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Awesome Kitchen Garden Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kitchen garden ideas for your home

Whoever makes a garden,

has never worked alone.

The rain has always found it,

The sun has always known

For those of you who have been into gardening will find this poem true. It’s time to bring your outdoor gardening skills home. In this blog, we talk about kitchen garden ideas. Take a quick read, and you shall know.

A Shelf Full Of Plants

Kitchen gardens make your kitchen much more attractive and add a hint of extra freshness. A question that often arises is how do you plan a kitchen garden? So we at Design Cafe have come up with some excellent kitchen garden ideas for you. If you have an open shelf, you can place indoor plants on it along with your crockery. Indoor plants like succulents, rubber fig, arrowhead, corn, and spider plants are perfect for your kitchen garden and make a great decor too. Plants can also be kept across your kitchen slab or small stands.

Kitchen garden design ideas with an open shelf indoor plants on it along with your crockery give a refreshing look
A kitchen with a green accent wall and plants to match the vibe

A Black Kitchen Design With A Touch Of Green

What’s better than having a home kitchen with your own plants that you can use? Nothing really! Remember that the best way to start a kitchen garden is by making use of small indoor plants. What can you grow in a kitchen garden? If this question has been on your mind for quite some time, we have an answer. Check out these home garden ideas where you can grow your own herbs right inside your kitchen. Have you considered a jar herb garden? How modern, right? You can grow parsley basil and cilantro this way. Window planters are also trending and add in the style quotient to your space too. Herbs can also be grown inside in-wall pockets made of fabric or ceramic and clay pots.

Black kitchen garden ideas in the flat use small indoor plants and herbs that brings a rainforest vibe
An industrial style kitchen with plants indoors brings the rainforest home

A Refreshingly Fresh Kitchen Garden

This gorgeous white kitchen with a matching tiled backsplash and a wooden slab has room for all your kitchen ideas to be implemented. The overhead shelves have pots with parsley and mint leaves growing. You can imagine the fresh smell of mint as you walk around your kitchen. Now, how soothing is that? Anytime you need a virgin mojito, you won’t have to seek the main ingredient, mint leaves it well within your arm’s reach.

White kitchen herb garden ideas add pots with parsley & mint plants that give you the fresh mint smell to the place
Get a whiff of fresh mint leaves in this kitchen garden
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Indoor Kitchen Garden Ideas

This gorgeous kitchen cum dining is great for those who love an earthy touch. This white rustic yet earthy kitchen is perfect to implement some indoor garden kitchen ideas. Take a look at this kitchen interior design. Large clay and concrete pots have been along with wooden crates used to grow plants indoors. It’s like monsoon all year long here!

Kitchen garden ideas in kitchen cum dining area grow indoor plants in large clay and concrete pots that lend earthy touch
A rustic, earthy kitchen with plants grown in pots and creates brings you closer to mother earth

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Soil Up A Stunning Slab

Have a beautiful kitchen with a sparkling white slab, but it seems just plain and boring? Do not fear we have a solution here. You now can pep up your kitchen slab with these home kitchen garden ideas. Have some pots sitting around from Christmas? Time to get them out and onto the kitchen slab. Add some soil and plant some herbs or any indoor plant you like and in a snap of a finger and sprinkle of soil, voila your kitchen now has a mini slab garden.

Home kitchen garden ideas pep up the slab with indoor or herb plants to make the kitchen look stunning
A slab filled with the love of green plants in pretty white pots

A Bond Between A Kitchen And Its Greens

Time to show your earthy cottage some green love. This brilliant brick kitchen with a large window is just right for some great kitchen garden ideas. Let your plant’s drop-in style from the ceiling or watch them grow from a sapling to plants in pots. Make a place near the window for a creeper to establish a close bond with the kitchen interior and make your kitchen garden one of a kind.

Garden kitchen ideas plant drop-in style from the ceiling near the window that lends an earthy vibe
A cottage kitchen in a mesmerizing bond with plants around

A Sweet Little Kitchen Deserves Sweet Little Plants

Have a small cute kitchen and adore plants as well? It’s time to try some of these small kitchen garden ideas. This white kitchen with wooden shutter blinds also makes space for you to display and grow your tiny garden. A shelf at the top can be used to place your pots with your favorite plants. Herbs can be grown by the windowsill where they get enough sunshine and nutrients.

Kitchen garden ideas India place plant on shelf and herbs near windowsill is a lovely decor idea
A small kitchen with the gleam of fresh greens is a lovely decor idea

This is what we at Design Cafe think are some really cool kitchen garden ideas for your home. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

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