Liven Up Your Kid’s Room With Pantone’s Colour Of 2022 – Veri Peri

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 22, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kids room designed with pantone color of the year 2022

Let’s design your kid’s room with Very Peri, the vibrant Pantone colour for 2022

After living for two long years in isolation, dealing with the sudden change in lifestyle and getting accustomed to the new normal, it’s time to get a refreshing change in our lives. 2021 has taught us to live in harmony with ourselves, look into our priorities and deal with hardships that we might have never thought would come our way. But, 2022 is all about hope, stability, tranquillity and joy. The Pantone colour of 2022 named Veri Peri encompasses all these emotions beautifully. The blue represents stability and creativity, while the violet and red undertone brings a joyous vibe. It is the global spirit of the moment we are in and the transition we are going through.

Kids being the true representation of the future, we thought of getting you some beautiful Pantone colour combinations for their room to feel the true essence of this beautiful colour and open up a horizon of creativity for them. So, make the most of this Pantone colour of the year 2022 and bring a smile to your little ones. After all, kids are the most affected in these two years. They have missed out on a lot of colourful times at such a tender age. Be it online classes, staying indoors, missing the fun of playing with their friends or dealing with their parents’ stress levels. 

Now it’s time to give them a refreshing environment to make up for those times to some extent. So before thinking of revamping your kid’s bedroom, let’s explore some beautiful Pantone colour shades for your kid’s bedroom designs that are joyous, thoughtful, functional and creative. Read along to know more.

A Pantone Colour Of 2022 Inspired Kids Room

This room is designed with precision to provide ample space for your kids to play around. The muted walls create an illusion of a bigger space making the room look spacious and bright. We have used a pop of Pantone shade for 2022 to accentuate the room and bring in a vibrant look. The bed is dressed in Very Peri cushions and bedsheets to match the modular wardrobe’s colour scheme. The bed also comes with hidden storage to keep knick-knacks in a clutter-free manner. The wooden flooring adds an earthy tone to the room and brings in a warm cosy vibe. This interior is a perfect example of utilising the Pantone 2022 colour of the year in a subtle yet eye-catchy way.

Pantone color kids bedroom in 2022 brings a vibrant look
A subtle way to design your kid’s bedroom with Pantone’s colour of 2022

A Smart Kid’s Room With Pantone Colour Of The Year 2022

This kid’s room interior is highly functional, space-saving and best for compact spaces. The bunker bed and study table with shelves save a lot of floor area and fits seamlessly in the tiniest of rooms. The window bay seater gives your kids a fun and recreational area where they can enjoy their breaks in between studies, and you can utilise the storage space for easy organisation. But the highlight of this room’s interior design is the Very Peri patterned wallpaper that matches with the colour scheme adding layers to the interiors. Opt for a Very Peri study cabinet to add to the drama of Pantone colour of the year 2022. It will stitch the look together and make the space look vibrant and happening, just the way your kids want.

Pantone color of the year 2022 in kids bedroom with wallpaper and study table
A multi-functional kids room designed in pantone’s shade for 2022
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Fun And Playfulness Kids Room In Pantone Colour Shade

The light Very Peri walls in this kid’s room bring in a soothing vibe. The compact study corner with a matching bucket chair and floating wall shelves elevate the functionality of your kid’s bedroom. The animal-themed wallpaper on the accent wall breaks the monotony while kindling your kids’ imaginations. Dress up the window with some roll-up curtains to avoid harsh sunlight during the day. Add some indoor plants and a floor mat to add to the comfort quotient. The bed comes with some pull-out drawers where you can store towels and other items. The Pantone colour of the year for 2022  combined with the jungle-themed wallpaper create a cosy and playful vibe in your kid’s room.

Pantone color of the year Kid's room with animal-themed wallpaper
An accent wall with a fun printed wallpaper

Interiors That Make Room For Indoor Activities For Kids

Celebrate your kid’s love for sports and adventure with a very interesting kids room interior design. The highlight of this room is the climbing wall, ladder bed frame and pull-up hoops. This design keeps your kids active without stepping out of their room. We have paired the Pantone colour of 2022 with princeton white on the walls to create a striking contrast and add a beautiful dimension to the room. Some hooks on the wall help hang used clothes and keep the closet clutter-free. The small desk paired with a bucket chair makes for a compact space to study.

Pantone colour of the year 2022 for kids room featuring a climbing wall, ladder bed frame and pull-up hoops
A bedroom designed in pantone’s shade for 2022 for kids with an adventurous spirit

Creative Kids Room Designed With Pantone Colour Of 2022

Bring out the creativity of your kids by giving them a blank slate to work on. This kids room comes with a giant chalkboard wall that allows them to explore their writing or doodling skills. The rest of the wall is designed with Very Peri wall panelling to match the Pantone colour of the year 2022. The room comes with a bunker bed to let siblings sleep peacefully without fighting for space. The window side is utilised to create a bright and clutter-free study setup for ample natural light and fresh air. The open shelves provide space to showcase books, trophies and toys in an orderly manner.

Kid's room in Pantone colour veri-peri with a giant chalkboard wall
A thoughtfully designed kids bedroom in Pantone’s 2022 colour scheme

Here are a few home decor tips and tricks to infuse Very Peri subtly in your kids room without revamping the entire setup:

  • Dress up your window with Very Peri coloured curtains
  • Add a Very Peri coloured carpet on the floor for a cosy and soothing look
  • A Pop of vibrant Very Peri on cushion covers and throws can accentuate your room beautifully
  • Opt for wall paintings with a tint of the pantone colour scheme to beautify your walls
  • An accent wall with Veri Perry wallpaper will take your interior design up by several notches
  • Add pouffes, floor cushions or an accent chair in Very Peri shade to ace the Pantone colour of 2022 without breaking the bank

Now that you are aware of the Pantone colour of the year 2022 and ways to utilise the lovely Very Peri in your kid’s room, let’s figure out how different it is from Pantone colour trends of 2021. And if you are looking for some hassle-free and personalised home interior solutions to bring in these trends in your home, book a free consultation today. Our expert designers will help you revamp your home with modern design aesthetics that will suit your budget, preference and align with the recent trends as well.

Have a beautiful year ahead, may this positive and vibrant Very Peri colour fill your home and your life with utmost happiness and prosperity. We hope to design your dream home with the beautiful Pantone’s colour of 2022 soon!

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Sreya Dasgupta is a content writer at DesignCafe

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