential to have a summer-ready home to beat the heat. If you are thinking of renovating your place and looking for some summer paint colour ideas for your home, you have come to the right place. Here are 11 unique and cool summer colours that can help you cool down your home and enjoy the season.

But firstly, let us know what kind of colours are trending for summer 2021.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “A range of floral hues reflective of gardens in springtime awakens our spirit, reinvigorating our interest in a colour that inspires feelings of much-needed optimism. Colours that are flexible and can work year-round, colours that amalgamate our desire for comfort and relaxation with energy and determination.”

Summer of 2022 will be about inspiring and feel-good colours schemes. There will be neutral hues, floral hues, greens, and more that will top the chart for summer 2022. The overall forecast for summer colour combinations for home interiors will be those that echo subtleness and a season’s playfulness.

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11 Cool Summer Paint Colours For Your Home

Dive Into A Relaxing Summer Blue Colour For Your Walls

Turquoise blue imparts joy and tranquillity — two crucial factors for a post-pandemic world. This colour brings the calmness of the ocean for an easy, peaceful feeling. The colour is bright and happy and therefore ideal as a cool summer colour. Turquoise blue also brings a sense of creativity to homes. Hence you can use it in the corners where you require inspiration and motivation. We have used the colour in a bedroom to create a serene and relaxed vibe in the bedroom. Turquoise goes mostly with a white colour combination. So you can also decorate the place with white furniture elements.

Summer blue color for the bedroom walls that brings the calmness of the ocean
A peppy bedroom design with a cool summer palette

Muted Grey Is One Of The Most Popular Cool Summer Colours

Grey is a modern-day white colour. It is a neutral colour and one that is sleek and modern in its appeal. It is particularly ideal for the summer season because it carries a lightness with it. Grey is often interpreted as a serious and mature colour, however, if used in the right shade, it can be a light colour choice for your home interiors. The colour helps cool down the overwhelming summer heat. In a muted grey toned bedroom, you can accentuate the lightness of the colour with simple and subtle interior elements.

Muted grey-toned summer colour for a cosy bedroom wall which helps cool down the overwhelming summer heat.
A cosy bedroom with summer house paint colours

A Pale Peach Cool Summer Colour Can Soothe You From The Heat

Peach is a colour of optimism and calmness. Hence it is one of the best summer pastel colours for your place. The colour has a raw and natural earthiness that brings an easy-going, soothing vibe to the place. It is soft on the eyes and perfect if you want to feel peaceful amidst a hot Indian summer. Although perceived as a feminine colour, peach is finding its way out of stereotyping. It is becoming a universally accepted colour for home interiors, especially in tropical regions. The peach shown in this picture is a lighter shade used in a combination of white to create the perfect serene bedroom ambience for the season.

A pale peach cool summer house paint color idea brings an easy-going, soothing vibe to the place.
A pale peach bedroom design with modular furniture

Nothing Is As Soothing As A Greyish Blue Paint Colour

Grey and blue summer colour combinations create an incredibly soothing atmosphere that is quite essential for Indian summer houses. Both these colours together create calmness and bring inspiring serenity to the space. Grey is a colour that imparts balance and harmony while soft blue adds tranquillity and coolness. And when both the colours come together, they create subtle and soothing interiors that are ideal for hot Indian summer days. Here in this image, we see a room with a greyish blue accent wall combined with white. The room’s calming colour theme is accentuated by a deep blue couch and a white laminated TV unit.

Greyish blue summer wall paint color for cosy living room  which brings serenity to the space
Summer living room colours that will melt your heart

White Is Obvious But A Classic Cool Summer Colour

White is one of the most universally loved cool summer colours of all times. It brings a pristine and clean look that makes any place prettier. White is also a colour that makes places look spacious and airy, an essential aspect for the hot summer season. White also calms you down and lets you feel liberated. Therefore, white is a good choice for summer colour combinations. However, frosty white can also be a bit too cold for a home and so it is best used with accent wall colours to add warmth and a homely feeling to your all-white summertime paint colour scheme.

White cool summer paint color for an open living room with classic furniture which brings a pristine and clean look.
An open living room with a white colour scheme

It’s Time For The Cool Summer Colour, Beige

Beige is an excellent choice for summertime paint colours. The colour adds a sophisticated appeal along with creating a cool and calm ambience in the interiors. Often associated with luxury design, beige is a simple but modern interior colour that can transform any place instantly. During summer, beige paint colour can create a much-needed soothing vibe in the house. You can choose any shade of the colour for the season. Here’s an all-beige living room design for you. It’s both serene and elegant, perfect for the Indian summer season.

Beige cool summer colour in living cum dining area adds a sophisticated appeal and creates calm ambience.
A modern Indian living room with a beige palette
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Shine With The Marigold Summertime Paint Colour

Derived from the flower marigold’s name, this colour is a combination of yellow and orange. Both the shades have a playfulness in them, echoing a sense of happiness in the interiors. This shade has to be on your list of priority colour schemes for your home for the summer. The colour imbues positivity in the surrounding. It will shine and produce a beautiful aura whenever the summer heat touches the paint colour. You can mellow down the marigold colour with a white combination in the skirting areas. You can accentuate the marigold colour with beige/natural brown decor items to create a subtle interior design. You can also use the colour as an accent wall colour combined with white.

Marigold summertime bedroom color with white flooring tiles which lends an elegant look.
A marigold-coloured bedroom design for the summer

Go For This Ethereal Sky Blue And White Summer Colour Combination

Summers are typically hot, but in India, these days are exceedingly hot. So, the right way to think of a perfect summertime paint colour for your place is to see what colours bring calmness and serenity. And what’s better than the summer colour combination of sky blue and white? Sky blue, the colour of the sky, conveys a sense of serenity that will calm you down whenever you get back home on a hot summer day. The colour also translates the tranquillity of seawater that is synonymous with relaxation. Combined with white design elements, sky blue forms a soft colour scheme, ideal for the Indian summer season. You can use it in the living room, bedroom as well as in your kitchen as shown.

 Sky blue and white combination for a modern modular kitchen which bring calmness and serenity.
A summer-ready modern Indian kitchen design

Coral Pink Is One Of The Most Amazing Summer Pastel Colours

Coral pink is a colour that echoes warmth and positive energy. The colour brings a sophisticated interior design appeal that is timeless. The colour also has an earthy vibe that makes it great for a home with natural interiors like wooden flooring, bamboo design elements and the like. Coral pink also imparts brightness to the interiors making it an ideal choice for the summer season. The earthiness of coral pink also creates a soothing atmosphere that will help you calm yourself from the summer heat outside.

Coral pink summertime paint color for the living room with wooden flooring creates a soothing atmosphere.
A living room with a coral pink colour scheme

Invite Royalty To Your Home With Emerald Green As A Summer Colour

While the summer season is mainly known for lighter shades of paint colours, you can also experiment with deep colours like emerald green. The green shade brings in a sense of naturalness and peace that will transform your place into a haven of calmness. The green is also directly connected to nature letting you have a share of the serene nature right at your place. Emerald green brings in a fresh and harmonious ambience that will surely help you keep off the season’s heat. You can decorate an emerald green room with golden and beige design elements. Golden enhances the royalty of the emerald green while beige adds a subtleness to the colour.

Emerald green as a cool summer colour for living room which brings a fresh and harmonious ambience
An emerald green living room design for summer

Bring Home Beachy, Sandy Hues For Your Summer Paint Colour

Summer’s heat will awaken your desire to laze by the shore but often the heat of the season is so high, it’s challenging to be on the beach. But, you can bring the beach to your place with the right summer colour combinations for your home interiors. You can bring the colour of beach sand home with a sandy colour scheme. Brown is also an earthy tone and will echo a tranquil ambience that will help you soothe your mind throughout summer. The colour is also timeless, letting you create impressionable interiors for your home. You can use the sandy brown colour in your living rooms, bedrooms, and even the kitchen.

Sandy brown summertime paint colour in the living room which lends an earthy tone and elegant look.
A living room with a sandy brown colour theme

Summer is a season of sunny days and warm hearts. It’s a season of excitement and positivity. So, bringing the season to your home means bringing all the joy of the season and what’s the best way to embrace summer at home than the cool summer colours? So, go ahead and create your own summer interior rendition. You can use the colour choices for your house’s rooms or just colour one single room with any of these cool summer colours. Have a great summer ahead, and watch out for our blog for more summer interior design ideas.

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