Pantone’s Colours Of The Year 2021: Bring Home Warmth And Strength With Ultimate Gray And Illuminating Yellow

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 16, 2024 | 7 mins read

Pantone colour of the year.

Design Cafe compiles some fabulous home interior setups that exhibit the strength and hopefulness with Pantone’s colours of the year 2021. Explore now!

Home is where there is warmth,  strength, hopefulness, and dependability. 

On December 9th, 2020, colour company Pantone chose a duo of ultimate grey and illuminating yellow as the colours for 2021. Like every other year, this year too, Pantone colours come with an underlying symbolism that represents strength and hopefulness. This year’s Pantone colours are unique because the company has chosen two colours instead of one. This gives us two amazing choices of Pantone shades to pep up our home interior! Which means we get to double the joy!

The colours, grey and yellow, convey a message of hope and upliftment to everyone, one that is a prerequisite for this post-pandemic year. So, following Pantone’s encouraging steps of bringing in hope and positivity to our homes, we bring you some incredible ideas to fill your place with the same strength and optimism that these colours stand for! From a vibrant living room to subtle but charming bedrooms, our design experts have compiled a complete home interior design and decor ideas that exhibits the unison of ultimate grey and illuminating yellow. 

So, take notes and start planning your Pantone home interiors with an optimistic promise of bringing hope, health and happiness to your family. 

A Scintillating Dining Area

Taking inspiration from Pantone’s colours for 2021 this Dining room is designed with a balance of bright yellow and matte grey. The room’s interiors manifest a cheerful ambience that will surely enliven your mornings. To complement the playfulness of the Pantone colours, we have designed this room with contemporary furniture that fit well with modern lifestyles. A round wooden dining table for four with premium plastic yellow bucket chairs with wooden legs has been incorporated into the design. The dining set up imbues a free-spirited, peppy vibe that illuminates the entire room. Right next to the dining setup there’s a modular white laminate side cabinet with a combination of handleless drawers and  tinted glass front cabinets that balance bright yellow hues in the room. We have also added patterned wallpaper in yellow, white and golden that accentuate Pantone shades in the room. To further signify Pantone colours for the year we have also added abstract wall paintings in both yellow and grey along with long satin curtains in solid grey. In this dining room setup, we have used yellow as the dominating colour with grey incorporated in small design elements.

Dining area designed with a balance of bright yellow and matte grey pantone color of the year

The Lively Radiant Pantone Balcony

How lucky they are who have the pleasure of enjoying balconies! 

Well, if you fall under this category, here’s an easy Pantone colour of the year for 2021 balcony design for you! Bring in the radiant yellow in chairs and add grey on the walls. Yellow furniture you can add a pop of vibrancy to your sunny balcony while using ultimate grey on the walls and chair cushions. You can also add a wooden or marble top coffee table with grey elements on it. Use green planters to decorate the balcony. They will also help you make the balcony your personal fresh air and nature corner. 

The lively radiant pantone color of the year in yellow chairs and grey on the walls

The Naturally Calming Grey Bedroom 

While we have used yellow as the principal colour in our previous setup this one has grey as the chief colour. Bedrooms are known as the soul of home interiors. They are rooms where we spend a large amount of time when at home. Therefore for our Pantone colours of the year 2021 bedroom design we bring you a serenely calming bedroom in grey. It has a matte grey colour scheme that evokes tranquility for you to relax. The grey is jazzed up with an interesting accent wall with a flower/leaf pattern design in solid grey. It adds a twist to monotonous grey in the room. The interiors follow the ideals of ‘modern-day-minimalist’ design, where we have used a low-lying wooden bed in grey with a padded headboard in yellow to complete the look. Yellow is fused into the grey interiors as a surprising element in the wardrobe as well as on the wall-mounted storage shelf right next to the bed. Grey is kept ubiquitous in the room with grey curtains and matching floor carpet. To twist the monochrome grey-look, you can use warm lighting for your ceiling and pendant lights. This bedroom colour choice is both rare and interesting because grey is quite underrated for bedrooms. Therefore, if you are game, you can make a bold design statement with this naturally calming and flattering grey bedroom interior design that mirrors every bit of Pantone’s dependable ultimate grey!

The naturally calming pantone color of the year 2021 which is a serenely calming bedroom

Another Pantone’s Colours Of The Year Inspired Bedroom

If the all-grey and little yellow bedroom is not your thing we bring you another bedroom setup that exhibits Pantone’s colours more artistically! This is a white zen cum creative bedroom design that coalesces Pantone’s ultimate grey and illuminating yellow in an interesting way. While white rules majority of the room’s interiors we have used grey as a juxtaposing colour that introduces a slight sheen in the interiors. We have used grey on the walls nightstand as well as the duvet cover. To make a grey design statement we have used a grey accent wall with yellow, white and grey abstract art hangings to highlight the Pantone’s colour duo. The accent wall comes with an attached study unit with storage cabinets that add clean design lines to this bedroom’s setup. There’s a standing mirror with a grey background that adds elegance to the rest of the room. We have kept the bedroom upbeat by interpreting the monochrome grey and white look with illuminating yellow curtains that add life to the soul of this bedroom. On the whole, this is a classy minimalist bedroom style that you can count on if you are looking for a bedroom look that is refreshing and unique.

what is pantone color of the year with ultimate grey and illuminating yellow bedroom

Pantone Colour Of The Year Bathroom Design 

Why limit the colours of hope and strength to just the living room and bedrooms? Let’s pep up our bathrooms too! So, here’s a classic yellow and grey bathroom design that will surely steal your heart. Bathroom designs such as this can help you get a more functional and easy to maintain setup that is always good to have. Our Pantone colours for 2021 bathroom design echoes a sense of minimalism and elegance in the interiors that will cheer you up. We have used a yellow accent wall with patterns to add a touch of vibrancy to the space. However we have kept the rest of the setup in white and grey for a neat and clear look, an essential factor for bathroom interiors. We have used a modular wash basin with a grey marble top vanity unit for this bathroom. The unit will keep the setup uncluttered and neat. The bathroom also has an open utility shelf to keep the towels and toiletries under control. The walls in the room have brick cladding in white and marble flooring also in white. Pantone’s ultimate grey is used on the lower half of the white walls to create a two-tone design in the bathroom.

Classic yellow and grey bathroom design with pantone color of the year

There you go, we brought you a complete home interior setup based on Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021. Colours have the ability to create an instant connection with the place. They can influence and encourage positivity in you and can let you have a home that is full of good energy. Therefore, choosing the right colours for your home is extraordinarily important. With these Pantone colours, you will be able to tap into the underlying positive symbolism that these two colours stand for. So, go ahead and create your own abode of strength and hope with Design Cafe’s Pantone inspired home interior ideas. To explore other colour setups for your home get in touch with us today!

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