9 Fun And Easy Summer Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2020 | 7 mins read

Make the most of great summer decorating ideas for your home

Summers and the heat can pull down anyone. Let the light in, the heaviness out, bring out the barbeque and let down the curtains to make the most of these great summer decor ideas for your home

Summer is upon us already and given the buzz, it’s sure a season all of us are eagerly looking forward to. Holidays and sunbathing, travel and lounging around, bright cheery colours, juices and jams, there’s so much to look forward to. With this change in the way we dress, eat and drink, why must your home be left out?

Summer home decor is fun. It is all about injecting a splash of colour, infecting languidness with fun. It isn’t only about changing what exists but transforming your home to look new, invigorating, something you look forward to returning to after a sweaty, busy day at work.

The heat is a welcome reprieve from cold winters. Thick blankets, heavy draperies give way to light curtains and airy furnishings in summer. The trick to ace summer season decoration ideas is to make the best of the surroundings, play with them, work them into your home and let it all come together beautifully.

Summer house decor is practical, relaxing, invigorating and light. Below are super easy and fun ways to decorate your home, without stressing yourself, stretching time or going bankrupt.

Summer Living Room Decor Ideas

Decor is nothing but what embellishes our spaces. It’s the bright rug that you see as you step over the threshold, the wall hanging that brings back memories, even little seashells you’ve collected from your trips around the world. Infuse colour, life and freshness into what you see around, and they will magically transform your space. Lone kaleidoscopic love seats, colourful rugs, cane baskets strewn around to hold odds and ends are all part of such summer home decor that brighten up your room.

Summer home decorations brighten up your room with wall hanging, sofa and colourful rugs
Pastel shade furniture is an enhancing summer decor

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Stunning Summer House Furniture Ideas

It must be confounding to think you’d have to change all the furniture in your home once summer hits. The trick to this is to constantly move your furniture around so you use it as the weather demands. Bring out the light cane or minimalist furniture that you might have hidden away in storage, to bask in the sun. Replace heavy woollen furnishings and curtains with light cotton covers and dhurries. Lounge chairs and lean beds are what must wait for you when it’s time to rest. Replacing your furniture with lounge furniture in every part of the home brings the outdoors in and rest easy.

Summer decorating ideas for living room with minimalist furniture design
Make way for light and moveable furniture in summer

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Summer Wall Decoration Ideas

Mediterranean or boho chic, casual or contemporary, summer designs are all about freshness, light and lots of colour. As a homeowner, you either go all out and colour everything you see or play the main furniture with white, complemented by pops of colour on the walls. A mosaic lined wall piece, colourful paintings, face masks or wall decals, wall decorations can be mixed and matched, played up or down based on which rooms you entertain or retreat into.

Summer wall decoration ideas are all about freshness, light and lots of colour for this summer decorations for your home
Decorate walls with geometric mirrors and frames

Greenery Ups Summer Home Decor

When it comes to summer home decor, greenery trumps it all. Why must you break your head on a corner table when a large vase filled with creepers or flowers lends a deeper visual appeal? How about hanging succulents over the patio or balcony garden to screen the sun instead of curtains? Spread the green into your home – let it in and it calms you down while also lending its own kind of colour and aesthetics to your home interiors.

Home decor on summer with indoor plants- let it in and it calms you down
A minimalist home with sparse and inviting interiors

Free Flowing Furnishings

Most homeowners love furnishings, we are constantly changing them, experimenting with designs, textures and flow. Whimsical, light, flowy curtains are a must during summers. They can take so much of the heat off, disburse it evenly, cool your home and screen just the right amount of sunlight. Similarly, change your bed linen, duvet covers and tablecloths into light, cotton material. A small change like this can transform the entire look and feel of your home.

Summer decor ideas with light and flowy curtains transform the entire look and feel of your home
Light, thin furnishings are essential summer decor
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Summer Decorations In All White

Nothing screams summer as much as a minimalist palette. Whites, beiges, pastels, icy blues and baby pinks are colours that let you breathe easy and calm down. They serve as a central theme around which all the other decor and design can be worked. Colour affects the mind deeply; and for the stress and sweat that summer brings with it, light colours rein in the calmness. Incorporate whites as a base colour into furniture and play with the other decor elements. Better still, walls in white bring uniformity in calmness everywhere.

This summer decor ideas, walls in white bring uniformity in calmness everywhere till end of summer decoration
All-white walls and decor are blank canvases against which can be painted the colours of the rainbow

Pile On The Fluffy Pillow Cushions

Pillows are central to summer living room decor ideas are pillows. You must not have thought of them, yet they do magic in your living and bedroom space. Pillows are the cheapest yet brightest alternative for summers. They don’t have to be spent much on, can be tucked away when not in use, and their covers can be changed to match with the home decor. Of course, they really brighten up spaces! Casually resting on the palkhi or swing, lounging around on the cane chair, resting on rugs on the floor are things you cannot do without pillows. What’s more, they are also quick options for when the guests come home.

Summer decorations for your home with pillows are the cheapest yet brightest alternative
Get colourful and cheery cushions for summer

Summer Decor Ideas For Your Patio

What is summer without outdoor activities and roasting food, families gathered over a meal, chatter and fun all around? Take this scene and replicate it in your home in different ways. Light candles around your home and place them over the mantlepiece or foyer. You can also have an outdoor seating arrangement and light it up with string lights, build a barbecue pit in your backyard or a small traditional tandoor in your kitchen. Decor and design can be played with once you get your elements right. Build it around light and breeze and the space will provide just as much of a relaxing warmth.

Summer decor for your patio with outdoor furniture
Create a cosy nook with cool summer decor ideas

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Decor

Bright, light, airy and mirrors, catching and reflecting everything manifold. Mirrors are a surprise summer decor idea. They’re often installed for functional use, but use them as a design element and they make the house seem so much bigger. Install them in foyers, over the mantelpiece and let them hog an entire wall. Watch how they play up space in the daytime and light in the evenings. Mirrors are easy to install, don’t need much spending and yet transform spaces magically.

Mirrors are an excellent summer home decor idea to give your home a classy look this summer
Large mirrors amplify and brighten up your space
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Summer decoration is fun, and your home will feel the change and in turn will affect you too. Go all out with it because once the summer is gone, you’ll be left with heavy woollies, squeaky rains and wish you could hold the heat a little while longer.

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