Give Your Kitchen A Modular Makeover With These Cupboard Designs

by Pooja Dara | January 21, 2024 | 6 mins read

Kitchen cupboards - check out best kitchen cupboard designs

Do you want a kitchen that gives you a hassle-free cooking experience? These cupboard designs will organise your life better.

Modular kitchens are a trend these days as more homeowners look for a seamless meal preparation experience. It is a smart choice as modular kitchen cupboard designs give you more storage area than civil kitchens. Cupboards help you organise your appliances, ingredients, cups, plates – everything to enhance your workflow.

They are also available in a variety of sleek, clean and cutting-edge designs, and multiple finishes, textures, and materials. In short it saves time and energy that goes into remembering where you have kept it since everything has a set place.

Today, a kitchen is not only seen as a cooking space for women (and men too in some cases) but also as a place that fosters interaction between family members. So, it is but obvious that you need to design your kitchen landscape in such a way that it perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics to make meal preparation a pleasant experience. The design of kitchen cupboards plays an important role here as your kitchen is the heart of a home. This space requires ample storage for ingredients and daily kitchenware.

Check out these stylish kitchen cupboard designs to make your culinary hotspot an inviting space.

If you want to turn your kitchen into a modern space, you will have to weigh in several factors to finalise on the best kitchen cupboard designs such as:

  • Kitchen interior layout
  • Needs and requirements
  • Design
  • Dimensions
  • Number of kitchen cupboards and placements
  • Adaptiveness
  • Moisture/Oil Resistance
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Frequency of usage
  • Lighting (general/task-specific)

Let’s dive in to check the variety of kitchen cupboards designs ideas available today.

Country Style Kitchen Cupboards

This country-style kitchen cupboard gives a classy and minimalist look to your kitchen landscape. Its straight-line cuts, panel design, wooden top, and long metallic handles bring in more elegance and delicateness to your kitchen interiors.

Country style kitchen cupboard designs gives a classy and minimalist look to your kitchen cupboards

Contemporary Kitchen Cupboard

The lovely contemporary L-shaped kitchen cupboard design accommodates everything you need with a pull-out two-level drawer to storing cooking oil bottles, small jars, and cutlery. The combination of blueish-grey and white looks perfect for this space. It is also designed with a slide-out mechanism to stack cups and plates in an orderly fashion. Everything is easily accessible as well.

Contemporary l-shaped kitchen cupboard designs with a pull-out two-level drawer to store

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Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

Blue Kitchen Cupboards

It is not easy to keep calm when you are juggling between various activities in your kitchen while trying to whip up delicious meals for your family, relatives, and friends. These soothing blue and metal-framed kitchen cupboards with smooth curves to resemble fluidity of ocean w waves. This design is cool like the sea and will help you utilise those awkward kitchen corners.

Blue kitchen cupboards design with smooth curves to resemble fluidity of ocean w waves

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Glass Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards with glass fronts instantly jazz up your interiors while also letting you look through it to locate everything you need. Glass ensures a smooth workflow for enjoyable cooking time.

Glass kitchen cupboards design with glass fronts instantly jazz up your interiors

Kitchen Island Cupboards

Kitchen islands are great for large spaces. Your island can be designed and built with cupboards below to stock dinnerware and utensils. A marble countertop above it allows extra space for meal preparation when your main counter is cluttered.

Kitchen island cupboards gives extra space to make a suitable kitchen cupboard design model

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Kitchen Cupboards With Sliding Door

This tall unit is ideal for you to stack your cups, plates, pots, mugs, pans and more each with shelf exclusively dedicated to different items. It is extremely spacious and you can carve a space to store large pots and pans too. The sliding door mechanism also saves on space.

Kitchen cupboards designs with sliding door to store large pots, pans and more

Mini Kitchen Cupboards

If you are living in a small home or a one-bedroom apartment, you do not need to compromise on your wish to have a modular kitchen. These mini-kitchen cupboards let you accommodate everything required in a small space. This design is delicate in appeal and has multiple shelves in a single cupboard. Each shelf is spaced out to accommodate large  and small utensils.

Mini modular kitchen cupboards design suitable for a small home or 1 bhk apartment
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

Wooden Kitchen Cupboards

Give a traditional touch to your kitchen with these fine oak wood kitchen cupboards. A combination of big and small cupboards is  perfect to store groceries. It has been carved with the best craftsmanship and makes this kitchen look as exoctic as a deep forest!

Wooden kitchen cupboard gives a traditional look to your kitchen cupboard design

Wall Mounted Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards mounted on the wall are the most common since they can be placed over a kitchen backsplash to make the best use of space available. Stainless steel frames on the glass-front cupboards provide durability since it is resistant to water. A beautiful finish increases its aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen wall cupboards are the best use of space for simple kitchen cupboard designs

Kitchen Sink Cupboard

The most indispensable of all cupboards in your kitchen is the one right below the sink. This storage area (as the name suggests) is located right below the sink and serves dual purposes. First you can store your cleaning and washing supplies including detergents, dish-washing liquids and washing scrubs at arm’s reach. Also, it hides untidy plumbing lines.

Kitchen sink cupboards for storage area, its located right below the sink

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Cozy Corner Cupboards

Kitchen corner cupboards are a go-to-solution to make optimum use of corner spaces that often get ignored or wasted. Doors in this cupboard open and folds at an angle making it easy to access large utensils. You do not have to worry about cupboard doors crashing into one another when they are opened together.

Corner kitchen cupboard to make optimum use of corner spaces, it's a very good space saving kitchen cupboard design ideas
Design a stylish and functional modular kitchen

Sunmica Kitchen Cupboards

Here is a budget friendly option for those who love style. If you want traditional wooden kitchen cupboards in your modular kitchen, but can’t afford it, you can go opt for sunmica kitchen cupboards. The wood-like finish on the exterior gives you the same feel at a fairly cheaper price than actual wood.

Sunmica kitchen cupboard is a best budget friendly kitchen cupboard design option

There is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a kitchen cupboard. It is totally up to every homeowner to make the best of it. Pick one that resonates with you and has all the storage options you need. Your dream kitchen is only a click away. That’s it for now. We hope that this blog has inspired you to give your kitchen space a modular transformation and helped you make an informed decision. So, what are you waiting for?

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